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Publication numberUS12579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1855
Publication numberUS 12579 A, US 12579A, US-A-12579, US12579 A, US12579A
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US 12579 A
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Hnesdaie, in .the @may of wayne and State of Peniisylvania,` have invented a new l and useful Improvement in Rotary Pumps; "endl I" do hereby Adeclare that Athe following lis aV full and` enact .description thereof, reference `being had to the *accompanying drawings, makinga` part" of this "specification.` l i.

l My improvementisuponthat class of' rotary pumps flwhich"V receives the water at the t i center of lonefof the sidecasings and-disy charges thesame through anaperture 'at the periphery eflthecombined casings.

"In the accompanying drawings Figure 41,

`lis anedgesfview `ofmy improved pump,

*mounted mffa suitable frame; Figs., 2 and, `are viewsdisplayng theinner sides of the y casings A, B, with the buckets c, c, c, and `the water guiding ange e; Fig. 4, is a transversesectioninthe line m,1m,of Fig. `3;

and Fig. 5,*isfa viewof thebucket carrier b .and its bucketsc, "c,"`."c,detached from the y "Similar letters indicate `.like parts Il 511 fthe figures* e e `My invention consists in causing thebuckl ets o, c, c, during alportion" of their revolu- .tiornto move "in gagchannel le produced by securing the curved division plate e, within i the interior ofthe pump, as shown in Figs.

l 2," 3, and 4:, and durlngthe remainder of BAEKER, .fof


i e 4 e tion of ietterslatent No.1`2,579, dated March 27, 1855.

their `revolution to move through a portion of the chamber of the pump which `com- `municates directlywith the induction `open.

ing j. The object of this arrangement is to prevent the water from being broken and beat up intofoamby the rapid movement of the buckets,as would be the case' if the water passed from the induction aperture directly tothe buckets :-Whereas, the water. `in my improved `pump passes in an unbroken current from the induction opening directly into the mouth of the channel k, and follows after each bucket until the said current is struck and carried forward by the `next "bucket in succession, and discharged at the eduction aperture y'.

VVhat Iclaim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is causing the buckets c, c, c, during a portion of their revolution t pass through an enclosed channel k, and during Athe remainder of their revolution to pass through the chamber which communicates directly with the central induction opening f, substantially in the `manner and for the purpose herein. set forth.

The above specification of my improvement in rotary pumps signed and witnessed this 27th day of December 1854. 4

\ l ABEL BARKER. Witnesses:

@ Z. C. RoBBrNs,


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Cooperative ClassificationF04D29/4226