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Publication numberUS1266482 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1918
Filing dateJul 23, 1917
Priority dateJul 23, 1917
Publication numberUS 1266482 A, US 1266482A, US-A-1266482, US1266482 A, US1266482A
InventorsHarris Kamrass
Original AssigneeHarris Kamrass
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US 1266482 A
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APPLlcAnoN HLED JULY 23.1917.

Patented May 14, 1918.

ing drawing in 'which-- origina.

HARRIS mames, or NEW YORK, N. Y.



To all whomz't may concern:

Be it known that I, HARRIS KAMRAss, citizen of the United States, and resident of the city'of New York, inl the county` of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Air-Cushions, of which the .following is a specification.

The invention relates to seats for chairs, and its object is to providea new and improved air cushion arranged to produce a desired resiliency and ventilation with a view to insure comfort to the user seated j on the cushion.4

The invention relates particularly to the vconstruction of an air valve as hereinafter described, and 'illustrated in .the accompany- Figure 1 is a `plan view ofthe air cushion;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same with parts shown in section;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional side elevation of one of the 'air valves in .position on the casing; v

Fig. 4 is an enlarged plan view of the blank for forming the air valve; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of one of the valves as applied, the parts being shown in section.

The covering or.v casing 10 of the air cushion is preferably made of ytwo parts 11 and 12, of suitable Hexible upholstery material, andthe parts are dished and fastened together along their margins with the curvatures of the dished parts extending in opposite directions, as plainly indicated in.y

Fig. 2. The covering 10 is filled with a resilient upholstery material 13 which coacts with the air within the covering or casing to provide thel desired resiliency to insure comfort to the user seated onl the said seat. It is understood that normally the air and the filling 13' keep the covering halves fully extended, as shown in Fig. 2, and when the user seats himself on the cushion then the air within the covering is compressed and likewise the resilient filling mai terial 13 to yieldingly sustain the weight of the wearer and thereby provide the desired When the user rises from the cushion then the combined action of the air and the resilient filling material causes the casing to be extended to its original shape.

In order to provide a circulation of air,

use is made of air valves 20, preferably arranged'fnear the margin of the upper half part 1-1 of the covering or casing 10. Each comprising a flanged eyelet and a flexible material doubled upon itself and Specification of Letters Patent. l Patented May 14, 1918. Application led July 23, 1917'. Serial No. 182,185.l

of the valves 20 is formed of an eyelet 21 having itsshank 22 extending through an aperture 23 formed in the covering part 11 lwith the ange 24 on the outer end of the @head 29 whereby the attaching member is securely held in place. The valve`member 28 is provided with a struck-up socket or cup-like depression O'adapted to be seated with-in the inner end of the opening of the eyelet 21 to close the said eyelet opening by pressure from within the covering or casing and exerted against the under side of the valve member 28 at the time a person is seated on the cushion. The bight 34 of the members 27 and 28 is reinforced by stitches, a clip or similar means 35, to hold the member 28 in doubled up position, and to allow ythe same to readily open and close relative to the eyelet opening 21. It is understood that when the cushion is relieved of the weight of the' user the valve proper '28' readily opens to admit air to the interior of the covering or casing 10, but when the user seats himself on the cushion and the air within the covering or casing is compressed then the pressure against the under 'side of the valve 28 moves the same into closed position cushion. Having thusv described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by -Letters Patenti 41. An air cushion having an air valve piece of to prevent escape of air from the upper portion having an aperture that receives the eyelet and is secured between the lower flange 'of the latter and the covering ofthe cushion, the lower portion of the said piece overlying the inner end of the eyelet and consituting the valve proper, as shown and described.

2. An air cushion having an eyelet sevcured to thecovering, a Hap va1ve'ma ie of a piece of iexible material loubleol to form an attachingmemberland'a valve opening and closing member, 'the attaching member having an aperture therethrough/and engaging the shank of the eyelet vintermediate the inner face' of the covering and the inner crimped'head ofthe eye1et,4the Said l-valveopening andqclolsing member having v a 'convex socket portion fitting the inner end 1 ofY the opening in the said eyelet, and means .y A g tofconnect and reinforce the vsaid attaching `member and the said valve, opening and closing member at the bight thereof.

, Signed at New York city, in thel county 1 5 of New York and State ofNeW York, this 25th day of June, AQD. 191.7.


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U.S. Classification5/654, 206/522, 5/709
Cooperative ClassificationA61G2005/1045