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Publication numberUS1266993 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1918
Filing dateMay 3, 1915
Priority dateMay 3, 1915
Publication numberUS 1266993 A, US 1266993A, US-A-1266993, US1266993 A, US1266993A
InventorsDallas Romans
Original AssigneeDallas Romans
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US 1266993 A
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1,266,993. Patented May 21,1918.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 21, 1918.

Application filed May 3, 1915. Serial No. 25,337.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DALLAS RoMnNs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook, State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Folding Board, of which the following is a specification.

The object of my invention is to provide a folding board of simple, durable and economical construction so made and arranged as to be folded into compact and small space in order that it may be readily packed and carried in a suitcase, bag, trunk, hamper or traveling compartment or receptacle; when folded my folding board will have a smooth exterior so that clothes or other articles coming in contact with it will not be torn or injured. A further object of my folding board is to have such an arrangement that when it is unfolded or extended it may be used in any place by placing it upon a table or chairs or like objects. My folding board may also be made to serve for use in hampers and the like for picnic and other purposes as a table which can be easily placed and readily packed and'carried. A further object is to secure a device that may be manufactured and sold at a cost within the reach of all, so simple in construction that it will not get out of order and so light in weight yet so strong as to be practical and durable.

The special and novel phases of the invention herein disclosed will be better understood by reference to the following detailed description which is to be taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein-- Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the folding board.

Fig. 2 shows a longitudinal cross-section of the folding board when folded.

Fig. 3 shows a side elevation as extended ready for use.

Fig. 4: shows a vertical detailed longitudinal cross-section taken on the line AA. of Fig. 1.

In carrying out my invention, the best results will be obtained by using selected clear lumber free from knots and pitch so that the application of heat from hot irons will not cause injury to the clothes or other fabrics; the lumber to be selected should be of as light weight as possible and selected as to color and grain so that it will readily and easily stain if desired thus making an attractive finished article. I do not wish,

however, to be limited to any particular material in practising my invention as any material may be used that will secure the advantages claimed.

In carrying out my invent-ion I first take two pieces of suitable material, preferably of desired length, any dimensions as to length, breadth and thickness may be used, and hinge these parts together, the hinges being shown as 1, using for this purpose hinges of sufiicient strength to support the attendant weight which will be applied to the board when extended and used; the hinges should preferably be set into the ends of the board members 2 as shown at 3 mak ing the end of the board when closed as smooth as possible.

I next provide means 4: for holding the board in extended position and preventing collapse and folding except at the will of the user. This means may be an ordinary piece of metal or other material of suflicient strength, held in place and adjustment by means of brackets 5 and arranged to slide within said brackets extending from one board member to the other across the hinged connection thus securing rigidity when in that position as shown in Fig. 1. This fastening member may, when it is desired to fold the board, be drawn back as shown in Fig. 2 and, in order that it will remain in that position, I have provided fastening means 6 which consists of a spring catch designed to receive and hold the fastening member 4: when the board is in a folded position. When it is desired to unfold and extend the board, the spring catch 6 may be easily released and the fastening means 4: slid into position as shown in Fig. 1, the fastening means 6 then appearing as in Fig. l. A cross-section of this fastening means 6 is shown in Fig. 4 and its position when holding the fastening member 4 is shown in Fig. 2. Any suitable catch may be used for this purpose, however, the form shown be ing illustrative only.

My invention being designed for use upon tables or other convenient places, I have provided feet 7 preferably of hard rubber so that the surface or polish of the table or other support will not be injured, these feet so arranged in position as to not strike each other when the board is closed as shown at 8.

The brackets 5 are also arranged and positioned so that they will not strike each other when the board is folded, the purpose being to permit a complete compact folding, having in mind always that the boardwh'en folded is to occupy the least-possible space. It will be noted by reference to Fig. lthat allof the operative and raised parts'ofthis folding board are on the under surface whtir' the board is in operation, leaving a perfectly free, smooth ironing and pressing or table surface and when the board is folded, all of the operative and raised parts are within so that the board is perfectly smooth andas before explained will not injure clothes or other articles with which it may come in contact. When the board is closed, I have provided a fastening means for holding it in folded and closed position as shown at 9.

By means of the above described invention, it will be seen that a folding board has been provided so simple in construction to be always operative and practically impervious'to breakage, so economical in construction as to procure the maximum of utility for the purposes stated. It will readily be seen that this folding board, when intended either as an ironing and pressing board or as a table, may be made in a wide range of sizes adapted to fit and be carried'in the different sized bags, trunks, hampers and other receptacles used by travelers and also for use inhonies where limited space obtains. While I have herein disclosed one "embodiment of the present invention, I am aware that changes in detail may be made both in materials, dimensions and construction without deviating from the spirit of my invention and I desire that the protection herein sought should include such changes and modifications in detail as reasonably may be made within the terms of the appended claim.

7 Having fully described my invention, what I claim anddesire to secure by Letters Patent isz A folding board comprising 'two hingedly connected members, each memberihaving on the under side thereof a guideequrdistant from the hinges, a fiat plate slidably mounted insaid guides and having one end curved upwardly, a catch for engaging the plate member in'its retracted; position, rubber feet'for each of the hinged members, said feet adapted to space the members when in fol'dedaposition, and a suitable'latch for locking and holding the hinged members in closedposition with all of the metal parts folded on the interior.

my name to this specification.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner oflatents,

Washington, I). G.

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