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Publication numberUS1255886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1918
Filing dateNov 23, 1915
Publication numberUS 1255886 A, US 1255886A, US-A-1255886, US1255886 A, US1255886A
InventorsEmerald E. Jones
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US 1255886 A
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1 ,$55,885. Patented Feb. 12, 1918.




. Patented Feb.12,1918.



To all whom t may concern.'

VVBe it'known that I, EMERALD E. JONES,

subject of the King of England, `and a Y'resident of the city of Chicago, county of Cook, Vand State of Illinois,l have invented v certaink new and usefullmprovements in Saw-Guards, of which the following is a specification.

My :invention has for yits object the production of a device of this character espe- 'cially designed for usein connection with a saw-machine in which the bed thereofis angularlyadjustable. Y

An further Objectis the production of a saw guard as mentioned which will bey highly eiiicient -in usejand of durable and i' economical construction. c,

Other objects will appear'hereinafter. The invention consists in the combinations-and arrangements'o parts hereinafter described and claimed." f

T he invention will be best yunderstood by reference to the,` accompanying drawing,

,formingvua' part of this Specification, and in which 1 i Figure 1` is aj front elevation of a saw v machine equipped with a saw guard enr ,v'bodving the invention,

v .Y v S* 'tlie'base of the machine being broken away,

4oV l l' elements oftheV guardproper which permits Fig. 2 isa side elevation of the constructionfshown inFig. 1,7the lower portion of Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of the guard VFig. l is an endelevation thereon l Y.

Fig.` isa top plan view thereof,

, -FigLf6' is a sectional detail view illus- V'trating the conneotionwbetween the guard proper' andthe guide rods, j Fig. 7 is a'detail ve'rticalrsectionV illustratingthe connection betweenlthe two vertical of free vertical movement of one of said kelements relative to the other, and

Fig. 8 is'an enlarged' detail section taken fOn lineam of Fig.;7. y

The preferred VVii'orm 'of' construction as '.illustratedein'the V,drawings is shown em- 'ployed .inconnection with a` saw machine ycomprising a base, 1,- a bed 2"mounted for angularv adjustm"ent uponlsaid base and a saw blade 3 which 'projects through and l A'above the bed 2 inthe u'sual manner.

The guard mechanism forming the subf-ject lmatter of this application comprises 55 'ay supporting element which comprises a.

Specification of `Letters Patent.


Patented Feb. 12,1918.

application med November 2a. 1915. serialneeasas.

-pair `of spaced parallely bars 4 rigidly secured in and projecting from a plate 5 which is rigidly Vfastened to the baseV 1 of l the saw machine at the rearward side thereof. Upon Vthe outer ends of the members't is adjustably mounted a yoke 6 secured thereto by means of set screws 7 Mounted in the yoke 6 is a second pair of spaced parallel vertically adjustable bars 8 secured in positions of adjustment in yoke 6 by means of set screws 9. The upper ends of bars S are rigidly connected by means of a yoke 10 in which are adjustably mounted forwardly projecting spaced parallel bars 11 secured in positions of adjustment in said yoke 10 by means of set screws 12. At the orward ends of bars 11 is supported a yoke 13 upon the front side of which `is mounted a plate 14:, the latter being pivotally secured to said yoke by means of a forwardly projecting cap screw 15 threaded in said yoke and which projects'through said plate, the head 16 of said screw engagingagainst the front side oi said plate. Also projecting forwardly from the yoke 13 *are` twoY diametrically positioned studs 17 adapted for engagement with either of the two sets of correspondingly positioned perforations formed in plate 14 as Vclearly shown in Fig.'1. The arrangement is such as will be seen that provision is made whereby the plate 14eV may be locked in either of two positions throughk engagement of the Y studs 17 with said perforations. In the disengagement of saidy plate from said studs 17 in order to permit of the adjustment of the former, it is of course necessary to suHiciently loosen the screw 15 to permit of the release of said plate from the outer ends of said studs. will appear asthe description proceeds.

Carried by the plate 111 is a pair of spaced The utility ofthis adjustment parallel guide rods 18 upon the Outer ends 'j of which is mounted the saw guard proper.

Said Vsaw guard 'proper comprises two spaced parallel vertically vdisposed elements or plates 19 and Q0, the velement 19 beingrigidly vfastened by means of fastening devices 29. to anY engaging element 21 in which are l! formed openings 21 and 21 for engage-1r )pent with the outer ends of guiderods 18.

The element 21 is formed in two half parts which are connected together by bolts 23 and cooperating nuts, rollers 24, as clearly shown in Fig. 6 ,being loosely mounted on `55; wthe passage ofthe workover the bed :ofthe said bolts for engagementfwith Vthe corre- Arranged outvvardlyiof ithetelementl is a vertically disposed blade having rear- Wardly projecting lugs or flanges 26 which overlap with the lower portion of the.jele--bolts 28 1s of course of advantage in adjustf nient 21, being fastened `thereto by means -o'f headed bolts 28 threaded into `said Velement 21 as clearlyV shoWnin Fig. 8.- rlphe lugs 26 .are ,provided with elongated-:transversely ,eX-

Y tending .'slots.27 :for `.registration `with the bolts `28 1in .order to permit ,of adjustmentrof i the -;plat,e-25 toward and fromflthe element 19,

upon unscrewing .of the bolts r28, as Will be readily understood.- 'Y `Also lformed upon the .upper side tof `the =base portion 4of element 21 are Vribs 1.2 9fwhich :engage with ftheslots 27 VVin order to maintain the parallel relation ,of

fp'late125 4Withthe Telement 19 in the adjust- `mentyof vsaid .parts toward and lfrom Veach Y ;othe1'. The upper endsvor heads of bolts28 -,are provided'with square sockets :o r recesses Y as seen Yfor -.the reeeptionioff a2-key an the ro- :t'ative:adju s'tm'ent of said bolts. Y

` i I The :plate 2;5 .serves .merelyas a suppor `for "the ,guar-jd felementz20,r said ,plate `being Y provided adjacent its ends with ltwo sets ,of forWardl-y projecting studs `which `:loosely engage with `vertically -extending lelongated eslotsgl formed the .element 2O as Clearly :ishownin :Fi-gs.1,-,3` and 7. 1n orderto hold the lelement20 in 4position lupon said studs iplates32 :are fastened upon .the outer en ds .of

said studs Whichfloosely ,engages against fthe front side vof.s aidelementas will be readily understoodV Upon said studsBO 4aregprd f `,vi'eiled ,rollers `ladapted,to engage against H thesidesofslots Blin order toalleviate ,triction `and thus permit v off freeuvertical move- `I nent of ,element .20 relative .to .the element 119.V I Eormedat the ifront' ends of elements 1.9 Vand V2O are yinclined surfaces 341 which serve :to guide the work passed over theA bed offthesaw machine `under said elements 19 irand:20,ftheilatter being pushed upwardly by 1 understood 1 i Whenathe guard -.fa.jsawanachine the elements 19 and'20zgas- (che Work in v:this Voperation;as will ibe vreadily mechanism is to sume positionsat 'oppositeY sidesof the :saw

` gbladathusfserving ,'asefectua'lmeans of L'pjguardigng the same. ,T he loose'-mounting `ot the element 2-1 upon the-guide rods 18 val-1 {lows'the gguardto slide upwardly thereon in (machine. By .reason of thefree vertical i movement permittedthe element 20 Arelative 1&9 thegelementill it will bes'eenfthat-no'matbe .in veontactjvvith the machine'bedf so as to f. preclude the`pos`sibility "Oiftlieiinge'rsof the 1 Worker passing underthe guard to engagement .Withf-the saw rblade. VThe Vadjustment and iromthe element 19 by adjustment of ingithe f guard to the saw bladefthe4 adjustnient ,which is Vpermitted the supporting elevthe"releasable locking ell'ected 'by studs 17, `the guiderods 18.1nayzberotated upwardly .through 'an angle of .ninety fdegrees and lockedin this positionjn order :to support.

4the guard in anelevated position .above .the y bed of the-'saw machine when .theguard .is not in use. f

While I haveillustratedanddescribedthe fpreferredzorm of constructionfor ,carrying my invention intoelect,` .this-iscapalile of yariation and modificationy Wit-hout depart" ing from the .spiritpofthe linvention I.

desire toavail mysel'foisuchvariationsarid Y i modifications -as come withinfthescope of thefappen'ded claims. Having f describ d claim as newiand desirejtosecure by Letters through' and above said bed, of a guardfcomprisingtwo spaced elements adaptedgtoengage against the upper side of `saidbed at f either side of said sawblade,, oneeofsaidle e 4ments being free forvertical movement-rela-V Y tive to theothel, and saidelementsjbeingad- 1 y justable toward t and from l stantially as described.

V2. The Combination wana aw manine.. comprisinga bedand asawbladegprojeetng throughland above saidfbedgof aguandnom-Tr v prising tvvo 1spaced elements adapted Qta engage against, the,uppensidefof"saidbedat Y either side of saidsawlblade; .elongatedslots provided-yinone ofsaid elements.; and studsr projecting from theother' element loosely' en- ,movement qlfone of saidlelementsrelatiye ,to

[the other, sulistantial1y-asr.described.f` "f t In .testimony vvhereofQ-Ilhave ;si gnedmy2 name to this speciicationqintjhe presence of;

Vtwo subscribing f Witnesses.;V

. .JOSHUA-.R- .H.PortataV f @ein F- Sesma Y" EMERALD insonne.

65 which is permitted the element 20 toward f 85 l. therefore, d oinotvvishito belimited-to .the

' precise detalls of `construction .t set ftorthpgbut

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U.S. Classification83/478, 83/860
Cooperative ClassificationB27G19/02
European ClassificationB27G19/02