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Publication numberUS125966 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1872
Publication numberUS 125966 A, US 125966A, US-A-125966, US125966 A, US125966A
InventorsThomas Loyell
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Improvement in curtain-fixtures
US 125966 A
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I, 'rnonns LovELL, of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, State of Ohio, have invented a cer- Nature and Objects of Invention.

My invention consists of a roller, which is split or severed throughout its entire length, or nearly so, and grooved (on the periphery in the line of one of the sides of the split) for a distance more than equal to the width of the curtain; through which slit the curtain is passed, the wired upper edge fitting into the groove and being retained in place by peculiarly-constructed caps on the roller ends.- The object of my invention is to provide a better fastening device for the upper end of a curtain than tacking or other methods heretofore known, and one that will permit of the curtain being conveniently removed for washin g or repairs without injury to the fabric.

Description of the Accompanying Drawing.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a curtain and roller embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a cross-section of the same.

4 to. The rollerAis also grooved at a, asshown,

to receive the wired end or hem of the curtain.

A fixed stud, b, is secured to the roller, as shown, over which the cap 0 latches by means of the L-shapedgroove or slot 0. The wire D is passed through a hem of the curtain, and is sutficiently longer than the width of the curtain to pass under both caps, B O, by which it, and, consequently, the curtain is securely held. The curtain or shade can be removed at any time for washing or repairs by simply removing the cap 0 and taking the wire out. This device, it will be seen, provides for the speedy and convenient attachment of the curtain or shade to the roller, and if the hem for the wire is properly stitched the curtain will adjust itself to hang vertically without any chance of derangement at any time. This device also permits of the curtain being entirely unwound from the roller, and of the roller being revolved in either direction without endanger: ing the fastening, the device difi'ering in this respect from tack-fastening or'other similar methods.


In combination with the split and grooved roller A a, wire D, and fixed cap B, I claim the cap 0, constructed with slot 0 adapted to latch over the stud b of the roller, in the manner and for the purpose specified.

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my hand.



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