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Publication numberUS1258160 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1918
Filing dateSep 25, 1916
Priority dateSep 25, 1916
Publication numberUS 1258160 A, US 1258160A, US-A-1258160, US1258160 A, US1258160A
InventorsMabel H Slater
Original AssigneeMabel H Slater
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Sun-dial and compass.
US 1258160 A
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.l ,258, l 60. mme@ Maf. 5, 1918.

snr ernten.



Application led'September 25, 1516.

To N yMio/1t t may concern.'

Re it known that l, Manen H. Smyrne, a citizen of the United States, residing at llvebster., in the county of lYorcester and State of Massachusetts, have invented new and useful Improvements in Sun-Dials and Compasses, of which the following is' a speciication.

rlhis invention relates to a combined sun dial and compass.

yThe object of the invention is to provide a small. compact and simple instrument constructed and arranged to be carried in the pocket but which is adapted to be used to detern'iine either the points of the compass or the hours of the day.

'The invention consists in the combination and arrangement of parts set forth in the following specification' and particularly pointed out in the claim.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of an instrument embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig'. f5 is a detail section taken on the line le-3 of Fig. 1, illustratino' the two positions of the style of the sun dial and the means for maintainingsaid style in either of said positions.

Like numerals refer to like parts in all views of the drawings.

ln the drawings, 5 is a case, preferably of a design similar to that of a watch case, thus rendering the same more suitable for carrjyfing in the pocket. A dial (i is mounted upon the case 5 in any suitable. manner, said dial being constructed of suitable transparent material, such as glass, and having' graduations '.1', 7 upon the face thereof. The dial 6 preferably constitutes a closure for the case 5 or tie equivalent'of the crystal of a watch.

A magnetic needle 8 is pivotally mounted, preferably' Within the case 5, adjacent to the inner face of said dial 6 and completely incased to prevent moisture from gaining access thereto. Furthermore, said magnetic needle 8 is mounted in the usual manner upon a pivot 9 so as to turn freely and permit the same to be turned to its normal position by the magnetic forces exerted thereon.

Marks indicating the points of the compass are provided in said case 5, preferably upon a dial l arranged at the bottom of Specification of Letters Patent.

rawaitedV Mar; 5, 191s.'

SeriellV N0. 121,920; i

said case but adjacent to and parallel with the plane of rotation ofthe needle 8 and also parallel with the .-d'ial 6.-

i stem 1l is preferably attached to one side of said case to provide a support for means adapted to be operated to holdthe needle in a fixed position within the case when the compass is not in use .orwhen the saineV is being carried in the pocket. instrumentalities for clampingthe needle form no partof this invention, therefore a description thereof is not believed to beV necessary. Y y

arranged adjacent to the outer face of the dial 6 is an angle plate l2 known to those skilled in the art as a style or gnomoin The style 12 when in its-operative position is disposed substantially at right angles to the face of the dial 6 and in a predetermined position on said dial with respect to the north and south points of the compass and the edge 18 of said style, is inclined upwardly from the dial at a predetermined angle to cooperate with the graduations 7 on the face of the dial 6, which correctly determine the time of day by the shadows projected upon the dial by said style in intercepting the suns rays.

' he face of the dial G is also provided with a semi-transparent area 1t which arc shaped to include the graduations 7 said semi-transparent section being preferably formed by grinding the portion of the surface of said dial included withinthe area`14.

This semi-transparent section is provided for the urnose of distin uishino' between` the shaded and light portions of the dial, the

Vdividing line of which would be almost iin- `the right direction. Y -0 The style 12, in its normal position, Ioccu.-

pies considerable space and is not in a convenient form to be placed in the pocket, therefore said style has been pivotally mounted so as to permit it to be swung from its normal position with respect to the face of the dial 6 into a position lying substan- The tially parallel with said dial and against its face.

To accomplish this result, said style has a cylindrical member l5, formed adjacent to the outer end thereof, which cylindrical member is journaled to rotate in a bearing l''attaohed to the side of the case 5 adjacent to said stein ll. rlhe lower edge of the style l2 is rounded at 17 and preferably lies along the upper tace ot the dial G, permitting` said style to be rotated from its normal to its folded position Without interference and at the saine time constituting a support therefor.

T he outer end of the cylindrical member l5 has a plate 18 attached thereto haring notches 19 and 2OV in its periphery said notches corresponding to the two positions ot said style. A resilient member or detent 2l is mounted in the stein 1l to occupy the notches 19 and 20 and to yieldingly position said style in its two positions.

Stops and Q3, disposed adjacent to the notches 19 and 20 respectively, are provided for the purpose of limiting the movements of said style. To still further enlarge the usefulness of this instrument, the central portion of the dial 6, which central portion is of little use in connection with the coinpass or the sun dial, is made into fa mirror 24. Y

Having thus described my'invcntion what I claim and desire by Letters Patent to secure is:

In combination, a case, a magnetic needle pivotally mounted in said caso, a style pir otally arranged to roel; about an axis disposed substantially parallel with the plane of rotation oi said inagnetic needle, said style being movable from a position substantially parallel with said plane to a position substantially at right angles thereto, a plate secured to said style, said plate having two notches in the periphery thereof corresponding with the two positions ot said style, and a resilient member attached to said casing, adapted to occupy one or the other of said notches to yieldingly maintain said style either in its position substantially parallel with said plane of rotation or substantially at right angles thereto.

In testimony whereot1 l have hereunto set my hand 1n presence of two subscribing witnesses.

MABEL H. SLATER. Witnesses:


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each. by addressing the Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. C.

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