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Publication numberUS126698 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1872
Publication numberUS 126698 A, US 126698A, US-A-126698, US126698 A, US126698A
InventorsH. Harris
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US 126698 A
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Specification forming, part of Letters Patent No. 126,698, dated May 14, 1872.

Specification describinganewandImproved paste and applied to the point of a cigar to Composition for Covering Oigar-Tips, inventform a protective coating thereto, for the pured by JOHN H. HARRIS, of littsficld, in the poses above specifier. Being water-proof, the county of Berkshire and State of Massachucovering separates the saliva and tobacco in setts. an efhcient manner.

The object of this invention is to protect the Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patthe smoker, in order to prevent the saliva from cut absorbing any injurious ingredients of the to- The application of collodicn to the tips of bacco and from injuring the tobacco. cigars, as and for the purpose described.

The substance which I use for this purpose J 0111? H. HARRIS. is collodion mixed with any adhesive mat- Witnesses:

fer, such as gum shellac or rubber.

L. LOGAN, This compound or material is formed into a FR-EDK. KELLY.

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Cooperative ClassificationA24C5/477