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Publication numberUS1261447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1918
Filing dateFeb 14, 1917
Priority dateFeb 14, 1917
Publication numberUS 1261447 A, US 1261447A, US-A-1261447, US1261447 A, US1261447A
InventorsFrank G Shuman
Original AssigneeFrank G Shuman
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Pricing outfit.
US 1261447 A
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' 1,261,447. Patgnt'ed Apr. 2,1918.

Witnesses Inventor Attorneys PRICING OUTFIT.

Specification of Letters ratent. Patented Apr. 2, 1918'.

Application filed February 14, 1917. Serial No. 148,658.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK G. SHUMAN, a citizen of the United States, residin at Chicago, in the county of Cook and tate of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Pricing Outfit, of which the following is a specification.

By way of explanation it may be stated that customers in a store are somewhat loth to inquire as to the prices of merchandise, particularly in the case of articles which sell for a few cents. the fact that an inquiry as to price consumes time and, further, arises out of the fact that purchasers frequently desire to avoid the appearance of parsimony. The presentinvention aims to provide a novel means whereby the prices of articles may be dis- This reluctance is due to ment and shelf grip, preferably but not necessarily made of metal, and including a front plate 2 having a rectangular top 3 and prov1ded at i s lower edge with an upward y and rearwardly inclined gripping flange 4 terminating in 9. depending lip 5. The 11p 5 constitutes a means for manipulating the gripping flange 4, which is resilient, d It Wil be understood, when Fig. 2 is inspected, t at the forward edge of the shelf 1 may be bound between the top 3 and the gripping flange 4, the combined display element and shelf grip thus being held detachably on the shelf 1.

0n the forward face of the front plate 2 may be placed labels indicating the price of the merchandise to be dispensed, these labels preferably being gummed, so that they can played prominently, and to provide a novel be moistened and attached to the front plate means whereby the labels which indicate the 2. In carrying out the invention there is different prices may be held on a shelf or provided any desired number of labels, of like support. the kind designated by the reference nu- The device herein disclosed aims to premeral 6 in Fig. 4, and carrying a numeral. vent, through a prominent display of the Any desired number of labels 7 may be proprices or articles, undercharging, overchargvided, the labels 7 carrying the word for ing, knocking down, and other evils attendand a markin indicating value, such, for ant upon the conduct of a business in which instance, aS the 10 indication shown in the prices of articles are not displayed Fig. 5. The labels 6 and 7 may be placed on prominently before the purchaser. the front plate 2, as shown in Fig. 1, and so With the above and other objects in view then it will be evident to a purchaser that which will appear as the description prothree articles are sold for ten cents. ceeds, the invention resides in the combina- There may be provided a label such as intion and arrangement of parts and in the dicated in Fig. 6,the same bearing a numeral details of construction hereinafter described and a cent sign. The label 6 shown in Fig. and claimed, it being understood that 4 may be pasted on the label 8 and the label changes in the precise embodiment of the 8 may be pasted on the front plate 2 thus to invention herein disclosed canbe made withindicate, for instance, that the price of an in the scope of what is claimed, without dearticle is thirty-four cents. parting from the spirit of the invention. In Fig. 7 there is shown a label 9 having a in the accompanying drawings zero mark 10, a cent sign 11 and a blank 12 Figure 1 shows a device constructed in below the cent sign 11. In Fig. 8 there apaccordance with the present invention, appears a label 1.4 marked Doz. The label plied to the forward edge of a shelf; 14: may be pasted onto the label 9 in the Fig. 2 isa section taken on the line 2-2 blank space 12, and such a label as the label of Fig. l; 6 may be pasted on the label 9 in advance Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of the combined of the zero mark 10, thus indicating, for indisplay element and shelf grip shown in stance, that certain articles are sold at the place in Fig. 1; and rate of thirty-four cents a dozen.

Figs. 4:, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are lan views show- The labels above described are illustrative ing different kinds of labe s which may be of the many kinds of labels which can be used in connection with the display element used in connection with the combined disand shelf grip. play element and shelf grip shown in place In the accompanying drawings, the nuin Figs. 1 and 2. meral 1 denotes a support, such as a shelf. Having thus described the invention, what With the forward edge of the shelf 1 is deis claimed is tachably assembled a combined display ele- A combined tagcarrier and shelfgrip consisting solely of a rectangular strip having a common Width from end to end, and including, in a one-piece four-edged structure, a flat front plate of sufiicient width to receive a label, a flat imperforate top connected with the upper edge of the front late and disposed at right angles to the iront plate, a flat imperfiorate gripping flange eonnected with the lower edge of the front 10 plate and extended upwardly at an acute meme? in the presence of two witnesses.




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U.S. Classification40/658
Cooperative ClassificationG09F1/10