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Publication numberUS1266024 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1918
Filing dateAug 29, 1917
Priority dateAug 29, 1917
Publication numberUS 1266024 A, US 1266024A, US-A-1266024, US1266024 A, US1266024A
InventorsLawrence F Kennedy
Original AssigneeLawrence F Kennedy
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US 1266024 A
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APPucATmN flLED ocT.1o,1s14y. aENEwED Aue. 29. 1917.

l ,266,024. Patented May 14, 1918.


r-u'l 715/7765566.- /370677 for.'



Specication of Letters Patent.

lEBatented May 14, 1918.

Application filed October 10, 1914, Serial No. 866,067. Renewed August 29, 1917. Serial No. 188,872.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, LAWRENCE F. Kniv- NEDY, a citizen of the United States, resid- VYing at St. Paul, in the county V fRan1sey and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gun- Stocks, of which the following is a specication.`

My invention relates to gun-stocks and has for its object to provide a gun havin a telescopic sight and a resilient recoil pa with means' permitting the housing of said telescopic sight within the gun-stock when not in use.

For high-powered riiies such as are used by armies and for other purposes both a telescopic sight and a recoil pad are requisite, the former to enable the shooter to see the target at a great distance so as to properly direct4 the fire of the gun; the other to receive the impact of the severe recoil which accompanies the shooting of such a highpowered rifle to protect the shoulder from serious injury. It is impractical and unsatisfactory to have the telescopic sight continually mounted upon the rifle, both because of the inconvenience entailed and because of the liability of injuring the telescope and rendering the same ineiiective. Also, recoil pads as heretofore employed have completely sealed the butt end of the gun-stock making it impossible to house the telescope within the butt of the gun. It is the object of my invention to provide a true telescoping spy-glass for sighting purposes which, when in use, canbe accurately adj usted for the longest ranges, but which may be removed from its operative position and closed up into a comparatively small bundle which may be housed within an opening in the gun-stock and to provide a recoil pad in combination with said housing for the telescope, which, while eii'ective to completely cover the butt end of the gun-stock, will, nevertheless, permit convenient access to said housing. It is also an object of my invention to provide a recoil pad member having such a mounting that the same may readily be substituted for the butt plate ordinarily applied to the end of a rifle stock without the necessity of any modification of the rifie stock.

The full objects and advantages of my in- 4'vention will appear in connection with the detailed description Vthereof and are particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings, illustrating the application of my invention in one form,-

Figure 1 is a side view of a portion of a rifle having my improvements connected therewith and showing the telescopic sight in operative position. Fi 2 is a side sectional View of a portion o a gun-stock having my improvements connected therewith and showing the telescope closed up and housed within the gun-stock. Fig. 3 is .a fragmentary sectional view of the end of the gun-stock showing the recoil pad in position for permitting access to the telescope housing. Fig. 4 is a view of the reverse side of the butt to that shown in Fig. 1 with the recoil pad in closed position. Figs. 5 and 6 are transverse sectional views of the end of the gun-stock showin the recoil pad member in open and close position, respectively.

As illustrated, the stock 10 of the rifle may be provided with a plurality of longitudinal cavities or housings 1.1.' and 12, respectively, which housings open through the end of the stock, as indicated at 13 in Figs. 3, 5 and 6. A spy-glass 14 for sighting purposes, comprising a series of telescoping sections, is shown in Fi 1 mounted in operative position upon-a justable rests 15 and 16. In Fig. 2 the spy-glass 14 is shown in closed condition within the housing 11. The recoil pad member comprises a butt plate 17 which has a flange member 18, said butt plate being secured to the gun-stock by a screw 19 extending through the butt plate proper and another screw 20 extending throu h the flange 18. The butt plate is provided with a pair of circular apertures 21 and 22 above the openings 13 from cavities 11 and 12. The openings 21 and 22 are closed by a swinging gate 23 having expanded portions 24 and 25 which exactly fit within said o enings. Said gate is hinged at 26 to the p ate 17, having a squared head 27 by which, through the action of a spring 28, the gate 23 is held in open or closed position. A tongue 29 on the gate 23 extends slightly beyond the end of the iiange portion 18, by which means the gate is readily opened.

The recoil member also comprises a Wooden piece 30 hollowed out, as indicated at 31. The piece 30 has connected thereto a binge plate 32 which has thereon lugs 33 coperating with a hinge extension 34 on plate 17, so that by means of a pin 35 the piece 30 is hingedly connected to the butt plate 17 so roo 'as to swing open sideWise along the saine, beingheld in open position, as indicated in' Fig. 5, lby the lugs 33 and pin 35, and when closed having said lugs flush with the slde of .the gun-stock, as best shown in Figs. 4.y

and 6. A catch .36 is adapted to take under the ledge `of plate 17 in a cavity 37 inthe through the Wall of piece 30, thespring 33 outline of the gun-stock so as `to completelyv tic'ally ,the rle is shot there is added, therefore, to

being secured to the inner Wall of said piece 30 Within the cavity 31.V Securely cemented to the piece 30 so as to have the Walls thereof fiushy With the outer edges of said piece, which Walls are shaped to continue the close the openingfl, is a resilient pad 41, which may be made of any desired resilient material, a somewhat soft and spongy rubber being effective for the purpose. If desired, this pad may be partially cut out or thinned above the opening31 in the piece 30,.as indicated at 42 in Fig. 6.

The operation of my invention will be apparent. When it is desired to use the telescopic sight, the recoil pad member 30 is swung open on its side hinge and the gate 23 is lifted, as indicated in Fig. 3. The closed telescope 14 is then Withdrawn from the housing 11 and secured in operative position to the rifle, as indicated in Fig. 1, the gate 29 and member 30 being closed in the position indicated in Figs. 1, 2 and 4. The

piece 30 makes a closed contact with the sur` face of the plate l17 so that When the same is in closed position the chamber 31 is pracsealed from the outside air.

the natural resiliency 'of the pad 41 the cushioning effect of the imprisoned air in the chamber 31, Whichg has the result of effectually absorbing the shock of the recoil so that practicallynone .of 'such shock is transmitted to thel shoulder of the shooter.

'When the use of the telescopic sight is no longer necessary, either because the gun is not being shot,'or because the range is not great. enough to require it, the telescope 14 maybe quickly removedy and closed up and inserted Within the housing 11, the members 30 and 29 being readily raised ,for that purpose. Both of these members can' be opened When 4 and closed by a. gloved or mittened hand, it l being only necessary to engage the button 39 and the tongue 29 for that purpose. The cavity or housing 12`may be employed for the reception ofy a` thong' case and oiler, which, of course, may be Withdrawn andreturned With the samefacility as the telescope14.

I' claim; y

1.`In combination WithF a gun having a chamber in the stock opening through the lbutt end thereof, a metallic butt Vplate se-l cured to the end of said stock and having a gate opening into said chamber, a recoil absorbing member, and means securing said:

member to the butt plate in such 'manner that the member may be removed from in front of the gate to permit opening thereof.

2. In combination with a' gun having a- I chamber in the stock opening through the butt end thereof, a metallic butt plate secured to the end of said stock and having la gate opening into said chamber, and a recoil i absorbing member including a resilient recoil pad hingedly connected to said metallic plate. a f i 3. 1n combination with a gun having ya chamber in the stockopening through the butt end thereof, a metallic butt plate'securedto-the end of said. stock and having a gate opening into said chamber, aYrecoil-.absorbingmember including a resilient recoil pad connected by means of inset hinges With said metallic plate, and means for locking said recoil member in closed position to form a butt-end continuation of the gun-stock.

4. In'combination with a gun having a chamber in the stock opening through the butt end thereof, a metallic butt plate secured to the end of said stock and having a gate opening into said chamber, a recoil absorbing member comprising a Wooden piece shaped to forma continuation of the gunstock and hingedly connected with said metal plate, and a resilient pad secured to said piece and forming the butt end of the n. ln'testimony whereof I aiix my signature in presence of tWo Witnesses.



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U.S. Classification42/71.1, 42/74
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/16