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Publication numberUS1260571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 26, 1918
Filing dateJul 8, 1916
Priority dateJul 8, 1916
Publication numberUS 1260571 A, US 1260571A, US-A-1260571, US1260571 A, US1260571A
InventorsCharles L Peck
Original AssigneeCharles L Peck
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Air-control device for gas-engines.
US 1260571 A
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MPL10/111011 11u-:D 111LY 8,1916.

213%@257111 l m9111611 111m. 26,1918.


the rod 20 so that the relative position of the quadrants of the plate le; may he determined by the operator in the vehicle without leaving the car and raising the coveringhood over the engine. The extended portion of the rod 20 insidelthe dashboard is slightly enlarged to provide a cup 24, having a knul-led cap 25, closing the same, so that a suitable priming fluid may be injected there` in and pass down through the rod 20, the flexible shaft 21, and into the boss 19 disposed on the top of the quadrant plate. A suitable hollow stem 26 extends .down -from the. open portion of the boss 19 through the plate and disk and into the chamber of the shell l0.` A coiled expansion spring 27, surrounding this hollow stem, is held in position by suitable Washers and a pin 28 tapped transversely through said stem. As will be` understood'7 the priming fluid after reachingP the boss 19, will pass through the top of the valve, through the hollow stem 26 and drip the manifold into the lower portion of the shell l0, 'where it will be discharged through the pipe il into dof thc motor. ln order to prevent dust, sand and small particles of foreign matter passing through the openings in the disk 11 and reaching the carburetor of the engine, thereby causing inconvenience -and necessitating adjustment, l 'prefer to place a quantity of steel or glass wool 29, or other suitable material, in the bottom of the shell l0 in order to not only strain the priming fluid that may be injected into the device, but also to iilfer the air passing I through the control valve into the manifold,

'While I have herein described and illustratedl certain instrumentalities for carrying out my idea, it, of course, will be obvious to others skilled in the art, that modiications thereof may be made without materially departing from the spirit of my invention, as, for example, the valve shell may be made o conical shape or shape like the ordinary pet-cock, or in lieu of the steel wool, a stramer gauze may be placed in a convenient position inside oi" the shell l0, and divers means may be employed to rotate the quadrant plate or the dish ll may be rotated and the quadrant plate retained in stationary position. l therefore desire it understood that all such moditications or changes are contemplated as included within the scope of my invention as set forth in the appended claims.,

What l claim isz-- l. ln combination with an internal coinvbustion engine .tor motor vehicles, an auxperforations, and a movable quadrant plate coacting with the first-mentioned plate and operable from the dash-board yof the vehicle whereby the adjustment oit said movable plate is adapted to uncover perforations in said closure plate.,

3. A combined air control valve and` primer for gasengines Lt'ormo'tor vehicles comprising a shell open at one end and provided with a discharge orifice, means supplying priming fluid to said shell from the vehicle dash-board, a perforated plate adjacent the open end of said shell, and e. rotatable plate coaching with said perforated. plate Awhereby the quantity of air entering said shellv therethrough is increased or diminished. i

tl combined air control valve and primer for gas engines for motor 'vehicles comprising a shell open at one end and provided with a dischargerit-cda duct leading from the dash-board ot the vehicle to said shell whereby priming fluid is adapted to be discharged into said stell, a plate dis posed in the open end of said shell and provided with a plurality et radiating series oi? perforations upon oppositey sides ot the axis of said plate, and a rotatable quadrant plate coactine' with. said perforated plate whereby the adjustment of said rotatable plate is adapted to uncover predetermined seriesot perforations in said closure plate.,

Signed at Chicago, county ot Coole and State ot.lllinois,-this 5th day oit July, i916.



- E., lil. Lunar, Jr.,

Win HAROLD Eisenman.,

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U.S. Classification123/585, 137/544, 55/DIG.280, 137/625.31, 251/294
Cooperative ClassificationY10S55/28, F02M21/00