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Publication numberUS1268164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1918
Filing dateMay 29, 1916
Priority dateMay 29, 1916
Publication numberUS 1268164 A, US 1268164A, US-A-1268164, US1268164 A, US1268164A
InventorsAnthony Schneider
Original AssigneeAnthony Schneider
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US 1268164 A
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Yami/dimm 4, 1918 the packing,

sTATns ATE T orrron.



Specication of Letters Patent.

Application filed May 29, 1916. Serial No. 100,543.

.In the present instance I propose to prov1de a composite cigar boxY which embraces among` other features an outer case or shell, preferably of metal, Within which is located an inner section or shell, preferably of a fragrant wood, such as cedar or a substitute thereof. By making the outer case of metal, such as tin or the like, I insure the protection of the contents of the package against atmospheric influence and at the same time give the requisite and necessary strength to such package to protect the contents from damage and injury which might result in the roughusage which is liable to occur in the transportation, storage and handling of the package. By employing an inner casing of wood, such as cedar, or substitutes, I avoid the contact of the cigars with the metal thereby obviating the im parting of a metallic taste tothe cigars which will ruin their flavor and aroma. Furthermore, the use of such a fragrant wood as cedar, or substitutes, as is well known, will impart to the cigars apleasing aroma. i

Furthermore, it is my purpose to provide as an original package a composite cigar box i which will itself serve the purpose of a humidor for preserving and storing the cigars inasmuch as the exterior metal case will serve such purpose, and in addition possess the advantage that it constitutes a part of the original container in which the goods are initially packed, shipped and sold.

I `also propose in the present instance to provide a composite box of this character wherein a wooden lining or shell, preferably of cedar, is provided with a top or cover also yof wood, such as cedar, which is arranged in such manner, and is so constructed that when closed it will lie within the confines of and substantially flush with the top edge portions of the front and end Walls of the Wooden lining or shell. The front, rear and end walls extend above the adjacent side and end walls of the metal case, so that when the cover of such metallic case is closed, the depending flanges of the metallic cover will overlie the projecting portions of the side and end walls of the wooden shell or lining, While the top wall of the metallic cover will bear against the wooden lid or j cover.`

By th'is arrangement I insure that the contents of the box will be adequately pre served from atmospheric conditions7 such as moisture and the like, while at the Same time no part of the metal ofthe box will be in contact with o r adjacent thecigars. Y

Furthermore, I provide means through the agency of which both the tin cover of the case and the wooden lid or cover of the box may be easily, readily and simultaneously opened, this arrangement being'particularly useful in the initial opening of the box.

I also aim to provide a composite cigar box which willembody the desired features of simplicity, efficiency and convenience, and

Patented I une a, 1918.

which may be manufactured and marketed at a relatively low cost.

Vith the above recited objects and others of a similar nature in view, my invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts set forth in and falling j Within the scope of the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of a cigar box embodying my invention, the cover of A the outer case or shell being shown as fully opened, while the cover of the inner lining or shell is shown as partially opened` Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical sectional view taken through a closed box embodying my invention.

In the presentinstance I have shown and described the inner shell or lining of my improved box as composedof separate strips or pieces of thin wood, preferably cedar, loosely assembled within the case, as thisis conductive to economy in the cost of production of the composite box, but I wish it to bel understood that if desired, this inner lining or shell may have the walls thereof united or joined together in the ordinary p panying draw-` while B designates the cover thereof. The body of the box A, as well as the cover B,

is preferably made fromrelatively thinsheet metal, such as tin or the like. The body 5 portion of this metallic case is provided with an exterior bead l; this bead constituting a stopcby `engaging with the 'anges .2 `of fthe cover B when the box is closed. The upper edge of the front wall of the vbox body A is `formed with an integral projection or prominence 3, which is adapted to engage with the {frontliange of the cover to pinch the'tabfhereinafter referredto for a purpose which will appear and to lock `the cover in its closed position, as will be readily understood. Withinthe body A of the metalliccase I arrange av shell .or lining, `preferably of cedaror other 4aromatic wood, which is indicated as an entirety `by the letter C.

This lining comprises a bottom wall 4:, end y walls-, front wall G., and a rear walll'l'. The lid wall orcover of the box is shown at Sand is hinged as at 9 tothe top'edge of the rear wall. The two 4enol Walls `5-5, the 'frontgwall 6 andthe rear wall 7,0f the lining or shell() allh-ave their top marginal edgeiportions projecting a considerable distance abovethe adjacent walls or sides of the metallic'box body A,as is clearly shown in Fig. l. Furthermorepthe two 'end walls 5-5 and the front wall 6 of .this cedar shell C are of the same height, and in turn are: of relativelygreater heightthan the rear wall 7 as will be understood by reference to Fig. 1, this diilerence in height being substantially equal `to the thickness of the 4wooden cover 8, so that when this cover 8 is closed down, the outer face ofthe same will lie substantially flush with thetop edges ofthe sidewalls -f. and the front wall 6thereby insuring a tightlinin or shell foriprotecting "thecigars` "It `wlll. also be `noted that by reason of the fact 4that the vertical walls of the `:inner shell or lining C `are higher than the vertical lwalls of the metallic or outershellA, `when thefcover Bof thismetallicshellis closed it will not` Contact with or be exposed directly to the contents of the box,land thereforetheliability of a metallicflavonbeing:imparted to the cigarsis avoided, while at the same time thetop. sectioni of this wooden. lining orshell` C will be rnested or fittedwithin the cover, this top section of ,theywooden lining,` or shell of course;comprising the cover Sandtheprojectingtopedges of Lthe front wall 6, the end wallsi andthe-rearwallY. The result fwillbe atight, compact, atmosphere-proof package inwvhichthe cigars willbei entirely enveloped bylthe cedar lining and protected fromthei metallic shell and at the same-time such metallic shell will completely envelop this cedar lining andperform theiprotectiveA functions for iwhich it is designed `as-above mentioned. As stated, theinner lining or `vided a composite box iwhich constitutes the A original container` for 1 the cigars `when they are sent rfromvthe factory, and which will ,form a humidor for protecting the cigars i for his use.

i caught or jammed between they two` covers.`

-in this ylining like `in vany regularly conshellmay consist-ofseparate strips orpieces loosely assembled within the metal case.

As is -well known, cigar `boxes have the revenue stamps pasted thereon in such manner-that the stamps overlie certain parts of thetop and sides of the box, thereby sealing `the ilatterfthese stamps being ruptured or broken whenthe-cover is opened. In the present instance, the stamps would of course be pasted upon the metallic case or cover, "I5 and `to `provide `access to the contents I fasten, as at9 to the wooden cover 8, ypreferably near the front edgethereofand atthe centerline of the cover, a suitable'linger tab 10, which may be'of. any preferred material, `S0

,suclras anpieceofribbon fabric, leather, or

the like. `When the wooden cover is closed, as shownin .EigQ, this tabcis adapted to ,extend outwardand to-overliethe catchor latching ,iprojection 3 on the vmetallic case, 35 the `.front `[section -of the `.fl-ange 2 of `the :metalllc Vcover pinchingthe tab inward against the front wall ofthe body portion of the 'metallic case to securely hold the cover 8 within .the confines of the` infront and4 end`, 90 walls of theinner shell and` atlth'e same time suclnpinchinmof the tab 10 serves to 1hold the cover of the `outer case `B positively `closedfover the inner shell, as is showniu y will be readily understood.

From f the above description 1 taken i in con- "l 0 5 nection with the accompanying drawings, the.constructioirand.operation of my invention .will be :readily vunderstood and` 1appreciated. It will be .noted `that I yhaveprowhen they.V are inthe hands of lthe consumer Furthermore, fit will` :be .1 seen that both of the=coversVv of the box may be a lifted simultaneously, thus u avoiding `the. necessity of handling thetwo` covers separately with` the liability lof having v the iingers 1120 It `-will furtheribe notedfth'at by arrang- `ing the woodenliduor Vcover `for the Vcedar lining orsliell ashcrein` described, I insure" that the cigars maybe packedrandpressed structed i and packed :cedar cigar box.

Inactualpractice, `the exterior faces of the metallic case` are printed, lithographed or otherwise marked in` imitation ofwthe grain.` of.wood,in the present instance cedar, `130 one particular embodiment so that the box in outward appearance will resemble a box made from cedar Wood.

While Ihave herein shown and described I Wish it to be understood that I do not confine myself tofall theprecise details of construction herein set forth by Way of illustration, as modification and variation may be made Without departing from thespirit of the invention or exceeding the scope of the appended claims. t

What I claim is: t,

l. A compositefcigar boxcomprising an outer metallic case and an inner Wooden shell, the vertical Walls of said Wooden shell being higher than the adjacent vertical Walls of the metallic case, said Wooden shell having a cover hinged to its rear Wall and adapted to lie substantially ush with the top edges of the remaining vertical Walls of such shell when the cover is closed, said 'metallic case including a hinged cover having depending ianges adapted to overlie the portions of the vvalls of the shell which project above the adjacent Walls of the metallic case, and means attached to the cover of the inner shell for simultaneously lifting or opening both covers and for holding both covers closed. y j

2. A cigar box comprising an outer `case and an inner shell, a hinged cover for the outer case, a hinged cover for the inner shell, and iexible means attached to the cover of the shell and accessible from the exterior of the case when the latter is closed, for simultaneously lifting or opening both covers, and for holding the cover of the outer case closed over the inner shell with its cover held closed.

3. A composite cigar box comprisin an outer metallic case and an inner cedar s ell, the vertical Walls of said cedar shell bein@ higher than the adjacent vertical walls of the metallic case, the rear Wall of said shell being of less height than the front and end of my invention,

`from the case Walls by Walls of the shell, a cover hinged to the top edge of saidrcar Wall and adapted when closed to lie substantially Hush With the top edges of the front and end Walls of the shell, a hinged cover for the metallic case, and ilexible means connected With the cover of the cedar shell and accessible from the exterior of the case for simultaneously lifting both the covers, and a prominence on the front Wall of the outer case With which said iexible means combines to hold both covers positively closed.

A composite cigar box comprising an outer metal case having a flanged cover hinged thereto, and a removable lining for the case comprising a bottom, lid and side members, the upper edges of the side members extending above. the marginal edges of the metal case, the said cover flange being of sufficient depth to embrace, When closed, the said extending edges of the side members and overlie the marginal edges of the case, and a flexible tab secured at one end to the said lid and having its other end externally accessible when the case cover is closed to permit concurrent lifting of both the cover and the lid.

5. A composite cigar box comprising an outer case having a hinged cover, an inner shell also having a cover hinged to permit opening of both covers concurrently, said shell cover, in closed position, extending below the top plane of the front vertical Wall of the shell and having its front edge spaced said shell Wall, and means carried by the shell cover and externally accessible when the case is closed for permitting concurrent lifting of both covers.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in the presence of tWo Witnesses.




copies o this patent may be obtained for ive cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patente,

` Washington, B. C.

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