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Publication numberUS1263751 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1918
Filing dateJun 9, 1917
Priority dateJun 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1263751 A, US 1263751A, US-A-1263751, US1263751 A, US1263751A
InventorsPort B Elkins
Original AssigneePort B Elkins
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Dispensing system.
US 1263751 A
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Pmmtfid Apr. 23 1918.

, invented an Improvement" in Dispensing.

st r l 111:


msrmisrrre svsrniu.


' Systems, of which the following description,' in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specificatiomlike characters on the drawing representing like parts.

, This invention relates to liquid dispensing systems, the particular embodiment which I have chosen for purposes of illustration beingasystem for dispensing fuel oil to automobilists and other consumer's. The purpose of my invention is not only to provide a system whereby accurately measured quantities of liquid can easily be delivered to users, but one in which the operation will be so clearly understood by the user that he will have a. feeling ofconfidence which will have a beneficial effect upon the good-will in trade of the dealer who sells him the li uid.

y. invention will be best understood by the following description of an illustrative embodiment taken inconnection with, the accompanying drawings wherein: Figure l is a schematic view showing in side elevation the elements of a system embodying my invention and representing it as delivering fuel oil to a motor vehicle.

Fig. 2 is an elevation on an enlarged scale of a container which forms a part of the system shown in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the gage glass on the container of Fig. Referring to Fig. -l, I have there shown my system as it would appear installed at a roadside garage and delivering gasolene to a motor vehicle 5.. c y In that figure I have shown a main sup ply tank 7 in which gasolene may be kept under air pressure. This tank is of large size and may be placed under ground as is usually required bylaw. Connected to the main supply tank by. pipes 9 and a flexible connecting hose 11 I show a smaller auxihary tank 13.. A valve 15 is provided which permits the auxiliary tank 13 to be filled from the main tank 7, ordinarily by the pressure which is kept on the contents of the latter.

Discharge means for the tank 13 is pro vided, herein shown as consisting of a delivery hose-lfi which may have any usual Specification of Letters Patent.

or desirable form of nozzle and through Patented Apr. 23, aura.

Application filed Junel), 1917. Serial No. 173,745.

which the oil may be discharged from the tank through avalve 17. The tank 13 is preferably placed as shown in such a position that the contents may be discharged by gravity to the fuel tank of the motor vehicle 5. When the system is not being used the end of the delivery hose may be suspended in a position above the tank as on a hook 19 thus stopping the delivery of liquid.

Preferably the tank 13 is atraveling tank which may be moved about to bring itinto close proximity to the point of discharge. Herein I have shown the tank as suspended from a trolley 21 running on an overhead track which, in the present instance, is formed on a swinging bracket 23. The flexible nature of the connection 1L permits the tank to be run in and out along the bracket and by so moving it and by swinging the bracket'23 the tank can be brought to any desirable position within a wide range.

Associated with indicating means which will give exteriorly of the tank a visual indication of the amount of the contents and so afford a verification of the dispensing operation. This indicating means may take any suitable form but herein I have shown an ordinary gage glass 25. Associated with the gage glass is a scale 27 which in the present embodiment of the invention is marked upon the tank beyond the glass and which denotes units of volume. chosen for purposes of illustration is a six gallon tank. This is a convenient size as roadside purchases of gasolene are ;;irequently made in units of five gallons so that a single filling of the tank will amply provide for a purchase of this amount.

Referring to Fig. 1, it will as the purchaser sits in his vehicle 5 the tank 13 is brought directly to him and the indicating device such as the gage glass 27 is directly presented to his attention. Consequently without any trouble on his part he obtains a visual verification of the accu the tank 13 are suitable As seen in Fig. 2 the tank be seen that of a pump which represents, with an accuracy which ;heis unable to determine, a.

givenvolume of fuel. The provision of a subsidiary container 13 permits the oil 5 which is being sold to be brought directly to the side of the motor vehicle, which is not only a convenience in dispensing it, but also brings the measuring indicator directly to the attention of the purchaser. Furthermore the tank 13 is of suchsize that the ordinary purchaser can estimate its contents in a general way and he is more confident that the indicated measurement corresponds to actual fact than he would be if the portion is of liquid dealt to him were a small percentage of some large volume. The use of the apparatus will therefore impress upon the purchaser a confidence in the dealer which will be much to the latters advantage. Furthermore the operation of the device being readily seen and easily understood will appeal to an individuals natural desire to Watch the working of a mechanism which fact will not be without advantage in re-] taining that individuals trade.

' If the indicating device used is a gage glass, as here illustrated, I may, as shown in F 1g. 3, make it of suchsize that it will accommodate a hydrometer 29 so that the.

30 purchaser of fuel oil will not only be shown by the gage glass the quantity which he is getting but will have an indlcation of the quality thereof through the specific gravity indicated by the hydrometer.

Having thus. described the embodiment of my invention chosen for purposes of illustration and indicated some of the advantages thereof, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A dispensing system comprising a main supply container, a relatively small container mounted to permit facile movement thereof from place to place, a conduit between the containers, valve meansfor the conduit, dispensing means associated with said small container, and an indicating device associated with said' small container arranged to give exterior-1y thereof an indication of the amount of its contents.

A dispensing system as defined in claim 1 wherein the small container is carried by an overhead trolley.

3. A dispensing system as defined in claim 1 wherein the small container is carried by an overhead trolley movable on a swinging horizontal track. I

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name' to this specification.


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