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Publication numberUS1257536 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1918
Filing dateDec 9, 1916
Priority dateDec 9, 1916
Publication numberUS 1257536 A, US 1257536A, US-A-1257536, US1257536 A, US1257536A
InventorsGottlieb W Schroeder
Original AssigneeGottlieb W Schroeder
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Adjustable socket for mounting ornaments, &c., upon automobiles.
US 1257536 A
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Patented Feb. 26, '19l8.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 26, 1918.

Application filed December 9, 1916. Serial No. 135,956.

7 '0 all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, Go'r'rniee "W. Someonnnn, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Andrews, in the county of Huntington and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and usefiul Improvements in Adjustable Sockets for Mounting Ornaments &c., upon automobiles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in adjustable sockets for holding ornaments, etc, on automobiles and the object thereof is to afiord a device adapted for the holding of various ornaments and accessories, and which may be readily applied to the body of an automobile and adjustably secured in vertical position or at'various inclinations accordingly as desired, even though the part of the automobile to which the device is secured is horizontally or vertically disposed, or extends at an angle thereto.

The object of the improvement is accomplished by the constructionv illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which:

Figure 1 is an elevation of the device showing the same applied to a horizontal body portion of an automobile, a portion thereof being shown in vertical section;

Fig. 2 an elevation of the device shown as applied to a vertical body portion of the automobile, the latter being in section; and

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a roundfaced seat for the socket member upon which the latter isadjustably secured.

Similar characters of reference Lindicate corresponding parts throughout the several views and referring now to the same 1 is a tubular socket member having a chamber (2 inits upper portion that ex tends to an is open at the top of the member, there being a drain opening (3) ex- I tending from the chamber through the wall of the socket. The lower portion (4) of the member is rectangular and. has a chamber (.5) therein that is open at the bottom. In

one sided the rectangular portion of the member is a concave recess (6), and also a slot (7 extending through the wall at the axial center of the recess. The lower end of the socket me'mber also has concavity corresponding with the recess in the side wall thereof so that the member may be set either endwise upon the roundfaced seat (8) or sidewise upon the seat as occasion requires, the seat being interchangeably applicable to the concave recess or the similarly formed lower end of the member. The seat has an orifice (9) extending through its center of suflicient dimensions as to admit of the seat being shifted adjustably more or less without interference with the bolt (10), or (11) as the case may be.

When the device is applied to a horizontal body portion (12) of the automobile, a bolt (10) is arranged to extend through the partition (13) in the socket member and from thence through the orifice (9) in the seatand also through the body portion (12) a washer"(l4) and nut (15) being applied at the lower end of the bolt to draw the parts rigidly into position.

When the device is applied to a vertical portion (16) of the automobile, the bolt (11) is introduced from the'chamber (5) through the slot (7 in the wall of the member and orifice (9) in the seat and also through the vertical portion, a washer (14' and nut (15) bein applied at the outer end of the boltto secure the same.

In either instance the seat (8) is rigidly clamped between the body portion of the automobile and the socket member.

In-using the device, the socket member is secured in either the'foregoing manners and its position may beadjustably altered when thus applied by loosening the securing nut and-shifting the seat so as to tilt the socket member to the desired position andthen tightening the nut.

The utility of the device as applied to automobiles is more or less extensive as it may be employed for holding a whip that is intended as a fad, or a fiag-stafl for decorative purposes or other accessories as fancy or necessity may suggest.

claim is s member'havinga chamber in its upper portion for the reception of an acseat with the body portion of an automo cessory 0r ornamental device, and having a bile. 10 concave lower end and concave recess in In testimony whereof I affix my signature its side; a round-faced seat having a cenin presence of two Witnesses.

5 tral orifice adapted to be interchangeably GOT'ILIEB W. SCHROEDER.

fitted to the recessed end or side of the "Witnesses. socket nien'iber; and means for securing the SOPHIA HEINE,

socket-member through the orifice of said MATILDA Mei-rm,-

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G33/1226