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Publication numberUS126945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1872
Publication numberUS 126945 A, US 126945A, US-A-126945, US126945 A, US126945A
InventorsGtjert G. Piiot
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Improvement in dust-brushes
US 126945 A
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e. G. FINN.

Improvement in' Dust-Brushes.

Patented May 21,1872.

MW @nmro wifirmss we AM, maw-umocmr-mc 0a IL (assumvs's PRacEss) UNITE STATES GUERT G. FINN, OF CLEVELAND, OHIO.


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 126,945, dated May 21, 1872.

Specification describing a new and useful Dust-Brush, invented by GUERT G. FINN, of Cleveland, in the county of Guyahoga and State of Ohio.

This invention relates to an improvement in dusters or flexible dust-brushes for loosening and brushing out the dust which settles on the soundingboard and underneath the strings of piano-fortes.

The following is a description of its construction and manner of use.

Referring to the drawing, Figure 1 is a side View. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the above-mentioned brush.

A represents a handle of some flexible material, (whalebone is preferable,) the ends of which are shaved down flat toward the points,

- as seen in Fig. 2, to make the ends more flexible. The ends of said handle are covered with flat pads 13 B,-1nade of plush or other suitable soft material, that on one end is made broad and rounded on the outer end, and tapers down toward the handle, that on the other end is long straight and narrow, to adapt them to be inserted into different-sized spaces between and under the strings of a piano-forte. a

The collection of dust in pianos underneath the strings is a source of annoyance, and its removal by all ordinary means isattended with difliculty, and there is liability of injury to the strings, and danger of scratching or marring the sounding-board and other parts. The above-described brush is designed to overcome these dangers and difficulties. It may be inserted between any of the strings, and by W'itnesscs:


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