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Publication numberUS1269084 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1918
Filing dateFeb 16, 1918
Priority dateFeb 16, 1918
Publication numberUS 1269084 A, US 1269084A, US-A-1269084, US1269084 A, US1269084A
InventorsThomas Ormond Hussey
Original AssigneeNat City Bank, Thomas Ormond Hussey
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US 1269084 A
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APPUCATEON FILED FEEL $5. 1918- wmllllllm specialisation of Letters fietent.

om may sensor-o now/n that 113, THOMAS GEE/{ND citizen offer: United States, end

L nroolr'l ii iii the count of "ion further relates to the details nsuion WillCll Wlll be more iullyj er described and set forth 1n the accompanying drawing the some numerals rel I to the slmiler ports ersl arrived. d sir; x 2 is a fragmentary, horizontal secionel Vlfl'fi' on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1 10010 down in. the direction of the arrows, the beingshonn in this figure folded back. 3 is a fragmentary vertical section on the line 33 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction or" the n rrows, the foldable desk in this figure being shown folded.

in con'imereiul institutions the question of floor space is very serious one. in benlring and other similar institutions the rents based on floor space and are usually The amount of lioor space reeech elerlr, in the to considerable sum. Usually in such institutions it stenogmpher not only has to "work :i typewriter but has to arrange, sort, and index cards or oiirbon copies of her Work to be filed away in the records of the 'C' bank. This requires an ordinary typewriting desk and in addition table or other desk for sortin filing or indexing, or boolrlreeplrs have been provided with disaping iw'pen'riters so that the top of the desk could be used for ordinary purposes. In brin s and similar institijitions this has not been found completely satisfactory as all the papers on the desk have to be re moved before the sorting or filing" is pro seeded with for fear of including some of y the Wrong" papers in the filing system. Such desks also permit drafts to disturb the I papers, and furthermore, the typewriter 'bein d bsclr 1s d'ifierent engle and useful Desk, of,

perspective View of my nyip' eetlon filed Febrile- 145, 181%. Serial 150. 217,531.

L 1 my M need one .liii, swi

from the position in which it is used. This often results in" oil Working inbo locations Where it will later, when the typewriter is brought back to a horizontal position, some in Contact with the paper in the machine and ruin. it.

By my invention l; form a combined typewritino filing ridding machine and bookkeeping desk wherein the typewriter is partially inclosed protected as Well as the papers that may be upon the main desk, Une oi? the inclosing members is hinged to a shelf on. the back of the deslr When drown for- Word into its operative position forms is temporary raised filing, sorting, or bookkeeping desk, at a different level from the main desk. This permits the desk to per- -Iorno the functions or two desks that of a, typewriting or adding machine desk and also of a table or sorting desk. My desk not only reduces by half the floor space needed for each clerk, but also serves to rest the clerk as she is permitted to sit While type- Writing or adding and can stand While using the auxiliary foldoble filing and bookkeeping desk.

1 have shown in the drawing my invention embodied in one form of desk 1 having a main desk portion 2 comprising the side members 4 and 5, and intermediate removable sup port 3 provided with the guide block 18 which is rabbeted at 193 This support 3 slides into position resting upon the chest '17 and the side member 5 which its inlo the block 18. The book of the desk 6 extends provided with (L shelf 16 to which I pivotali y mount the. our 'linry temporary iii or bookkeeping desk 7. This filing or boobs lwe iiirs, desk is preferably formed of a plurality sections 8, S pivoted. together by the hinges 9, 9.

On the back 6 I also pivot/ally mount the sides 10, 10 which are preferably formed of sections 11, 11 pivotedlogether by the hinges 12, one section being pivoted to the heck by the hinges 13.

I have shown in Fig. 1 my complete desk with the sides and temporary auxiliary filing or bookkeeping desk extended, the typewriting'or adding machine being omitted for purposes of clearer illustration In this position the operator can stand and use the raised auxiliar filing or bookkeeping desk '4" either for sorting papers, for books keeping, or for any other purpose, Without disarranging any papers that may be upon the main desk. lVhen she has accomplished this task she can with a slight manipulation, fold back the auxiliary bookkeeping or filing desk 7 and fold in the sides 10, 10. The folded sections 8, 8 r st upon the shelf 16. In some cases, though not necessarily, I may use a hook 1 and pin 15 to hold the sections in their inoperative position. l y hen the sections 8, 8 are folded back the main desk 2 is free. It will. be further noted that the typewriter and papers on the main desk will be protected by the sides 10 and the top 7.

By having the support 3 removable it can he temporarily removed to permit an adding machine on the ordinary wheeled iron stand (not shown) to be rolled into the desk to be operated by the clerk.

l t the desk is in a department where the clerk would also operate a typewriter, the typewriter may be temporarily placed in either side member 4 or 5, while operating the adding machine. 7

A further advantage of my invention is that the same desk may be used, without change, in different departments where the clerks operate typewriters or adding machines, or in departments where they have to operate both typewriters and adding machines.

Having thus jdescribed my invention to the details of which I do not desire to be limited, what is claimed as new and what it is desired to secure by Letters Patent is set forth in the appended claims.

W hat I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A eomhined typewriting, filing and lmol-zkeeping desk comprising a main desk reeopee having a support for a typewriter, a hack, and a foldable desk adapted to fold over the mam desk mto substantially l10I1- zontal position and form a temporary raised filing or bookkeeping desk and foldable sides hinged to the back and ar ptrd, to support the toldable desk at an e emaron above the main desk.

2. A combined typewriting, filing and bookkeeping desk comprising a main desk having a support for a typewriter and horizontal portions on either side of the type writer support, a back, a foldable desk hinged to the back and adapted to be folded out to form a temporary raised filing or bookkeeping desk, and foldable sides hinged to the back and adapted to be brought out on' top, of the main desk and act as a support for the :loldable desk and with the back form a partially closed chamber to protect the typewriter and papers that may be upon the main desk, y

3. A combined typewriter, filing, bookkee 'iing and addin machine desk comprising a main desk, having a removable sup poi-t to support a typewriter a foldahle

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