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Publication numberUS126700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1872
Publication numberUS 126700 A, US 126700A, US-A-126700, US126700 A, US126700A
InventorsLeopold Heins
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Improvement in pile-ointment injectors
US 126700 A
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Improvement in Pilein'tmel'nt Injectors.

N0. 126,700,` Patented Mvay14,1872.




To all whom it may concern:

`Be `it known that I, LEOPOLD Heins, of Brunswick, Glynn county, 'and State of Georgia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pile-Ointmcnt Injectors; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full description of the same.

In my invention for curing pilespatcnted 9th January, 1872, I therein state that a wad of cotton saturated with ointment is inserted into the rectum for the purpose of healing the same. The object of my invention is to facilitate the operation of inserting the wad of cotton and ointment, and at the same time eii'ect it in a more a-greeable manner g and the nature of my invention consists in combining with a suitable tube a spring injector-piston, whereby the wad of cotton and ointment may be held in the end of the tube till inserted into the rec-A tum, and then expelled therefrom automatically by the spring-piston on the withdrawal of the tube from the rectum.

But to describe my invention more particularly I will refer to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, the same letters of reference, wherever they occur, re-

ferring to like parts.

Figure 1 is a side view of the injector. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal cut section of the same. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal cut section of the same, showing the injector-piston drawn back within the tube to admit of the insertion of the wad of cotton and ointment in its end.

Letter A represents the tube or case, which may be made of metal, glass, or hard rubber, as desired, and of any suitable diameter and length. B is a plunger or piston, attached to the end of a rod or stem, O, which is long enough to project beyond the cap D on the lower end of the tube and have a ring, E, on it for drawing the piston within the tube. Surrounding the stem of the piston, within the tube, is a spiral spring, F, which reacts between the lowerjside ofthe piston and the cap on the lower end of the tube, and thus at all times keeps the piston projected outward, un less locked .to hold it sheathed. For this purpose a collar or shoulder, G, is formed on the stem of the piston, having its upper tace square or at right, angles to the axis of the stem, so as to permit a spring-hook, H, secured by a center-pin, I, to the rim of the cap D, and working within the coil of the spiral spring F, to engage thereon, to hold the piston retracted within the tube when charged with the wad ot cotton and ointment J, as shown in Fig. 3. To prevent the cap D from separating from the end ofthe tube a ri ght-angled slot, K, is cut in the end ofthe tube, into which a pin, L, on the rim of the cap D, engages when putting it on, and by turning it thereon locks it into the horizontal part of the slot, and thus holds all parts ofthe instrument together.

The application and operation of the instrument is as follows: Retract the piston by drawing upon the ring in the end ofthe stem, till the spring-hook locks it. Then prepare a suitable wad of cotton, well saturated with the ointment, and pack it well into the end of the tube and over its edges, so as to prevent all tendency to cut or otherwise injure the intestine. When thus prepared, take the tube between the thumb and iin gers andV insert it into the rectum its full length. Then press upon the thumb-piece of the spring-hook to release the piston,which allows the spiral spring to react, and in doing so injects the wad into the rectum, when the instrument may be withdrawn.

Having now described my invention, I will set forth what I claim:

I claim the combination of the tube A, plunger B, stem O, having a detent collar, G, thereon, with the spiral spring F, spring-hook H, and cap D, substantially as and for the purpose described.



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