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Publication numberUS1262447 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1918
Filing dateMay 29, 1917
Priority dateMay 29, 1917
Publication numberUS 1262447 A, US 1262447A, US-A-1262447, US1262447 A, US1262447A
InventorsGeorge S Carr
Original AssigneeGeorge S Carr
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Collar device for dogs and other animals.
US 1262447 A
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Specication of Letters Patent.

' application slee nay as, lei?. serial no. wires?.

.ToaZZ whom it' may concert/t:

Be it known that I, GEORGE S. CARR, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Boston, county of Suffolk, Commonwealth of Massachussets, have invented an linprovernent in Collar Devices for Dogs and other Animals, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like characters on the drawings representing like parts in each of the several views.

This invention relates to devices for use with collars and harness of dogs or other animals to couple the ends thereof together. One important object o'f the invention is to provide a coupling device of this character for dog collars and the like capable of being quickly and easily attached without the use of any separate buckles, padlocks or like instrumentalities. A further object is to provide an improved couplin device of the character stated having associated therewith provision for holding a name or license plate removably and reversibly, and in a manner so that said plate is locked vin place automatically when theV coupling is locked, and only released for removal upon opening the coupling. A. still further object is to l provide a coupling device having associated therewith a reservoir for holding gerniicide or disinfectant in a manner so that the contents thereof are given out gradually as required for. use; such reservoir being also locked automatically in place when the coupling is locked and removable only upon opening the coupling. ln accordance with a further feature of my improved construction the coupling device is so constituted that it will not stay closed or in operative position at all unless it is securely locked for holding the collar in place 4and the associated elements assembled therewith. The foregoing and other` objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following detailed description, and the distinctive features of novelty will he pointed out in the appended claims.

Referring to the drawings:l

Figure 1 is an enlarged lan view showing a coupling 'constructe in accordance with my invention;

' Fig. 2 is a transverse section on line 2--2 ofllig. 1' Fig. 3 is a lengthwise section on line ila-3 of Fig. 1;'

-lfig 'a is a plan view of the device apprommately actual sir/ie; v

Fig. 5 is a plan view similar to Fig. t but illustrating the capability of the reversal of the name or license plate; and

Fig. 6 is an end view of the germicide reservoir with its attaching clip removed.

rfhe housing or frame work of the device is indicated at 10 rectangular in outline, and preferably inade of a one-piece stamping, the loottor'n of this housing being curved as shown at 11 in general conformity with the curve ofthe collar in use. This housing has pivoted thereto at its upper rear corner as by means of a pintle 12 a cover 13, the pintle i2 as shown having mounted thereon a coil spring 14, the ends of which react against said cover tending to cause the cover to swing open when released from its lock as later described. llhe cover 13 has fixed centrally thereto a stud 15, this stud being shown as a separate element riveted to the cover, though this is merely illustrative. As shown also the stud 15 is formed with a flange 16 adapted to clamp between it and the cover a stout leaf spring 17, the opposite ends of which are formed with eyes 18 adapted to press against and hold together in assembled relation the two ends C, C of the collar. lt will be noted vthat the leaf spring 17 thus pressing against the collar ends will of itself tend to throw the cover open, and hence the separate coil spring 14 may loe dispensed withl if desired and the leaf spring 17 only used, or on the other hand the leaf spring 17 may be dispensed with and the spring 14: only used. The ends C, C of the collar entend through openings 19 at the ends of the housing, these openings being provided by cuttinglf away the end bars 2O of the housing suniciently to afford clearance for these collar ends. rlhe housing 10 has fined at the rear thereof a block 21 equipped with a leash ring 22 and it has removably tted at the front thereof a reservoir 23 adapted to contain gerniicide or disinfectant either in liquid or powdered form., This reservoir is shown as cylindri' cal in section with a filling opening closed by a screw cap 2li and with a number of small holes 25 for delivering the gerrnicide, these holes being as shown equipped with small wicks for use when gerniieide in liquid forni is used. The reservoir 23 is carried by a clip 26 bent to slip over and embrace the front wall of the housing and havin-g1," also an inwardly projecting portion 27 en tendine,I over the bottom et the housing, The front wall of the housing is 'termed with a ledge 28 at the lengthwise center of its top to be engaged by a movable loch tongue 29 carriedby the cover, an intern mediate portion of the reservoir holding clip 26 being cut away as seen at 3() to permit this locking ledge to project therethrough. The locking tongue 29 is formed on a loclr head 3l held to slide in the cover and yieldingly pressed :forward by a spring 32 mounted on the cover. 'lhe lock head 3l is formed with a key receiving opening 33 eccentric with reference to a key opening 34: through the cover so that upon theinsertion of a suitable key through said opening, the lool:- i'ng tongue 29 may he withdrawn and t e cover` swung hack.

' ln accordance with one important feature of my invention the cover i3 is equipped with flange clips at its ends adapted to receive and hold a naine or license plat-e 55, These clips permit such license plate to he slid yin from the iront when the cover is opened, but the inner ends thereoi3 are bent down as seen at 36, to prevent such plate from being slipped out :trom the inner side of the cover. llhese plates 35 beingI iiat are reversible so that they may be slipped intothe holding,l clips 37 with either side ther-soif exposed, thus permitting the use oi? a plate with the proper license number on lboth sides, and the permanent residence address of the owner on one side, while a summer address or other temporary address may be Carried on the other side of such plate. 'lhns as seen in Fig. l the plate 35 is turned so l that the permanent address oit the owner is exposed, while in liv. 5 its reverse side shows the summer address of the owner,l Forv coperation with the stud l5 of cover the bottom of the housing is formed i with a short stud collar 38 into which said stud is adapted to it, the extension 2'? of the reservoir holding clip having a hole 39 to permit said collar to extend therethrough. ln accordance with a further feature of the 3 invention, the locking, down of the cover loy the engagement of the locking` tongue 29 under the ledge 28, not only holds the two ends of the collar secure in the coupling device but it also locks the reservoir from dis- 5 placement, and also locks the license or name plate against possibility of displacement. rlhis results from the fact that when the parts are assembled as described the extension 27 oi the reservoir liolclirngg,1 clip is held underneath the collar ends and with the stud 38 projecting therethrough so that the reser v oir cannot be displaced, and at the same time the plate 35 is held against sliding ont of the clips 37 by the top oi the liront wall of the housing and the clip 26 tted there over. 'lhe ce nea-i' en e donned ed ample nnd stnd eol he provided with further holes spaced apart so that the collar he taken up as required for dogs ot diilerent sizes, lt is to he observed that in my improved device no hnclrles, padloclrs or other iilfe expediente required, and that e le deviceie secnrely held assembled .merely by the engagement of the locking` tongue 29 ander the oge this holding not only the collar piace hut also locking; the name plate removal, and the Ligerinicide reservoir against removal or displacement9 the ont the coupling on the other l l er manipulation perinilttine,` the n o 'to 'he removed and reversed ii also permitting the gernicide reseirven te he taken oi? 'for replenishment er when not needral,I lt is also to he observed that in. the present device there is no strain whatever on the loot: itself, all pulling strains sach transmi tied from the leash being; ltoy the relatively stent stfo is also to lbe noted tha not stay closed nel/ese ger ort using the devies .i Way so that the naine plate miglio ,lost ,a avoided, Since the present coaiplingv7 device een he instantly removed t ni eoilarand eapahle oit use with erent re, will he "enden stood that is teasihie to enf." ley single coupling1 device a plurality oi collars, such as one fervore nse another for dress occasion gewiss e device permits ready adinstnient of the eollar and equally opiiclr and convenient ieg, acenient oi? naine plates, co' device e n readily 'he em dif-Sew ent 'dogs on f A ions, eac" having his own collar, to ne noted since with coupling the license plate locitm devi di as the leash il, combined f unit, there is more space ov! d er ornamental nse on. the collar previous styles, permitting a oo il' f 1 rotv oi b studs, 'evvele tion. o he t device is t always in plain on top the dogs neck whe in leash, and .y germicide reservoir is thus positioned deliver its contents as required to advantage, il am aware that 'the invention may be embodied in other speeitic forms without departing the sp it er essential attri butes thereot and 'gore desire the present embodiment to eoiisidered in 'respects as illustrative and not restrictive, reference being had tile ended elairns rather than to the i'oregoi eseription to indicate the scope ey tee v tien.

Having new described L y invention, what

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