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Publication numberUS1255664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1918
Filing dateDec 15, 1916
Priority dateDec 15, 1916
Publication numberUS 1255664 A, US 1255664A, US-A-1255664, US1255664 A, US1255664A
InventorsAlexander P Syger
Original AssigneeAlexander P Syger
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Internal-combustion engine.
US 1255664 A
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of Figfl.

rnrnnrmncorrnusrron ENGINE.

Specification of Letters Patent.

-lPatenteol lFeh. 5,

Application iled December 15, 1916. Serial No. 137,092.

"To aZZ w/Lom z't may concern:

.lo gmes, and declare the following to be a full, *clear-, and exact `description of the saine, Such'as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specication.

his invention relates' to rotary internal combustion engines. It comprises a battery lof cylinders having a cylinder which approach each other together and withdraw from each other at the same The -members of adjoining pairs of pistons are connected up to move together,

`as will more fully appear hereinafter'.

n the drawings igure 1 is a longitudinal section.

2 is a plan view partly broken away.

1g. 3 1s a cross section on the line CQC Fig. 4 isa Fig. 5 isa cross section on the line E-E Fig. 6 is an endelevation looking atv the structure shown in Fig. 1 from the left.

a designates a cylindrical housing in which cylinder here shown as having two longitudinal bores or cylinders o for the reciprocating pistons al. The pistons in each bore together and move out together.

cams a portion of the rectilinear forcev is converted into a rotary motion of the rotor b.-

The rotor 6 is keyedto the shaft g, whose ends are journaled in the ends of the houslng a. On the left hand end of this shaft is a beveled pinion meshing with a beveled On the shaft of the beveled gear t are two cams y' engaging with the terminals ofl the rock arms Z which connect with the rock shafts m that in turn are fast to the rock levers n. rThese rocklevers n engage the ends of the valve stems o and serve to (not pair of pistons in each cross section on the line D-D push the valves oli from their seats as against the force of the springs p.

It will be noted that the housing a or the casting that forms this housing is cored out at q to form a wate1`-jacket to cool the parts adjacent the combus ion chambers. It will also be noted that the rotor is provided with two semi-annular grooves r at its mid portion, and that each semiannulargroove connects through the port s with thel combustion chamber. At opposite sides'of the hous` ing are ports t, the intake and the exhaust ports respectively, and these connect with suitable piping leading from the carbureter shown) and to the muiier (not shown). Only. one spark plug u is'requircd. and this can be set in a port at the top of the engine which will connect with the semi-annular aust port valve time. The ene points vof the timer -sending the current through the plug at that time. As the rotor continues around .the forward end of the semi-annular groove passes the exhaust port and the exhaust valve is opened by 'the valve mechanism and the burned gases allowed to escape.

rihe valve timing mechanism is the cams j second revolution of the rotor.

It will be noticed that4 'the pistons are coni nected up in pairs, one of the pair from one bore and the other of the pair from the other bore at the opposite en This is aecomplisned by the guide rods e', running longito govern the strokes of the pistons in con'- tudinally through the battery of cylinders nection with the action of the valves. i 55 and the arms y. This is necessary so as t0 1. Iii an internal combustion cngine, the

make them follow the cam face without the combination of a housing, a rotor provide necessity of springs, as for instance, when with a pair of longitudinal-bores rotatablyl the pistons in one bore are on the suction heldin saidhousing, the said,l housing being stroke, the pistons in the other bore are on provided with an intake port and an eX- 60 i the exhausting stroke. Hence the resistance haust port, the said rotorbeing provided offered to the pistons inthe eiiort to expel `with a pair of semi-annular grooves, each the burned gases serves to keep the pistons being provided with a port entering the of the other bore against the cam iaceaiid bores, a pair of pistons in each bore, and indrawii out. Likewise if the pistons of o ne take and exhaust valves with propery timed 65 bore are on the compression stroke the pisoperating vfclianisrn connecting "with the tons-of the other bore are on the working exhaust and inlet ports.

stroke.' v n v 5. In an internalrcombustion enginegthe From the above description it will be seen combination of a housing, a rotor rotatably4 that I have devised a rotary internal coinmounted therein and provided with a plu-4 70 lbustion engine of simple construction, in rality of cylinder bores and a pair discrimwhich one piston aids the other in its action. annular grooveseach havingports connected- The engine is so designed that it is very with a bore in the rotor, a pair ot pistons in compact and will occupy considerably less each cylinder borethe pistons of each boro space than the ordinary reciprocating interbeing arranged to move outwardly and in- 7 5 nal combustion engine with the connecting wardly together, means lfor connecting up 'rod and crankshaft. Only one spark plug is the pistons in pairs, onel i'roin one bore an required, and the engine may be quite con* another from the Lother bore at the opposite veniently and easily disassembled to clean end, the said housing beingl provided `with out any accumulationsof carbon or change' exhaust and 'inta-ke ports which connect with 80- tlie rings. l l-the seiniannular grooves at appointed times, What- I claim is: v n, exhaust and inlet valves havingv suitable 1. In an internal combustion engine, the mechanism for operating them at the pro er combination of a battery of cylinders,.cain times in connection with the semi-annu ar jacent cylinder.

means, each cylinder being provided with grooves to afford the proper working strokes 85 two pistons which exert force against the for the piston, and a stationary cam at each cani means to rotate the battery, and means end of the rotor with which the ends of the for connecting up the piston of one cylinder pistons `engage to cause the rotation of the with the piston. at the other end .o an adrotor upon tie ieciprocation of the pistons.

j 6. In an .'nternal combustionjengiiie, the 90 2. In an internal combustion engine, the combination of a housing,` a rotor rotatably combination of a battery' of cylinders, recipheld therein a d provided withy a plurality irocatingpistons, two in each cylinder ai'- of bores forming enginefcylinders and havranged te rotate the battery when the pising part-annular grooves, each of which contons reciprocate, guide rods guided in the nects with an engine cylinder,I istons engag- 95' battery of cylinders, and a meiriber at each ing in said bores, the said oiising being end oi each guide .rod for connecting the provided with exhaust and intake fports 'guide rod to a piston ,of an adj acont cylinder. opening into the space in which the` rotor In an internal combustion engine, 'the `is located, and valves.' and valve chambers combination of a housing, a rotor rotatably connecting through the ports and the' part.- 100 held therein and provided with a pair of annular grooves With the engine cylinders,' semi-annular grooves, each having ports consubstantially as described.' necting with bores in the rotor, pistons en-a In testimony where0f,I sign this speoiica ga'ging 'in said bores, and valve chambers -tion. and valves connecting through ports with v the semi-annular grooves at prescribed times ALEXANDER PQ SYGER;

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U.S. Classification123/43.00A, 123/43.0AA, 123/51.0AA, 123/51.00A
Cooperative ClassificationF02B75/26