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Publication numberUS1269491 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1918
Filing dateJul 23, 1917
Priority dateJul 23, 1917
Publication numberUS 1269491 A, US 1269491A, US-A-1269491, US1269491 A, US1269491A
InventorsWylie E Murray
Original AssigneeWylie E Murray
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US 1269491 A
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APPLICATION FILED JULY 23. 91?- 1 ,269,4=9 1 Patented June 11, 1918.



To whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Wrnm E. MURRAY, a

, citizen of the United States, residing at down between the cit of St Louis, in the State of Missouri, ave invented certain new and useful Improvements-in Cigarette-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

The. object of this invention is to provide a holder for cigarettes and cigars that will require no attention by the user, but leave him free to follow any occupation and, at

the same time, to have his smoke handy. Ordinary holders for such articles accumulate saliva" and nicotin, which is objectionable, but impossible in this one. In the holders now in use, it is necessary to use a pm or other implement to remove the short butts end, but that is obviated in thepresent device.

The chief advantage of this invention over those now on sale is that it makes it unnecessary to lay the cigar or cigarette pufls or to hold it in the fingers, interferlng with any other occupation. It afiords a convenient way to hold a cigarette in connection with the hand, so that, when a pufi' is desired, the hand is merely moved toward the mouth of the user without. its being necessary to pickup the cigarette or cigar in the fingers, and when removed from the mouth it is unnecessary to lay it down on a piece of furniture, endangering the furniture. It is common knowledge that much furniture and the like is marred by burns from cigars and cigarettes laid temporarily thereon with the burning part su posed to be at a safe distance from the e ge, butwhich left too long or carelessly placed produce damage.

Card-players, oflice and factory workers, and drivers .of automobiles will find this invention of particular utility for the reason just stated and because of its allowing them to smoke without interfering with their other employment.

Another advantage of this holder is that Specification of Letters ratent.

Application filed Jul as, 1017. Serial No. 182,145.

mam June 11, 1918.

it prevents stains and odors on the fingers.

the absence of odors from desirable.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which like numbers of reference denote like parts wherever they occur, the device is illustrated on an enlarged scale, and

Figure l is a perspective view;

1 Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 22 in Fig. one; and

Fig. 3 depicts a modification.

This device consists of a pair of non-concentric rings 1 and 2, swiveled together at the fingers is very In the'case of dentists, barbers, and others 3. One of these rings, designated as 1, is" I like a finger-ring and intended preferably to be worn upon the index finger of the hand. The ring 2 is roughened upon its interlor 4 in any suitable manner, so as to prevent the cigarette 5 (or cigar) held therein from slipping out.

The rings will be made of suitable sizes,

the ring 2 being made larger for cigars and' smaller for cigarettes. will be larger than the may be made of sizes varying like the sizes of finger-rmgs or it may be split at 6 or any other suitable point as shown in the modification illustrated in Fig. 3, so as to be expansible to fit fingers of various sizes. The ring 1 or the ring 2, or both, may be made 0 expansible material, so as to be adapted to fit any size of finger or smoking materialy material may be used in the manufacture of this device, either very cheap, so that it can be given away as an advertising device, or more ex ensive, so as to make it suitable for sale y jewelry stores.

It will be notedthat the respective ends of the swivel 3 are countersunk in the interlor of the rings 1 and 2.

Having thus described this invention, I

Usually the ring 1 hereby reserve the benefit of all changes in form, arrangement, order, or use of parts,

ring 2. The ring 1 Q meme I as it is evident that many minor changes to serve as e holder for a cigarette or. the. 10

may be made therein without depattmg like, the connections between said rings befrom the spirit of this invention. I ing such that said cigarette-holding ring I claim: me be bodily rotated to shift the same in 5 A- device of the character described coma p ane'wlth or at right angles to thefinger prising a pair of non-concentric, rings; the ring. 7 one being adapted to be worn upon a finger In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my and the other being superimposed thereon signature. and connected thereto and being adapted a IE E, MURRAY.

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U.S. Classification131/258, 63/15, 63/1.12
Cooperative ClassificationA24F13/22