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Publication numberUS1266367 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1918
Filing dateMay 8, 1915
Priority dateMay 8, 1915
Publication numberUS 1266367 A, US 1266367A, US-A-1266367, US1266367 A, US1266367A
InventorsIra H Wilson
Original AssigneeIra H Wilson
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Adjustable support or rest.
US 1266367 A
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WIT M58858 [FIVE/W011 lflwiiwm BY Wm Patented May14, 1918.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, IRA H. VVILsON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Fredonia, in the county of Wilson and State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Supports or Rests, of which the following is a specification.

T'his invention relates to means for-supporting the limbs of a corpse while upon a cooling board or'an arm of a corpse while the embalming fluid is being injected. As well known it is customary to tie or fasten the arms of a dead body together while upon.

the cooling board in the position which it is desired they shall occupy when the body is in the casket, and it is also necessary to fasten the lower limbs at the ankles'for the same reason.

In embalming the fluid is usually injected in the under or lower side of the upper portion of the arm and where an operator unaided performs the embalming operation, it is necessary for him to stretch and hold the arm into which the injection is being made, and as it must be held for a considerable length of time it is a very fatiguing operation.

My object is to produce supports or rests which can be adjusted to hold the limbs in the natural positions which it is desired they shall occupy in the casket.

Another object is to produce a rest or support which can be employed to hold an arm of a body in a position which will enable the o erator to devote both of his hands to the em alming operation, whereby to facilitate the same.

Referring now to the drawing which represents a perspective view of the support or rest embodying my invention, 1 is a U-shaped bracket arranged horizontally so that its upper arm 2 shall constitute a jaw and its lower arm 3 a support for the clamping screw 4 which constitutes an adjustable jaw to cooperate with jaw 2 in clamping the bracket firmly upon a cooling board at one edge thereof.

The bracket is provided at its upper end With an upstanding ear 5 which is serrated at one side edge at 6 to constitute what is usually termed a rosette, and engaging said rosette is a similar rosette 7 formed at the lower end of a rotatable adjustable arm 8, a screw 9 extending axially through said ear 5 and through the lower end of the arm 8,

Specification of Letters Patent. Patented pl 14 19] &

Application filed May 8, 1915.

Serial No. 26,722.

axially of the rosette portion thereof, which screw is engaged by a wing nut 10 for clamping said arm in the desired adjustment with respect to the bracket.

The opposite end of the arm 8 is rounded and formed with a rosette 11 at one side for engagement with a rosette 12 formed at one end of an arm 13, and extending axially through the said rosettes 11 and 12 is a screw 14 engaged by the clamping wing nut 15 whereby said arms are secured reliably in the desired angular relation.

16 is a concave or approximately U-shaped rest or support carried by the arm 13, and in the preferred construction it will be pivotally and slidably carried by said arm. Preferably the support or rest will be formed with a depending rib 17 provided with a curved slot 18 through which extends a screw 19 carried by the upper end of arm 13, which fits flatly against the rib 17, and the screw at the opposite side of the rib from the arm 13 is engaged by the clamping nut 20 whereby to clamp the rest or support in rigid relation to the arm 13. By loosening said nut the rest or support can be slidingly adjusted on the screw so as to tilt it in one direction or the other, so that should there be any tendency of the supported arm to move upwardly and rearwardly it can be guarded against by rotatably or tiltably adjusting the rest so that the end thereof over which the arm has a tendency to move may be caused to partly overlie the arm and thus eifectually prevent any possibility of the supported arm moving out of position by slipping off the support.

This tiltable or rotatable adjustment is particularly desirable for use in embalming operations as at such time the arm must be held in an unnatural position and in such position is under more or less tension.

It will thus be seen that with. a device of the character described, an arm of a body can be held in a position most convenient for the operator and thus enable him to devote his entire attention to the process of embalming.

Where it is desired to hold the limbs or a body upon a cooling board until rigor mortis sets in, four of these devices will be mounted on the cooling board. one for each limb.

It will be apparent that a construction of the type described and shown provides for bodily adjustment vertically and laterally, of the rest or support, in addition to the ining brackets at the desi'ed points on ehe cooling board.

From the above description it Wiil he epparent that IL have produced a rest or support possessing the feeeures of advantage enumerated as desirable and 1' wish it to he understood i'hei; while i have illusimied and described the preferred embodiment 0f the same, I reserie the right to make all changes falling within the spirit and scope of the appended claim,

1 claim:

In a device of the charaeer described, a clamping bracket for engagement Wiih a eeeeee eoeling board, an arm pivotally adjustaole on said bracket, an arm pivotally adjustable on the free end of the first-named arm, and a one-piece U-slieped rest provided with a vertically-depending rib fitting sidewise against the lest-named arm, and provided with a, slot substantially paralleling the curvature of the rest, a bolt extending through said slot; and the said arm abutting said rib, and a clamping nut engaging said bolt.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.

H. Witnesses T C Base, Geo. D. WESLEY.

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International ClassificationA01K87/08
Cooperative ClassificationA01K87/08
European ClassificationA01K87/08