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Publication numberUS125871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1872
Publication numberUS 125871 A, US 125871A, US-A-125871, US125871 A, US125871A
InventorsBukbel G. Wood
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Improvement in horizontal-flue steam-boilers
US 125871 A
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BURREL e.w00n.

Improvement in Horizontal Flue Steam Boilers.

Patented April 16, 1872.

8 E 0 s E N l w L INVENTUR ,m Hmru-unmcmP/m ca. M x msaomvm Pnonm BUEEEL e. woon, OF NASHVILLE, rENNE'ssEE.


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 125,871, dated April 16, 1872.


- State of Tennessee, have invented certain new and useful lmprovemen ts in Portable Steanr Boilers, of which the following is a specification Nature and Object.

The object of my invention is to construct a fire-box, together with the necessary passages, in connection with a cylindrical flue or tubular boiler in such a manner as to admit of a shipwent from place to place, as a boiler of the 10- comotive form, and as ready for use, avoiding the necessity of the usual brick-work setting. Such a boiler is capable of sustaining a much greater internal pressure than those of the 10- comotive style. As no flat surfaces are employed, (except the heads or ends,) it is more convenient to repair than a cylindrical boiler set in the ordinary way, and is at the same time far better supported. The nature of my invention consists of a metallic frame-work, which at the top is fastened to the sides of the shell of the boiler, forming a fire-box at one end, from which leads a flue or passage extending to the rear, communicating with a connection to the main flues or tubes of the boiler, and filling in or lining the said frame-work with tiling or other suitable non-conductor, and covering the same with a metallic casing, as hereinafter described.

Description of the Accompanying Drawing.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through the line as a; Fig. 2 is a side elevation. Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the line zz. Fig. 4is a front elevation. Fig. 5 is a plan showing the boiler-setting ready to receive the boiler. Fig. 6 is a vertical section of the boiler and lugs O G.

The Figs. 1, 2, 3, and etare drawn on a scale one-quarter inch to one foot. The Figs. 5 and g are drawn on a scale one-half inch to one oot.

General Description.

A is ahollowsquare piece of metal, situated at the base of the fire-box a, suspended by bolts B, which pass through and lead from O O,

which are lugs fastened to the boiler-shell D. A has aflange turned upward, and O O has a flange turned downward to receive the side plates E E, which also have flanges turning inward and receiving the front plates F and rear plate G. H is a metallic connection rigidly attached to the rear end of the boiler by means of lugs I". J is a leg attached to H for supporting that end of the boiler. L is a-halfshell, supported at one end by the connection H, and at the other end by the plate G. M M are metallic bands fastened to O G for giving support to the central part of L. N is tiling, (or other suitable non-conductor,) so constructed that the sections will meet at the centers of the bolts B, forminga snug fit around the thimble 0 through which said bolts pass, as shown in Fig. 5 of my drawing. These thimbles are of sufficient length to extend from the bottom of U to the top of A, and are designed to render support to the former by resting upon the latter, and when the said bolts are properly adjusted, a substantial, rigid, and durable fire-box is obtained, as will be seen by the description already given. The tiling 1, which is situated at the rear of the furnace u, is held in its position against plate G by the ends of N, which butt up against it, and the tiling W is held against the front plate F in a similar manner, while L may be lined with common fire-brick R, as its construction is such as to form an inverted arch. S is a connection or smoke-arch of the ordinary construotion between the tubes and chimney, for the use of smoke, &c., which issues fromthe furnace at through passage v, connection H, tubes or flues Y, and so on to the chimney.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is

1. In combination, the boiler D, lugs O 0, side plates E E, and bottom A, with their flanges, tiling N, thimble O, and bolts B, substatially as and for the purpose above set forth.

2. In combination, the boiler D, lugs C O, half-shell L, bands M, and metallic connection H, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

' B. G. WOOD. Witnesses:


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