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Publication numberUS1255695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1918
Filing dateJun 9, 1917
Priority dateJun 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1255695 A, US 1255695A, US-A-1255695, US1255695 A, US1255695A
InventorsAlfred Blumenthal
Original AssigneeAlfred Blumenthal
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Wall cleaning and sizing apparatus.
US 1255695 A
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oooooodoooo OOOO 'oooOo @como OOOOO OOOO A und eignet description;

bneclnentlon of Lettere betont.

, Patented Feb., 5, lllllo il 'o am 'whom t may concern:

31e it known that '1, .drinnen BLUMENTHAL, n citizen of the 'United States, and e resident of the city of New York, borough of the Broun; in tbe county of Bronx and State of New Yorlsre lieve invented e new and lin-` proved Well @leuning and Sinn? Apporetus, of which the following is e 'ull, clear,

The invention relates to fountain brushesy i portion of the upply linnnipululfze' the lnclomng the receptacle.

.d prccticnlembodiment of the invention 'm represented in the ocoompnnyingf drsivyings forming e port of'tbis specllicationy 1n which eimilar characters of reference indicete corresponding parte in n.11 the views.

igure 1 .is n perspective view of the Well cleanlng'end sizing apparatus;

Fig. 2 is en enlarged sectional side elevetion of the same; und

Fig. 3 is n :Ence view partly in Section oil n 7ing member.

The reservoir 10 is ndepted'to contain Woter, colonnine or e`suiteble liquid l1, and from 'the buck tbe reservoir 10 irojects e socket i12 which 'con be used as e rondle to apparatus, as hereinafter more fully explained., A stick 13 muy be inserted in the socket 12 for convenient] using the apparatus in rooms having big Wells. 'lbe reservoir 10 is provided et its under side 'with n depending-I socliet 14 extending the entire length or" 't e'rcservoir 10. AIbnto 'the socket 1st is 16 is inciosed by o covering 17 of Wick me,-

terieL felt or other similar fabric. Flying member 15 is preferably rectangular 1n cross section, ond the'ends of the receptacle 16 nre provided with outwurdl extending lugs 18 located approximate y at the middle of tbe end to limit the inward movement of the applying member when inserting the some in the socket 14.

By reference to Fig. 2 it will be noticed that the applying member is so proportioned relative to the Socket 111 vthat o .portion of the applyingmember extends into the reservoir 10 `and a, portion projects from the socket 14. By the arrangement described the liquid contained in the reservoir `wenn readily pass through the inner portion of the fabriccoverin 17 into the receptacle 16 by Way of the pertoretions thereof, and this liquid can also pass through the perforo` tions into the fabric material 17 of the outer portion of the applying member 15 to saturete such fabric material andthus nllovv of conveniently ap lying the liquid to e Wall toy bewashed, ca cimined or otherwise renovoted. It is understood that in using the opperetus the o eration draws the outer portions of the app ying member 15 over the surface to be cleaned or renovated. ln casethe well or other-surface is to be Washed, the reservoir 10 is filled with water, and in drawing the outer po tion of `the'nyiplying member over the surece the saturated covering applies the Water to the wall -thusivvasbin 0E any dirt that may be `on the surface. ln o similar manner when itis `desired to calciniine o surface, the-reservoir l() is lled with the cclcimine and the apparatus is then used nsiibove describedrto cause the' fabric moterial to apply the calcimine to the surface.

A1 `Woll or similar surface The ep- :ter washing the with Waterl able to dry the same and for use is Inode of e, wiper 20,` form of a strip of rubber, held between two metallic strips 21 and 22 and fastened by bolts 23 to n` lenge 2.4:v projectin "from the top of the reservoir 10 und dou led up to render tbe flange exceedin ly StrongI and durable. '.lhe strips an 22 are referably narrower than tb lstrip offrub er20y to permit of using eith tr edgeofthe rubber strip until Worn down to the edges of tbe metallic strips 21 nnd22. 1t is understood that when. the outer edge of the rubber stri@ this.` purpose preferably in the es above explained it is desir-u 20 has been Worn down then the Wiper is reversed to permit of using the other edge of the rubber strip.

It` will be `noticed that the apparatus is very simple in Construction and can be readily used by an unskilled operator both 'for washing Walls and ceilings or ealeimining "thesame, as the case may be.

@"Itvillalso be noticed vthat the `applying 'inrtiber l5 can be readily removed from the 1Jieservoir lO'to permit of filling *he latter vithftbeWater,` calcimiue 'or other liquid, "aridinfoasetbe outer portion of the fabric eovering- 17-bas been Worn down the apply- 17? ing member can be reversely inserted in the ticket 14." dn ease tlie' entire covering 1"? flis" beenv Worn down it can be removed and f'replaeedf on the reeeptaele 1'6 byl e new ones Byreference to'tbe drawings it `will be oticed that the. front ofthe reservoir 10is l perfectly 'flatf to enable tbe user 'to readily 'vvasih, dry or size' vWalls: or ceilings with the fap'plyig member lland Without-danger of Yscratehingor othervvise'injuring the surface "'of the' Wall while'oper'eting onl 'the ceiling, ortho surface of the ceiling `e'liile Working "o'nthe' wall'. i "f'HHaving lthus' described my invention, I elaiin'asne'wanddesire to seenrejby Letters i' 1. A Wallcl'eaning and sizing apparatus, comprising a handled reservoir adapted to `be Y ning extending the entire length of the eservo1r,and van applymgniem erfett* "filled with a liquid and provided with en y Lament into the said opening and liaving an inner portion extending into the reservoir( andv having an outer portion projecting from the reservoir, the said applying member com prising aperforated receptacle and a fabric covering inelosing the receptacle.

A wall cleaning and sizing apparatus,

comprising a handled reservoir adapted toV )e iilled with a liquid and provided with an opening extending the entire length of the reservoir, and an applying member tting into the said opening and having an inner portion extending into the reservoir and having an outer portion projecting frointlie opening extending the entire length of the reservoir, and an applying member fitting intoA the said opening and having an innerportion extending into the reservoir and `having an outer Portion proj eating from the reservoir,

the said apfplying member oomprising a tubular per orate .receptacle of a rigid material and a ooveringoi a fabric .material lnelosing the said receptacle, the

said receptacle having outwardly projecting lugs limiting the inward movement of the applying member when inserting the same milio the opening or the reservoir.


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