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Publication numberUS1267967 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1918
Filing dateApr 16, 1917
Priority dateApr 16, 1917
Publication numberUS 1267967 A, US 1267967A, US-A-1267967, US1267967 A, US1267967A
InventorsAlbert C Brunnworth, Clarence M Sackett
Original AssigneeAlbert C Brunnworth, Clarence M Sackett
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Traffic-guide signal.
US 1267967 A
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Patented May 28,

' To all whom it may cowm:

w w earn nm otnnnnn rr. Shemin', or artament, cannot w i rnnrrrc-eumn sronar..

speomcatin of !Deere Patent. Pmtmteafil May 2%, limit&

Application filed April 16, 191?. serial It'o. 16 2307.

lBe-it known that we, A BERT C. BRUNN- WORTH and CLARENCE M. SAGKETT, both citizens of the Unted States, residing at Anaheim, in the county of Orange, State of Callfornia, have invented newand useful Im- -provements in Traflic-Guide Signals, ot


which the following is a specification.

This invention relatesto a trafl'c guide signal, and pertains especially to a bull s eye or button adapted to be installed at the center street inter-sections for indicating the turning points for vehicles.

Heretofore signals of this character have been installed at street intersections, consisting of buttons rounded and raised above tth the surface of the street. ][t has been' common practice to color these buttons, preferably red, so that they are easily visible. It has been found, however, that the paint rapidly wears from the button, and it soon loses its distinctiveness, no longer being effective as a visible signal.

It is an object of our invention to provide a signal which is illuminated, and which will, therefore, be visible at all times. Whereas the unilluminated traflic si al buttons re not visible at night, our improved signal will be visible at that time as well as during the olay.

We accomplish these objects by means of the embodiment of our invention illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure lis a plan view of a signal installed in the street.

Fig. 2 is a vertical cross section. Fig. 3 is a plan view of a street intersection showing the location of a signal.

Referring particularl to Fig; 3, streets A and B intersect at right angles. Tn order to indicate where drivers of vehicles may turn so that the will not cut the comers,

. a signal button s installed at the center of the street intersection as indicated by C.. Referring particularly to Figs. land 2,

the street surface is indicated by t. Em-

beddjedg in the pavement is a reeeptacle ot cup form, the lower portion 5 preferably being formed of concrete. The upper portion consists of a ring 6 mounted upon the top ed e of the concrete cup. The ring is counter ored to form an annular groove 7 and is provided with threads. Disposed within the counterbore is a bulPs eye 8, preferably formed of thick glass and colored to 'transmit red li ht. a

Dispose over the upper surface of the bulPs eye is a grating9 consisting of a number of crossed bars forming a net work. The ends of these bars are bent at an angle to extend outwardly for the purpose of assisting in retaining the n poston. A retainng ring 10 is disposed within the annular groove and over the out- I wardly bent ends of `the grating bars. The

grating and bulPs eve' ring 10 is engaged with the threads in the counter-bore, and is provided with wrench holes 11, so that a spanner wrench may be engaged with the ring to remove and insert the same in position.

Extending through the bottom of the receptacle' 5 is a conduit 12, which houses the electrical conductors 14; the latter being connected' to a socket-15. A lamp 16 is shown in position in the socket. When the lamp 'is lighted the rays are projected through the' bulPs eye making the same visible.

The details of structure may be varied;

thus ring 6 may be of some other material than metal, and the retaining ring 11 is not required to be threaded into place but may 'be Secured in any other suitable manner.

The exact details of structure shown herein are for the purpose of merely showing an operative structure. The grating serves to protect the bull s eye from injury due to 4 wheels striking the same when drivers do not heed the 'signal' or come in contact with it accidentall What we c aim is:`

An illuminated mac guide, comprising an open ended receptacle adapted to be embedded "in the earth, the inner peripheral edge of said receptacle bein oovedl for the reception of a retaining ring, a, retaining position, and an electri lamp mounted in ringmonted in said groove, a substantially said r'eceptacle. 1.

semispherical light transmitting `element In witness that We claim the foregoing we mounted in the groove of said reeeptacle and. have hereunto subscribed our names this 3rd 5 projectng thereabove, alatticed iron guard day of April, 1917.

mounted on 'said light transmitting element, r said retaninl rin rigidly maintainng both 4 ALBERT C. BRUNNWORTH. j the guard an ligt transmitting element in CLARENCE M. SACKETT.

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U.S. Classification362/153.1, 404/16, 116/63.00R, 362/364
Cooperative ClassificationE01F9/065, F21V21/30