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Publication numberUS1256522 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1918
Filing dateJul 15, 1915
Priority dateJul 15, 1915
Publication numberUS 1256522 A, US 1256522A, US-A-1256522, US1256522 A, US1256522A
InventorsAlvyn L Croxton
Original AssigneeAlvyn L Croxton
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Reflecting apparatus.
US 1256522 A
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Patented Feb.19,191&




Specification 01' Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 19, 1918.

Application filed July 15, 1915. Serial N 0. 39,951.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, ALVYN L. CRoxToN, citizen of the United States, residing at Bremerton, in the county of Kitsap and State of Washington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Reflecting Apparatus, of which the following is a spec1- fication.

The present invention relates to reflectmg apparatus for kinetoscopes and for other analogous purposes.

The object of the invention is to provlde an efficient apparatus adapted to reflect practically the entire amount of light ra s einanating from a lamp into the re ract1ng lenses. At the present time in movmg picture projection apparatus an electric arc lamp is employed from which but little more than the direct pencils of light to the lenses are utilized and thrown upon the screen, with the result that an intensely strong lamp must be employed with relatively large consumption of current and high cost of operation. In my invention I employ a lamp of much lower lighting efficiency and consumption of current, but by inclosing such lamp in a substantially globular casing having light reflecting and directing interior surfaces, I am able to concentrate at least an equal intensitg of light upon the lenses from a lamp unit and economy in large measure.

The invention consists in the novel construction of a light reflecting casing and the combination and adaptation therewith of devices for its ventilation, as ,will be full explained in the following specification, lllllS- trated in the accompanying drawings, and finally set forth in the appended claims.

In said drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectionalview of apparatus embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view through 2-2 of Fig. 1. Figs. 3 and 4 are respectively views in side elevation and top plan of a detail of the invention drawn to an' enlarged scale.

eferring to said views, the reference numeral 1 designates an" electric lamp of any suitable form, that type known as nitrogen lamps being now considered to be desirable in connection with my im rovements. Said lamp is shown and may e provided with 'a socket 2 which is fixedly positioned within a tubular sleeve 3 arranged axially of a reflector-casing 5. Said casing 5 is of concavo-convex form, its converging reflectaving the advantages of portabilityv ing surface 5 extending in forward directions with said lamp in its axial line and is desirably of elliptic interior configuration having its foci in the center face of the re fracting lenses hereinafter described and the center of light C which is in the transverse plane of the perimetrical extremity 6 of said reflector 5.

vDetachably secured to said reflector casing 5 is a reverse hemispherical reflector 7 of concavo-convex form which has for the center of its converging interior reflecting surface 7 the center of light 0 of said lamp. Said reflector 7 is arranged at its rearward edges 8 to overlap the forward edges 6 of said reflector 5 and -is spaced outwardly therefrom afi'ording an annular space 10 therebetween. Spaced at equi-distant intervals as at 90 degrees apart about said reflector 5 are radially disposed studs 11 each having a reduced portion 12 near their outer extremitiesand a head 13. The reflector 7 is provided with correspondingly spaced L- shaped slots 15 in which said reduced portion 12 of the respective studs are received to secure the reflectors 5 and 7 together. "One or more spring clips 16 are adapted to overlap said slots and by engagement with the head 13 of said stud retain the latter in detachable locked condition.

Arranged axially of said reflector 7 and in alinement with said lamp and the socket 3 is an opening into which is secured a tubular shell 17 into which a lens casing 18 is telescopically fitted for adjustment toward or away from said lamp. Said casing 18 is provided with plano-convex lenses 20 and 21 adapted to direct the pencils of light reflected thereintoin parallel rays. Surrounding that portion of said shell 17 directly adacent saidlenses is an annular cooling chamber 22 into which a current of cooling air is directly blown through inlet pipe 23 to which a flexible or other conduit (not shown) may be communicatively connected through which a current of air is blown by a fan or blower (not shown), and which is exhausted from said chamber 22 into the lamp compartment 23 through aperture 25 in said reflector 7 arranged in spaced rela tion about said lens casing 18. Such air currents are thus circulated about the lens casing 18 and then are directed toward the lamp carrying away from the lenses any excess heat received from said lamp and which finally finds exit through the annular passage 10 and through aperture 26 in the reflector 5 and spaced about the sleeve 3 in a similar manner to the arrangement of the aperture 525.

From the foregoing description and by reference to Fig. 1' wherein angles of incidence and reflection of the pencils of light emitted from the lamp are graphically shown by lines and darts, the functions of said reflecting surface will be understood. As described, the reflecting surface 5 of the reflector 5 directs all rays of light received thereon to the lens 20 while the reflecting surface 7 redirects light rays received thereon back to said center of light C whence it is transmitted to the surface 5 and. thence to the lens 20. Thus it will be seen that practically all the light rays from the lamp will eventually be directed to the lenses save a small portion that will be lost in the base and socket of the lamp.

A relatively low-powered lamp may thus be used to obtain a beam of light of great intensity and the lamp may be practically fully inclosed to intercept the amount of light by the provision of forced air supply and exhaust as indicated. The provision of a readily demountable reflector-casing is likewise of considerable merit whereby the lamp may be positioned and replaced without difliculty or delay.

Having described my invention, what I claim is,-

1. In a reflecting apparatus, a reflector arranged to direct all light rays incident thereon in forward direction to a single focus, and another reflector adapted to direct the light rays incident thereon rearwardly upon said first named reflector, said second named reflector arranged to overlap said first named reflector and spaced therefrom to provide an annular opening thereabout.

2. In a reflecting apparatus, a reflector arspaced annular opening thereabout, and detachable connections between said reflectors.

3. In a reflecting apparatus, a reflector arranged to direct all light rays incident thereon in forward directions, a lamp extending forwardly in the axial line of said reflector, a second reflector dctachably connected to said first named reflector and adapted to divert all rays of light incident thereon reversely upon said first named reflector, and

from the latter in overlapped relation to afford an annular opening therebetween, the center of the source of light of said lamp being in the transverse plane of the forward perimetrical edge of said first named reflector.

4:. In a reflecting apparatus, a two-part reflector-casing having a lamp extending forwardly from the rearmost said part in axial direction therein, and a lens casing in the foremost said reflector part having its tubular bore arranged in axial alinement with said lamp, the parts of said reflector casing being arranged in overlapped relation with the foremost part outermost affording an annular opening therebetween, an annular chamber surrounding said lens casing having openings into said reflector-casing, and means for supplying a current of air into said chamber exhausting into said reflectorcasing.

Signed at Bremerton, Wash, this 24 day of June, 1915.


Witness 13mm 0. Anno'rr.

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