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Publication numberUS1267039 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1918
Filing dateMar 31, 1917
Priority dateMar 31, 1917
Publication numberUS 1267039 A, US 1267039A, US-A-1267039, US1267039 A, US1267039A
InventorsClaud O Akin
Original AssigneeClaud O Akin
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Dental implement.
US 1267039 A
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1 fi'hfl v Patented May 21, 1918.




Application filed march 31,

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, CLAUD Ulilana Alum, a citizen of the United States, residing at Princeton, in the county of Caldwell and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dental Tmplements, of which the following is a specilication.

This invention relates to an improved dental implement for cleaning and massaging gums and the principal object of the invention is to provide a device so constructed that the gums can be. thoroughly cleaned and massaged without danger of injuring the tissue of the s.

Another object of the invention is so construct this improved dental implement that the cleaning and polishing sleeve may he removahly mounted upon the head carrying the sleeve and securely held in place when in use but permitted of removal when so desired.

This invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein the figure shows the improved implement in side elevation with the head and sleeve partially in section.

The dental implement is provided with a head 10 which may be of any suitable shape in cross section. This head will be provided with a substantially flat inner end having curved edge portions merging into the longitudinal faces of the head to provide ahutment shoulders at the inner end of the head about the handle 11 and may be formed either rigid upon the handle or may he reniovably connected with the handle by means of a stem 13 screwed into a socket 14: formed in the head.

The head 10 carries a sleeve 15 formed of rubber or other material of an elastic nature the sleeve heing open at its iilner end and having its free edge portion tightly gripping the inner end face of the head. It should be noted that the sleeve will be expanded somewhat when placed upon the head so that it will have a tight grip there- Speoifieation of Letters llatent.

Patented Inlay 23th, .1913.

Serial No. 15%,935.

on thus preventing it from slipping upon the head when in use. This implement is to he used for massaging the gums and for this purpose, there is provided a flat strip hent into llolds 17. The strip forming these folds may he formed separate from the sleeve 15 and connected therewith in any suitable manner or it may he formed inter gral with the sleeve as shown in the figure.

This implement will be used after the manner of a tooth brush by moving the handle back and forth with the folds 17 engaging the gums thus causing the folds to massage the gums and cause the blood to circulate.

A very eficient gum massaging implement has been provided so constructed that the sleeve can he removed and a new one put in place when demred. This removahle sleeve would he especially desirahle in a dental oilice so that the sleeve could he removed and thrown away and would also he desirable in instruments for individual use thus permittin an expensive handle to be provided without it losing necessary to throw the handle away when the folds l? are worn out.

What is claimed is 1. A dental implement including a sleeve, and a strip extending longitudinally of the sleeve and connected therewith and iolded to provide folds extending from the sleeve.

2. A dental implement comprising a head, a carrier extending from the head, a sleeve fitting upon the head and removable therefrom, and a strip extendin longitudinally of the head and connects therewith and folded to provide folds extending from the sleeve.

In testimony whereof ll a my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses R. H. Anne, Jo A. Am.


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U.S. Classification601/141, 15/188, 15/118, 15/110, 15/207.2
Cooperative ClassificationA46B2200/1066