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Publication numberUS1263595 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1918
Filing dateMay 24, 1917
Priority dateMay 24, 1917
Publication numberUS 1263595 A, US 1263595A, US-A-1263595, US1263595 A, US1263595A
InventorsAndrew O Nordstrom, Albin Wahlstrand
Original AssigneeAndrew O Nordstrom, Albin Wahlstrand
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US 1263595 A
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' mem@ Apr. 23,1918

HO. NORDSTROM mw Px. YYFWIITRHND nivnnnw o.i\ionns'rnoilrai\innnnrn WAI-Insrnnivngor wimmelt,vivriiaili-*esonni.J`

,inea-5%... iff

appertains tomakeand use the sam-;"

,Y Thepresentinventionr relates to'a dev eJn for conveying fresh aifrfroin the outsidefof'` a building to asleeper" withoutthefneeessity i of raising vthe"window,` thereby enabling'the* Y i sleeper to derive allof the benefits"ofatconr` stant supplyof fresh air and'ffstill Ahave the comforts f of alwarmroorn.

Further objects of the inventiony are` to 20 provide a device of this character'which is simple and inexpensive in "its l"",constrnbtion, which can be-quickly placed-in" position and n worn without discomfort, which willconvey 'A an Aample supply of fresh! air" from" the "outjf 25, side of a building to a sleeper within`i"th`e""" "same, and `which can be adjusted for use by Vdifferent persons. H

`With these and other` objects in view, the

` invention consists in certain novel combinaa0 tions and arrangements of the parts as will g more fully appear as the description prof ceeds, the novel features thereof being pointed out in the ap ended claims. For a full un erstanding ofthe invention, t5 reference is to be had to the following description and Figure 1 is a perspective view of a sleepn ing hood constructed Vinaccordance with the te invention, lshowing ythemanner of using the same. n .f

vF ig. 2 is a' vertical longitudinal sectional view through the shell of the hood.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary`` sectional view t5v through the fresh air inlet valve casing.

- Fig. l is a transverse sectional view through a windowsashfshovving the manner of applying the outer end of the .flexible air Vtube thereto.

l Corresponding and like parts arelreferred to'in the following description and indi` cated in all the views of thedrawings by the saine reference characters. s 1

4Referring to the drawings, which illuslq tratevone.embodimentofgthe invention, Be it known that we, fANnR'Ew* O; 1Noni)- sTnoM "andffAeLBiN "WAnnsTnA`ND, l citizensf `off` the United f States,"res`icli1ig at ,Willman in -5 `the county of; ,Kandiyohhf State of frMinne@- -`sota haveinventedanewfand `L'isef-ul"SleepfA ingllood; and we f do hereby fdeclarethef lfollowingv to be a full, clear,jand enactdel scription` of the invention,` such 1 will jen! lo yable others slrilledlfin the art tolfwhich e vclosed,byaplate 2 which is removably held respectivevalve chambers landg. i Suits-tb n u check valves 6 and 7 are farranged'avithin I the respective valve chambers 14 and 251 accompanying drawing, n inv the.

numeral l designates a hollow shell` orf guard f end` of vthe nose `gua-rd isflanged at le, and-is in'`positi`oii` byjsuitablefmeans such asntheY screws 3; Thisl plate 11's arranged "directly oppositethe nostrilswhenfthe'nose guard is? t5 in?! operative position, 4and provided" withfa` pair `of openings =communicatingf-with t controlthe" inflow *of fresh air throng e flexibleftnbe 8 andthe dischargeof` V'O'ulE 'rinse Queen-valves. e` @navale enfrentan f i` 'tolbefverydelicate i'ntheir actio'naso'as tof r oflf'erl practicallyjno resistanceE tol the infleyv 75,

and outflow *of i the air, andv are f shown as in the @form of flap `valves which' are n or- Nmaiiy tenia @10aa position ty are annate springs 6a and 7*1, respectively, the valve 6 opening inwardly, while the valve 7 `opens 80 foutwardly.'

A suitable head strap 9 may be provided n forv holding the shell l in position over the nose, and a channel shaped binding V10 is applied to the` inner edge ofthe shell land plate 2, said bindingstrip carrying a soft .-packinginember such as the rubber tube l()a which'engages the face andv enables the de-` vice to be worn without discomfort. The

'edges' ofthe' shell l will have to becnt and 90C `shaped to conform to the face of the pari ticular person whois to use the device,` and. after theedges have been properly Cut and shaped the binding strip 10 canbe applied thereto. The plate 2 is adapted to be used 95 interchangeably in connection with any one of a number of shells l, so that the device can be used by any person in a family or household by merely applying the plate 2 to a shell or nose guard 1 which has been prop- 100 erly adjusted and fitted for the particular person.

n The innerend of the flexible fresh airpipe 8 maybe secured by a coupling 1l to the outer endof the valve casing t, while the outer end thereof terminates in a sleeve 12 which is adapted to be inserted within a bushing V13 arranged within an opening in a 't window l,sash lets-aid sleevebeing preferably v providedwith lugs-16 arranged tointerlock with bayonet Vslots 17 in the V'bushingf" Af' plate. 18 which is, hingedly connected at'19 to the-.windowuisash .14:ris.swungzioverfthe opening in the window sash to'close the saine thesleeper inheles or draws in breath; the valve willV opennnd vthe valve-,7{ close, therebyallsing the air to .be drawn throughy `thefresh airspipe 8, Whilef :when the/:breath, 1k is. eghajleli the valve .6 Iwillige closed and'. the f valve Zgopened, 1, thereby causing; the `V`vit'eted e air .toloedischarged throughthe openend of r 'the- Yvalve casing 57.

any @additional padding; v in Vpositionf which may lbe e .y und-necessary when tiene]lyfti-ttingjl .-fgthfebshell Atothe fece ofthe wearer., Y e

Y :Havingthusfdescribejd the inventionezwhnt I i -Withyhis-qdevice,the.sleeper? snpf plied with fresh air from :the outside of thev Y building; although the lwindowwill be. lclosed fvsoffthztt he' will not be `subjectedv oo ftlielfdief4 we claini as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is v Yl. A device Vof the character described including a. hollow nose receiving shell having the edges,- thereo'ffcut to, correspond to, the contour of the face, seid shell being provided vwith fvzllved inlet and outlet openings, :i Ydouble channel shaped binding strip, one oi the channels of the binding strip engaging y.the edgeoftheshell, and :i soft packing strip arranged in the other channel of the binding strip vfor engagement Awith the falce.

2; yA device :of the character described including :t hollow. nose receiving shall lnwing theV edges' thereof cut to correspond to the contour of the face,` :i binding strip applied tothe seid edges ot' the shell und lformed with at channeled edge portion having perfo-` rationsinthesides thereof, and n soft packingstripv fitted in the channeled portion of thebinding strip, the before mentioned per forations'ennbling additional packing to be stitched in position when, such is necessary tol itthelcontour ofany particular face.

VIn testimonywhereoil we lmve-signedour v 5 naines tothisspeciicntion in thepresence oi .lf2-desired, perforetions 22:1nay beornied in,theedgesl ofthevbinding strip yl0,-snid per- -v Y kfQlV-@jknsi providing ,a means A'for stitching' V .Yao

Y two subscribing ,witnesses nLBIN, WAHDsrR-AND; :Witnesses l Y.


. iney` belobteined ve'cents each, by addressing, the lfiomvmissioner ofllatents,


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