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Publication numberUS1261637 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1918
Filing dateSep 21, 1917
Publication numberUS 1261637 A, US 1261637A, US-A-1261637, US1261637 A, US1261637A
InventorsCharles Sonneborn
Original AssigneeCharles Sonneborn
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US 1261637 A
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Patented Apr. 2, 1918.


INVENTOR WITN ESSES citizen 0? the We, iiub urgh, in {he eimuly .4 renee rile of lr-uusylJunie, have invented l ulful .lflllli ll'fiE'Qllilfiilth in Bu ()1 which the 'l'eilewiug is rm- .uied ie 601% prevuile :1.

era er e er min liquids, and has in view ensiuy' jl m' "ueh um ilzWiii r in er as er eireu:

(Lolita u heed mi; in r ihe We l (if. lhe

Mei l or reiuiihi 1 whereby tie Pz'iiv'lull a of s-mueuuet eleeely contiguous ii mil "er-Liens w e1 Miler-veiling eh.

i iCBS.

' previously -54, sheet wngem ilthe ere -is seeiieuul ilfmhi ili ion and arrangement ell ifllL. 2min i me) be of various; rm 11 eblcu'ig', ovul, cireuler, etc., and 1 de net i l-G limit my invention to my pariieueir in cro reei'ien, but have illusilubalted u ilil'S menial. eireulm:

erriug he the drewi F1; ire 1 is a -new 01 the complete vessel elevation partly in section indicated by the line I, 1, 01'' Fig. 2.

F fl is a half plan View 011 the vessel Willi,-

welded rogethcr in eoninueus :l'ernmtioe and prior to ZlLljUSl HlOYIt to the cross se liemil contour of the complete vessel.

.l ig. (3 is a similar View SllOWllig a mom-- lied eenstruefu'iou ef the inner poi-lieu ei (5111113 to the driiu'iiim, Elie enti e side i pertioe of the veq l or dieing is co upeeed Slmjllfll units 10' and user (iel series of sub. i izzlly a, which, Whezi wel ed bled as in the (JOI'IS'L'i'HtJllUU ehuwh, p 'evide to provide the laterally walls 5, each teriuihzm jug; er 3 2 and lmviug (MlgUS 3 ere ell-eel; from. the main sides 2 us in ieeled at 5, whereby Le provide, when the sections; are Welded together, lhe ll'li1(,!..'0!1i])g liquid-senbuiuiug or circulating spaces Al; each end the unit 0, terminates in 2L let elwiglit porlvilfm 7 whicl'i is ad, d, when l in ts sire finally u'mneelze with; terminal annular rims by 2* the cum-- plefe side ill elf the vessel joined :0 the lleugge S 01 a bottom 9, by the weldi" ess. .liottem 9 prelferzilqly slepue #1 center and previd d with dr; u e mnee- Lion 19, we "w'll he reei'lii unde med,

1h Lhe cousin etion of the radiating ("1siug; ,erding to my invention, .uiteUle inc-Lu blanks are pressed to form the i a above described, A plurality of the units a are then, plug-ed side by side with h.

term nal. edges 3 extending outwardly and. 'Yn'lll abut each iii aliuemehl so that l-ilfiy other, and are then secured together by Welding, thus :leriuiug the uuile inte a unitary structure having rzulial'iugg; IDQHIbBlS Z.

"When a, sullieient number of the unis a have been thus joined, the resultant, c01u3in- Tl .-l:.=.i1 or at wright terininul pqrtieus '5 are mus -formed lute continuous flan pevel'ai lerminui edges 3 1 A mail" for a radiali'ng casing compossfi m3 9. piece sf sh e'i; meta]. and com "a back inf; mi side walls ha?- ofii set from said side azarallel i plane 01 ine right 2 s zmied. in place.

be undarstmd 95m that a, 1512':- y the vessel cf any .ction may be secured ta @Lq 4.

Sidfiportiu orwns terminal 511 61 the sides 0f said end;

1 3211 flange of teamir Y, simfi. m "t 1s 179:1..- on. the same plane. EM ,ttam and casmg compob d a mammal of attaching the b my construction best ad h the vessel is designed.

' veniziun is the "-vng series Walls,

mi the sides he game p mmpz mm edges sick Walls. 1; .sald slde 2111s,. 01 int and p01 metal, thelreby Teflucing ihe cast 0f 1 S 'l terminal edges and the Skies of .ctn're to a minimum. The prsfembis ead portisns being (an. the same, plane, of welding 15; units having their "terminal edges .edvtogeth :1 and being bent to form said casing, and a bottom the Sidfi W is ssacnrsd lib-Dew.

tog i143 03m niinmus side 53;; s: 10*. aasmg having a plumhily pm ectmg :rmdmtmg members a baitem msm'tad. wlthm s2. 6. :nci xv -wed flrrem,

A .15, said smd 2110. pa 4;; said aunts 11-? 30 form 0 11- tinuous s1 walis of s casing pz'o'vicii'ng a phmfiitynf hQHQW radiatiu nmmbe theirs "'1 and? having 'g'es at each and; and a bottom (s fanges. fin rasinp; comp-a ed '03? unitfi, each 4' Wakiec'i w mid 11mins ccmpmb all, side Walks. and? iermiz m}. fa-vm said side (K/{Q15}, saic i'mvmg edges weidefii tagethe'r and b bent L 1 m the continuous sid Walls mid casing, and :1 bectmn secured Emmet-0. n tergivimony Ihereunfiqa.

nectmn M 1 1 U211 @L'BNN EUQLE portwns.

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