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Publication numberUS1256965 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1918
Filing dateMay 11, 1917
Priority dateMay 11, 1917
Publication numberUS 1256965 A, US 1256965A, US-A-1256965, US1256965 A, US1256965A
InventorsGeorge M Williams
Original AssigneeLorillard Co P
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US 1256965 A
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- i ywewi'o-z, Geoqye fif- Vl tilzarm as, mo

Patented Feb. 19, 1918.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 19, 1918.

Application filed; May 11, 1917. Serial No. 167,943.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Gnoncn M. WILLIAMS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Elizabeth, in the county of Union and State of New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Slide-Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to improvements in containers formed of card-board or other paper stock, pertaining more particularly to containers of the slide-box type adapted especially for carrying cigarettes or little cigars, although applicable for other uses. 7

Slide boxes of various types have been employed for the packaging of cigarettes, some formscarrying the cigarettes in a sin gle row, other types employing a double row, the width of the box being controlled by the particular type. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, the single row type having the disadvantage of a considerable Width of shell face supported only at its ends leaving a span practically free from intermediate support excepting by the contents. lVhere a single row box is subjeoted to accidental pressure in the pocket, this pressure is necessarily applied to the cigarettes, tending to damage them. This tendency is reduced in the-double-row typedue to decreasein length of the span, but dependence must be placed entirely on the ability of the end walls of the slide and shell to resist such pressures, and where cigarettes have been removed the difficulty is increased since the supporting eflect of the contents is lost. Obviously, the advantage of the small span length is lost when any attempt is made to increase the number of cigarettes; in the package, since this involves lncrease v The present invention is designed to meet these clifliculties by employing one or more supports for the span, these supports being preferably formed integral with the slide or slides and being of a type which will efficiently sustain the shell face or span against such pressures. This support preferably extends substantially throughout the length of the shell and practically functions as a truss member or members between the opposite shell faces intermediate the ends of the shell span.

By this arrangement the length of the span is not limited by liability of damage to the vcontents, so that a container of the desired capacity and of either single or double row-type may be employed In p'rac tice it has been found that a container of this type will efliciently support the shell where the contents are of the fragile wrapper type heretofore requiring the use of metallic containers, a result which makes it possible to employ the paper-board type of container as a substitute for the metallic container for such use, thereby greatly de-' creasing the cost of containers, as well as permitting increase in size of the container with a resultant increase in capacity.

Another feature resulting from a container of the present type is the fact that although the shell may have a width greater prevented; 7

To these and other ends, therefore, my invention consists in the improved combina-. tion and arrangement of parts, together with the generalarrangement of the slide blank, all as hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and

more-particularly pointed out in the appendv ed claims.

In the accompanying drawings, in which similar reference characters indicate similar partsin each of the views:

Figure 1' is a. perspective View of one,

I as, partially withdrawn. 3

:Fig. 2 is a similar view' showing the Slide Fig; 3 is crossctional vie wg 'L a I 3 Fig. eis a plan view'o't a blank adapted to form the slider K r 1;

Fig. 5 is a perspective View of a container *i'ora' singlerow of-cigars or cigarettes, the :slide beingshown as partially withdrawn. j TheshelllO is ofanypreferred construc- 'tion, beingof'asize adapted to receive the slide a'sisusual in this type ofbox, 7

The slide, indicated generally at l1,'j:TlS-

cated generically at 12,. which extend sub- 'stantially the .tull idepth: of the slide and which'pi eferablyhave a length substantially equalingvthe length of the shell, although thisjlatter may be ,vaiie d'as desired, the full -blafnk form as j'indicated in' Fig. e, the supvport or support servingto divide thein cigars, or .Cigarettes.

teriorofthe'slide into two or more compartments,'ieach of which adapted to receive As the support is of the full depth of the slide and practically presents an-edge substantiallydouble the r v thicl'me'ss of the paper stock from which the truss element t'or the shell spans provided by the Width of the shella 'And Where'the slide is formed, each support will serve as a.

i slide is 'formedj'from' a single blank, thus v producing j the support as anintegral part tiallyrigid partition for'preventinginward' of the ,slide, the support become a substanf or collapsing movement of the shell spans V "underpressureapplied on'thefface or faces of-the shell. llence the shelhalthough made of paper stock, will not yield-under' ressure to an extentsuflicient to, provide damage to "the contentseven tho-ugh. the latter be 'of a] character easilyvdamaged bypressure;'

As shown Figs. 1, 2 and 5, theslide jar ne'em etgives he ner lappe ra f two slides fqf the usua type located side by side, anej the present invention may be ca r-' Pied i t ce ec i y m yin a? p l ffsli s arranged Lsideby s ew the..., pposi g walls-of the twoslides connected together in v such manner as to tend toprovide the rigid V truss formation which is presented where the slide is f orm'ed.from a single. blank, and

such double slide structureis.intended tojfall,

within the scope ot, the present invention.

-Howeve r, it is preferred to 'form' the slide {from a' single blankwhich may be of the Q form shown in Fig. 4: 'in'w'hichthe, body is f v h asi for edsw t W P n s a 1 e sdiby-e eb whic he d d i t amore or less bellowsj fold. forms the; sup- "PQ t ach-lwdyPanelhaYiI s h I l a li f in'g flaps and panels with the exception preventing,

erly folded and the web givenit's. bellows. I

fold, the bodyipanels d will be brought into proximity and will give'the appearance of the two slides located side by side, the web,

i howeven'serving to connect the two slides and v form the top of the support andzat the sametime'divide'the' slide.into compartments.

' 'As-shown more-particularly in F ig', 3, the" particular folding 'ofth'efweb and its :co'nnection with the panelsjd is suchthatwhen arranged withone or more supports, llldl the slide is in position, thedouble thickness support provided .byithe web is more or'les's restrained against shifting at its edge by reason of the holding efie'ct-produce'd by the bringing'ef panels a in-c juxtaposition to each 'of'two-slidessoas to produce this moreor less rigidity'to the double thickness structure"; such; results may be p 'oduceohfor in-" stance by adhesivelyconnect ng the oppos ng faces of such' side flaps, an action which might be had in connection with theopposiI g faces of web-b'when" folded, although r v suCh adhesive co'nnectionis not essentialin the web formation, since the two-flap portrons areflheld against relative movementby the wehstructure itself." f

j Anydesirednumber iof' supports can be employed,the drawings showing but a single too support, it being obvious;however, that an; 7

additional number of supports may be pro contents in single or in double rows "{ided by Iformingjthe blank with additional panels aand employing additional-web p k tions 7) between adja centipa nels Asshown in Figs. 2 and 5,th'eiinventiohmay beem-x' ployed inconne'ction witlljboxes having the contained in slideboxes 07f mediuinewidth,

:as for instance the type of package carrying two cigars-1n two rows of five each. a

As indicated inFig. ol,ftherevenue stamp maybeapplied'over both cover flaps, thus 7 V the.lopen n to he ap th out disruptingithe stamp,

:As will;be understood, theif'gerieral ar rangement' is such th'at the entire "slide v is rmoved bodily when the compartments are to be opened in the usual mariner, dueto the" connection-between theftwoj panels.

While: I have. sh wn the support;

tendinga distancesubstantiallyequal to the '7 l length of the shell, thus forming" a single support, it will be understood that this length may be less, if found desirable, or, the support may be divided intermediate its length to form a plurality of supports which are practically alined, an arrangement which is readily produced by forming the web of the blank with cut-outportions extending parallel to the top and bottom edges of the web in Fig. 4, this being an obvious Variation which may be employed if desired.

As will be seen, the arrangement will tend to produce a shell having a width greater than the length of the cigars or cigarettes, a condition which, under ordinary forms of slide boxes, would permit a cigar or cigarette to cant and fall to the bottom of the slide when the major portion of the contents have been removed. However, since the support acts to divide the slide into com partments each having a width less than the length of the cigar or cigarette, it will be clear that such shifting movements of the cigarette are limited so as to prevent the cigar or cigarette from reaching a position extending substantially parallel with the bottom of the slide.

While I have herein shown and described one or more ways in which the invention may be carried out, it will be readily understood that variations and modifications therein may be required or desired to meet the exigencies of use, and I desire to be understood as reserving the right to make any and all such changes and modifications in so far as the same may fall within the spirit and scope of the invention as expressed in the accompanying claims:

Having thus described my invention, what Iclaim as new, is

1. In slide boxes, a shell, and a slide thereforhaving opposing panels connected at one end and between which the contents are received, said slide including a wall structure formed as a double wall to divide the slide into compartments and having a depth substantially equal to the depth of the slide and adapted to form a support for the span faces of the shell a ainst inward collapsing.

2. In slide oxes, a shell, and a slide therefor having opposing panels connected at one end and between which the contents are received, said slide including a wall structure formed as a double wall to divide the slide into compartments and having a depth'substantially equal to the depth of the slide and adapted to form a support for the span faces of the shell against inward collapsing, said wall structure having a length substantially equal to the length of the shell.

3. In slide boxes, a shell, and a slide therefor having opposing panels connected at one end and between which the contents are re- Y ceived, said slide includin'g'a wall structure formed as'a double wall and'adaptedtodi- 1 vide the slide into commodity-receiving compartme nts and form a support for the span faces of the shell against inward collapse-L. each panel having an opposing panel structure and a closing flap individual to itself.

In slide boxes, a shell, and a slide-therefor having opposing panels connected at one 5. In slide boxes, a shell, and a slide there- 7 for having opposing panels connected at one end and between which the contents are received, said slide including a bellows-fold structure formed as a double wall and extending parallel with the side walls of the slide and adapted to form slide compartments, said structure having a depth substantially equal to the depth of the slide and adapted to form a support for the span faces of the shell against inward collapsing, said bellows fold structure being of a length less than the total length of the connected opposing panels.

6. In slide boxes, a shell, and a slide therefor, said slide being formed from a blank having slide-forming portions each embodying opposing panels and an integral slide bottom, said portions being spaced apart and connected by a web having a length not greater than the length of one of the panels and foldable to produce a compartmentforming wall structure of the double wall type extending in the direction of length of the shell, the folded web serving to place similar panels of the slide forming portions in juxtaposition and to form a support for the span faces of the shell against inward collapsing.

7. A foldable blank adapted to produce a slide for slide boxes, said blank having a plurality of slide-forming elements each foldable to produce a slide formation embodying opposing panels and an integral slide bottom, similar panels of the slide formations being spaced apart and connected by a web structure having its length not greater than the length of one of the panels and having its direction of length extending parallel with the similar direction of the connected panels and foldable to bring the connected panels into juxtaposition and produce a wall structure dividing the slide into compartments arranged side by side.

8. In slide boxes, a shefl and a slide there- I amm -f for. having a plliral ity 0f sets of dppesed' 'stafitially eqfial to the depth 6f the slide, the

panels connectedv atone: end and between remaining panels of the sets-being free from which, the contents are received, a 'panel'of such connection. 1 1 I e "one set being-connected to a.simi1ar panel In testimonywher'eof I hav e-hereuntq get 10 5 nf lhother settoproduce a double wall myhand' structurevtherebetweex; havingma depth "Sub- 1 e flop!" 01 this patent neayibe obtained to: five cents e ac h by addie ssing ther cdmxjiiseioner of Patents;

Washington, D. 03!. e

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