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Publication numberUS1269320 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1918
Filing dateSep 5, 1917
Priority dateSep 5, 1917
Publication numberUS 1269320 A, US 1269320A, US-A-1269320, US1269320 A, US1269320A
InventorsEmil M Scholz
Original AssigneeEmil M Scholz
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US 1269320 A
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Puented June H, 19155.,

f N V E N TOR.

New Humpshi re EMIL M, SCD-HOLZ, 0E llEl YORK, 1Q'. Y.


Application led September 5, 1917.

To all Iw/tom may concern:

Be it known that l, EMIL M. Sorioiiz, of 1730 Broadway, in the county of New `i'orlr, and in the State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Playing- Cards, and do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof. v

My invention relates to card game which is bothfascina-ting and educative.

For purposes of illustration the game will be explained by means of cards having thereon thepolitical divisions and bounding Waters of the North Jinerican Continent with the United States of America subdivided into States.

In the drawings the ligure shows seven cards as they would appear when .the game is played in one manner -tobe described hereinafter.

As the cards, with the exception of cards representing bounding Waters, are all made according to the saine plan, description olf the card representing the State of Maine will illustrate all the cards.

Preferably in the center of the card is a inap of the State with the name of the State at each side edge for convenience ot referv ence. At any convenient place on the card,


as at theI bottom, are given the names of contiguous political divisions and other boundaries with their general direction, as

north, east, south, and west. The populationof the State likewise is given, preferably at the top of the card, and iii opposite corners is a number deiiotinw the points of value. In the embodiment illustrated, each State having a population oi' one million or less has the simple vnumber l denoting,n its value in points. Each State having more than a population ot one million has a simple number denoting,` its velue in points iound by adding a point i'or each additional million oic population after the first million or less of population. The simple-number denoting points of `value on cards bearingv the name of a body oi water, may be arbitrarily, preferably with some degree of consideration for the importance and size or body of Water.,

The cards may he used in playing diliferent games. Une such gaine would provide that each card be played inaccordance with geographical connection and side by side as illustrated in the drawing, cards being Specication of .'(zetters Eatent.

Patented lune il., time,

Serial No. 189,732.

added trom either side.

divisions, only two of which. are connected geographically, could be Withheld to block an opponent and to be laid down at the proper time to enable the player to dispose of all his cards, the object of the gaine being for each player to dispose of all his cards as quickly as possible, and gain points and ienalize opponents according to the sum ot points left in their hands. Maine, Canada, and the State of llashing tou illustrateaJ run of cards only two of which are connected geographically, but which could be played at once and which While Withheld would block an opponent from playing on cards contiguous to any one thereof. A conrenient method of play is to deal only a few cards to each player and compel each player to draw from the remainder of the pack, which preferably is face down, and then either play on the cards already in play (after the first card is played), or discard.

Many inodieations of my invention Will be apparent to those skilled in the art Without departing therefrom or from tliesoope or the claim. The rules for playing the gaine given aboveillustrate only one of many ways in which 'the decl: of cards may be utilized;

Having described my invention yWhich I claim. is:

Ai pack of cards each of which has thereon a inap name of a different political division. or the name of a body of water each of which is contiguous to a. plurality of other political divisions or bodies of Water the names of all contiguous political divisions or bodies of Water, the population of the political division represented, a' simple number denoting points lation of the political division represented or arbitrary as to bodies oi Water, each of said cards being adapted to be played in accordance with its contiguous -geographical connection, whereby three clltrds may .be played at once independently oit other cards playedwhen only two of said cards are connected geograpliically.y

lin testimony that l claim the foregoing l h aayedhnereunto set my hand.


. "Witnessesz .A

Wiiineno Monson, EDWARD ll/l. 0. Pinarziigr,




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U.S. Classification273/302
Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02