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Publication numberUS1258308 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1918
Filing dateMay 25, 1916
Priority dateMay 25, 1916
Publication numberUS 1258308 A, US 1258308A, US-A-1258308, US1258308 A, US1258308A
InventorsWilliam Boss
Original AssigneeWilliam Boss
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Display device.
US 1258308 A
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Patented Mar. 5, 1918.

2 SHEETS-SHEET linf/7295565: 4& #WJB M.

Patented Mar. 5, 1918.


.lllfllll W. BOSS.



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firmwrfor: /477//'o'm Boss /417 his I /4 /'1wesses: 7 g #MMZ. 7


nrsrnar nnvion.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 5, 193i 8.

Application filed May 25, 1916. Serial No. 93,733.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that l. llnmmn Boss, a citizen of the United States, residing at St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey and of Minnsota. have invented certain new and useful improvements in Display Devices, of which the following is a specification.

lily invention relates to display devices for holdi .nd exhibitingsamples of seeds, grain. miner als and o her specimens and has for its object to provide a facing member having a series of holes in it in which hav been pressed disks of isinglass or other suit able transparent material. Another object is to provide a backing member glued to said facing mei her and ha *ing holes corresponding to the holes in the facing member, said holes forming sockets for the reception of the substance to be displayed, which backing member may be made of different thicknesses of material to give diflerent depths of pockets. still further object is to provide a system of numbers and'names upon the front of the cevice adjacent the v rious pockets for identifyin the contents thereof and a card upon the back of the device having a corresponding numbering system and additional information concerning the substance displayed? The full object and advantages of my invention will appear in connection with the detailed description thereof and are particularly pointed out in the claims.

In he drawings illustrating the application of my invention in one form,

Figure 1 is a front view of my improved display device showing some of the compartments filled with substances to be displayed. Fig. 2 is a fragmentary rear view of the same device with parts cut away. 8 is an enlar ed cross-sectional view taken on line 33 of Fig. 2. Figs. 4i, 5 and 6 are enlarged cross-sectional views showing the construction of the windows in the facing member. Fig. 7 is a cross-sectional view of a portion of a backing member. Figs. 8 and 9 are cross-sectional views showing the application of different thicknesses of backing to form various depths of pockets. Fig. 10 is a front view of one of the gummed disks used in sealing up the individual pockets or compartments.

My invention as best shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 comprises a facing member 10, a baching member 11 and a card 12, all of which are of the same size and which are bound N ember preferably made of cardboard and has unched in it a number of holes let, as best rown in Figs. 1 and In each of the les is pressed a disk 15 of isinglass or e sui able transparent substance, which he extreme edge 16 beveled as shown in at. in pressing the disk 15 in place l disk is forced in from the rear of the facin member 10, the beveled edge 16 yieldin sulliciently to permit the disk 15 entering into the hole-'14:. When the means for inserting disk 15 is removed, said disk springs back to its original form,the edge 16 digging into and becoming lodged in the racing member 10, as shown in Fig. 6, and holding said disk firmly in place. Due to the bevel on edge 16 it will be comprehended that as disk 15 is LOICBCl in place, said disk will correctly guide itself into the hole is and, furthermore, will be positioned with us outer surfaces flush with the exterior of the facing member 10.

The backing member 11 is shown in section in Fig. '7. Wood, pulp fiber, cardboard or any prepared composition maybe used in its structure. A number of holes 17 are provided in member 11, which holes are identical in shape and size with holes 1%, and are positioned to exactly correspond with said hole on member 10 when these two members are placeo upon one another, forming continuous pockets or compartments for containing the substances to be displayed. Members 10 and 11 are secured together as shown in Figs. 8 or 9 by'means of glue or other adhesives, or they may be fastened by means of wire clenchers or nails in the customary manner. It hence become obvious that by employing different thicknesses of material for the backing members that different depths of pockets can be obtained, as clearly indicated in Figs. 8 and 9.

In using the device, the windows formed by the disks 15 are first cleaned and the various pockets filled with the substances to be displayed. Gummed paper disks 18, such as shown in Fig. 10 are then moistened on the echo, and stuck to the rear of the backing member 11, to completely cover each of the exposed holes 17, as clearly shown in Fig. 2. As the disks 18 are preferably made out of paper which has one side completely gummed, it will be comprehended that unless only the edge of the disk is moistened, the

substance displayed will tend to stick to the disk. When all of the pockets have been filled and sealed, the card 12 is placed upon the back 11 and the edges of the whole display device neatly bound with the edging 13, as before mentioned.

The numbering system and the method of identifying the various samples is best illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2-. On the front of the facing member 10 below each of the pockets or compartments, is printed a line 19 and a corresponding numeral 2-0 on which line may be briefly written the name of the substance displaced Within the corresponding pocket. Upon the card 12 is printed a number of heavy head lines 21 and a number of finer lines 22, each of said finer lines havinga corresponding numeral 28, there being as many numerals on said card as there are pockets in the device. The species and general characteristics of the class of substances displayed is Written on the lines 21, and individual Characteristics, history, or other specific information may be Written on the lines 22. By this means the name of the substance may be had from the front of the device, and additional information may be procured by reversing the device and reading on the line opposite the numeral corresponding to the pocket containing the substance investigated.

The advantages of my invention are manifest. A single machine may be used for pressing the Windows in place, as only a single thickness of facing material is employed. The Window which is beveled is mounted in the center of the facing strip and still comes out flush with the front of the device, thus utilizing all of the space Wi thin the pocket. Any attempt to force the Window out backward through the device merely causes said Window to become more firmly lodged Within the facing member.

I claim:

1. A display device for specimens comprising a fiat body portion having a plurality of cavities therein, and a like number of transparent members closing the faces of said cavities and held positioned by engagement of the edges of said members with the inner Walls of the cavities.

2. A display device for specimens comprising a flat body portion having a number of cylindrical cavities extending therethrough, a like number of circular trans parent members closing the faces of said cavities and held positioned by engagement of the edge of the members with the inner Walls of the cavities, and means to seal up the cavities.

3. A display device for specimens comprising a fiat body portion having a plurality of cavities therein, and a like number of transparent members having a beveled portion closing the faces of said cavities held positioned by engagement'of the edges of said beveled portions With the inner Walls Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. 0.

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