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Publication numberUS1268622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1918
Filing dateDec 4, 1917
Priority dateDec 4, 1917
Publication numberUS 1268622 A, US 1268622A, US-A-1268622, US1268622 A, US1268622A
InventorsEdward C Reynolds
Original AssigneeEdward C Reynolds
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Search-light holder.
US 1268622 A
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y if" @Wm U. REYNOLDS, 0F NEW' YORK, N. Y.



Specitlon of Letters Patent.

Application n led Beoember a, 1917. Serial No. 205,862.

To all whom zt may concern:

Beit known that I, EDWARD C. REYNOLDS, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New York, borough of Manhattan, in the county and State `of New York, have invented a new andlm roved Search-Light Holder, of which the ollow.- ing is a full, clear, and exact description.

My invention-relates to means for holding a flashlight and more particularly relates to a means for holding a flashlight in operating about an automobile.

An object of my invention is to provide a holding means adapted to be instantly applied to thearm of the user and to readily and detachably receive the flashlight in a manner to permit the latterto be turned through any desired angle relatively to the arm on which the light is supported.

A further object of the invention is to provide for reversingv the light holding means relatively to the arm engaging means, whereby to nest the same in compact form for convenient carrying in a pocket or in a toolbox when the device is not in use.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings'forming a part of this specication in which similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Figure l is a perspective view of ,a dashlight holder embodying my invention, showing the same set up for use on the arm of the user;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the holder when not applied to the arm oi the user and without the flashlight, but with the parts assembled ready for use; Y

Eig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing the arm-engaging means and the lightholding clamp reversed and nested within the arm-engaging clamp;

Fig. 4 is a transverse vertical section ofthe holder assembled in Fig. 2.

` spaced from e plate 12 to accommodate the i ln carrying out my invention in accordance with the illustrated example, a clamp 10 is provided made from a metal strip to present resilient clamp arms more or less curved and' adapted to be sprung onto the arm A of the user.` The numeral 11 indicates a corresponding clamp but of smaller size adapted to resiliently hold a flashlight B;

The clamp 11 is secured to a base plate' designated' generally by the numeral 12 and said plate 1s provided with a lateral, approm'mately arallel, resilientarm 13 and top of the clamp 10. The clamp 11 is swiv# eled to the plate 12 so that said clamp is' Patented J une d, i918. I

supported in a manner to permit of its being turned through any desired angle to vary the direction of the light rays.

The base plate 12 with its resilient arm 13 detachably receives the clamp 10 and said base is reversible with the clamp 11 to the' position shown in Fig. 3 with the clamp 1l nested within the clamp 10 so that the assembled device may be carried conveniently in ones pocket or to occupy small space in the tool box.

l would state in conclusion that while the illustrated example constitutes a practical embodiment of my invention, Ido not limit myself strictly to the mechanical details herein illustrated, since manifestly the same can be considerably varied without departure from the spirit of the invention as defined in the appended claims.'

Having thus described my invention, ll claim as new, and desire to secure by- Letters Patent:

1. A Hashlight holder including a downwardly-disposed resilient clamp adapted to be sprung onto the arm of the user, a clamp on top of the rst clamp and presenting upstanding resilient arms adapted to'detachably receive a flashlight, and means to support the second clamp on the said last mentioned means including a swivel connection for the second clamp permitting the same to be turnedy laterally relative to the rstA clamp. A 2. A ashlight holder including a clamp presenting arms adapted to be sprung onto the arm of the user, a second clamp adapted to receive a flashlight, a base to which the second clamp is swiveled, a laterally disosed clamp member on said base and forming with the latter a pair of clamp jaws adapted to be slipped laterally onto the rst clamp or to be slipped laterally therefrom for connecting or separating the clamps.

3. A ashlight holder including a pair of clamps each presentin curved arms, the one clamp bein smaller t an the other to nest therein, an means to detachably hold the smaller clamp to the larger clamp in nested relation thereto or imposed on the larger clamp with'the clam s back to back.

4. A flashlight ho der including a clamp.



smaller clamp presenting resilient armste l `receive a iashlight and reversible relatively ent element connected at one side with said 10 to the rst clamp to nest within said first base and disposed laterally of the clamp on clamp or be positioned with the clamps opwhich it is carried, said base and resilient positely disposed, back to back, and means element being adapted to detachably receive on one clamp adapted to yieldingly and detherebetween the back of said other clamp tachably receive the back of the other of and being engageable and disengageable by 15 said clamps either with the clamps in nested a lateral sliding movement to separate or relation or back to back, said means includconnect the clam s. Y

ing a base swiveled to one clamp and a resili- EDARD C. REYNOLDS.

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U.S. Classification362/396, 362/103, 446/26, 248/229.26
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/08