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Publication numberUS1264718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1918
Filing dateOct 10, 1917
Priority dateOct 10, 1917
Publication numberUS 1264718 A, US 1264718A, US-A-1264718, US1264718 A, US1264718A
InventorsCharles Wirtz Wagner
Original AssigneeCharles Wirtz Wagner
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US 1264718 A
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` Patented Apr. 30, 1918.

i in eran fart c.



' inseam;

To all 'whom il may concern:v

' Be it known that I, CHARLES W. WAGNER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New York city, borough of Manhattan, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Liquid-Faucet,of which thefollowingis a full, clear, :and exact description.

Among the primcipal objects which the present invention has in view are, to provide a faucet which may be readily repaired Vor the wearing members of which may be easily replaced; to minimize the space occupied-by the faucet; and to cheapen the cost of construction.

Y Drawings.

Figure 1 is a vertical section of a faucet i taken as on the line 2--2 in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section of a fauceteonstructed and arranged in accordance with a inodified form of the invention, the section being taken as on the line '3 3 in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4. is a cross section showing the modified form of the invention, the section bein taken as on the line lf-4 in Fig. 3.


As seen in the drawings, the faucet spout 9 is provided with a threaded head 10, the face llwhereof'is level to form a valve seat for a cushion 12. The cushion 12 above mentioned is rigidly attached by any suitable form of fastening such as the screw 13, to a bridge 14;. The bridge 14 is supported by va screw-threaded tube. In the side of the tube 15 are formed openings 16. The cushion 12 may be constructed of any suitable material, that most generally used being a leather pad or washer.

rlhe nozzle 17 has a delivery passage 18 and an enlarged body chamber, the interior whereof is provided with an internal thread 19. The thread 19 corresponds with the y thread with` which the head 10 is furnished.

For manipulating the nozzle 17, it is provided with handles 20 or other similar dev vices, permitting one to grasp the nozzle to Specication of Letters Patent.

` reinem-.ea am. so, reis.

1 Application mea october 1o, 1917. seriaino. 195,836.

pressed firmly against the seatrll. The pres-V sure applied is against the pressure of the water 1n the faucet 9 and thelmain water Vsupplywith which the said nozzle is conor parts connected therewith be broken, the nozzle may be easily and readily removed from the head 10 to permit the repair 0r replacement ofthe said ad or parts.

To prevent the nozzlle 17 being retracted or removed accidentally from the head 10, a stop screw 21 is provided. rlhe screw 21 is threaded in a lug 22 extending from the obvious that should the pad 12 become worn I barrel of the nozzle 17 As shown best in v Fig. 3,. the head 10 is shaped to form an abutment shoulder 23 at the upper Vand inner sidethereof, which the screw 21 engages if the nozzle 17 is retracted sufficiently.` lt will be understood that when the screw 21 engages the shoulder 23, a further retraction of the nozzle is prevented. Y

In the modified form shown in Figs. 3 and 4, a spider disk 24C is provided, the extending arms whereof have a segment of screw thread cut therein. The thread in the arms of the spider engages the thread 19 in the nozzle 17. ln this form of the invention, the pad 12 is secured directly to the solid center 25 of the spider 24.

rlhe modified form of the invention is found desirable when the body of the nozzle is elongated to permit variable extension of theV nozzle and of the working length of the nozzle. lt is obvious that the spider 211 may be inserted in the barrel of the nozzle 17 and arrested at any point within the threaded body thereof. Y

To avoid leakage of water between the barrel of the nozzle 17 and the head 10, a packing ring 26 is provided, the ring 26 being laid in a, circular groove formed in the head 10. 'The ring 26 is constructed of any suitable and preferably soft material `so that the thread of the nozzle 17 readily compresses the ring and seals the joint between the head and nozzle.

i Claims.

`1. A faucet as characterized comprising an externally-threaded head having a de1ivico Y ery channel therethroughand provided With a' flat valve seat extending throughout in a plane perpendicular to theaxis of said channel at the delivery end thereof; a n ozzle having a delivery passage and-an internally-threaded: bodyV portion, the threads whereof register With the threads on said i head; a bridge removably mounted in Xed y relation to said nozzle toy provide openings thereunder Vcommunicating with said deliverypassageand the chamber of said body portion; a yielding cushion mounted on said f' bridge to rest on said seat; means for holdingsaid'cushion on said bridge; and a packing ring permanently mounted on said head in the threaded portion thereof, said ring l 'being adapted for compression yby the thread Copies of this patent may be obtained for of the body portion of said nozzle for sealing the joint between said body portion and said head'.

2. A- faucet of the character described comprising an externally threaded head having a delivery channel and provided With ;t'ion' of said nozzle for sealingthe' joint between said body portion and head.


five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of ZPatents,

Washington, D. C.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16K31/58