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Publication numberUS1262666 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1918
Filing dateMar 1, 1916
Priority dateMar 1, 1916
Publication numberUS 1262666 A, US 1262666A, US-A-1262666, US1262666 A, US1262666A
InventorsJohn O Heinze
Original AssigneeJohn O Heinze Company
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Starting device for internal-combustion engines.
US 1262666 A
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1,262,666, Patented A 16, 1918.




Patented Apr. 16, 1918.

Application med March 1, rate. erial etc. 81,897.

Specification of Letters Patent.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that T, JOHN O. HEINZE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Springfield, in the county of Clark and ta n the pinion and gear in mesh, a stop 18 being provided to limit the swinging movement of the bracket; this stop being connected with any suitable part of the mecha- State of Ohio, have invented certain new nism, such as the housing of the motor 4. and useful Improvements in Starting De- So soon as the engine starts and the circuit vices for Internal-Combustion Engines, of is broken the gear 3 becomes the driving elewhich the following is a specification. ment and the tendency is then to throw the This invention relates to improvements in pinion out of mesh therewith by swinging to starting devices for internal combustion enthe end of the bracket upwardly to the posigines, and it more particularly relates to the tion shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, this acmeans for connecting and disconnecting the tion being assisted by a spring 19 connected starting motor with the crank shaft of the to the pinion end of the bracket and also to engine. some suitable stationary point 20. 15 The object of the invention is to simplify While in the present case the gear 3 is we the construction and make more effective shown as forming a part of the fly wheel,

" the operation of devices of this character. yet in some installations this gear would be In the accompanying drawings 1- connected to the forward end of the crank Figure 1 is an end view of a portion of an shaft or to some other convenient point 20 internal combustion engine, such for inwhere it could have a driving connection to stance as the fly wheel thereof and the startthe crank shaft. ing motor thereof showing my improve- Having thus described my invention, I ments applied thereto. claim:

Fig. 2 is a section on the line 22 of 1. Tn an apparatus of the character de- 25 Figscribed, the combination, with the crank The improvements are particularly inshaft of an internal combustion engine, of a tended for the starting system of a motor gear operatively connected therewith, an vehicle and in the drawings, 1 represents a electric motor, a gear arranged to be driven crank shaft of an internal combustion enthereby, a pinion arranged to tilt about the 30 gine and 2 the fly wheel thereof having axis of said motor gear and in operative rethereon gear teeth 3 to which the power for lation therewith, together with means for starting the engine is applied from an electhrowing said pinion in mesh with said entric motor 4 in the following manner: The gine gear, a stop for said pinion, the direcshaft 5 of the motor has fixed thereto a gear tion of rotation of said pinion being such as 85 6 which is in mesh with and drives a gear 7, to tend to hold it in mesh with said engine so the gear 7 having integrally connected theregear and against said stop. with a pinion 7, the gear and pinion being 2. Tn an apparatus of the character deconnected with a shaft 8 journaled in a scribed, the combination, with the crank frame or bracket 9 which is loosely mounted shaft of an internal combustion engine, of a 0 upon the motor shaft 5- and has one end gear operatively connected therewith, an electhereof pivotally connected to the core of a trio motor and its shaft,a gear on said shaft solenoid 10 by a link 11. The solenoid and revolubly connected therewith, a support motor are in circuit with a battery 12 pivoted on said shaft, a pinion supported in through wires 13, 14, 15 and-16, a switch 17 said support having an operative connection 45 being provided to control the circuit. The with said motor gear, means for tilting said operation is as follows: support to throw said pinion in mesh with When the switch 17 is closed the energizasaid engine gear, a stop for said support, the tion of the solenoid tilts the frame 9 to the direction of rotation of said pinion being position shown in Fig. 1 so as to throw the such as to tend to cause it to travel about 50 pinion 7 in mesh with the gear 3, this operasaid engine gear until arrested by said stop.

tion taking place before or simultaneously 3. In an apparatus of the character dewith the starting of'the motor 4. The gears scribed, the combination with a crank shaft rotate in the direction indicated by the arof an internal combustion engine, of a gear rows in Fig. 1 so that when the pinion 7' operatively connected therewith, an electric 565 is driving the gear 3, the efi'ect i t ;.mainmotor and. its shaft, and a pinion tiltable 10 malntain it in mesh with said gear by the driving action thereof and when said gear is the driving element the tendency is to throw said pinion out of mesh therewith by the driving action of said gear.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunt set i my hand this 10th day of February, 1916.


Witness CHAS. I. WELOH.

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U.S. Classification290/38.00R, 290/48, 244/53.00A, 310/75.00R, 74/8
Cooperative ClassificationF02N11/08