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Publication numberUS1270055 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1918
Filing dateNov 16, 1912
Priority dateNov 16, 1912
Publication numberUS 1270055 A, US 1270055A, US-A-1270055, US1270055 A, US1270055A
InventorsWalter W Richards
Original AssigneeDu Pont Powder Co
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Artificial leather and process of producing the same.
US 1270055 A
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To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, WALTER W. Rrorunos, of \Vilmington, in the county of Newcastle, and in the State of Delaware, have invented 5 a certain new and useful Improvement in Artificial Leather and Processes of Producin the Same; and do hereby declare that the 0 lowing is a full, clear, and exact description thereof. My invention relates particularly to a manufactured article havingthc cha actoristics of real leather, and to the process of makin the same.

Arti cial leather is ordinarily met by with a solution of coating a woven fabric pyroxylin in a volatile'solvent. the solution carrying some colorin matter and non-volatile oil. this manner, the volatile solvent evaporates,

0 leaving behind the oil. In theactual production of the artificial leather, however,

v traces of the volatile solvent usually remain for a considerable period of time and thereby'impart to it an odor which not only indicates that the product .is not real leather,

but which is also at times disagreeable. Furthermore, the non-volatile oil which is re; taincd in the finished product is, subject to composition which ofttimes re- 80 salt in the production of compounds having an odor which is disadvantageous for the same reasons as in the case of the traces of solvent remaining in the finished product.

The object of my invention is to produce 85 an artificial leather which will not only have the appearance and strength of real lfather,

but will also have the same odor ,s real leather. An artificial leather of this kind will therefore seem to be, in all respe t5, the

40 same as leather itself. My object is, fur- Specification of Letters Patent.


Patented June 18,1918.

'. Application flied November 16, 191 2. Serial No. 731,653.

have a preservative and softening action which permanently benefits the artificial leather.

My invention is capable of being Carrit-nl out in many different ways. For the pure use of illustration, however, I will describe it as a product and method of producing the same involving the use of an oil constituent which has an odor and characLrr such that it will accomplish the purposes above indicated. The constituents which i may add are, first, an empyreumatic constituent which will give to the artificial leather the faint burnt or caramelized odor of finished leather; second, an animal oil which will give to it an animal odor; and third, an essential oil or similar substance which acts so as to blend or mask the other odors to some extent. In producing an artificial leather in accordance with my invention. I add to the p yroxylin dissolved in a volatile solvent, a quantity of an empyrumatic distillate or oil, as, for example, oil of Russia leather compound. oil. of cudc, oil of birch tar, crude or rectified. To this niav he added an essential oil as, for example, oil of lavender flowers or oil of hergzamotand in eddi tion may be added an alcoholic animal tincture, as for example, tincture ol" lonquin grain musk. As an exmnplc of the substances which may be added in the solution of pyroxylin. I may add the following: cmp reumatic distillate or oil, 90%, essential oil of 19 alcoholic animal tincture, f of 1%. The fabric is coated with a pyroxylin solution containing these added substances, and is dried in the usual manner. The dry ing of the coating upon the fabric leaves in the coating composition a sufficient quantity of the added constituents h eating the desired thermore, to provide constituents which will odors to produce an artificial leather having counteract the effects of the solvent and oil retained in the pyroxylin coated fabric, so that the result is to produce the odor of real leather. It will there-fore be seen that the actual constituents added to produce this effect are not the same as would be used to obtain merely the odor of real leather, but

to roduce an odor which, when combined wit 1 the odor of the solvent, etc, will give as a result the odor of real leather.

In carryin out my invention I add to the artificial leat ier certain constituents which not only give to it the requisite odor, but also an odor which cannot be distinguished from that-.of ordinary leather, and it as found that the artificial leather thus produced retains these constituents for a sufiiciently lon time to givethe artificial leather permanent y the odor of real leather.

While I have described my invention above in detail, I wish it to be understood that many changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim:

1. An artificial leather comprising a pr .roxylimcoated fabric having the odor of leather and containing an empyrenmatic v substance.

i- QuAn artificial leather comprisingzajpy r0 lin-coated fabric having the odor of leat er andcontaininalmusk.

- 3. An artificial leat leather and containing an empyreumat1c substance and an" essential 011.

5. An artificial leather comprising a pyrox lin-coated fabric having the odor of lezlither and containing musk and an essential o1 6. An artificial leather comprising a pyroxylin-coated fabric having the odor of leather and containing an animal tincture and an essential oil.

' 7. An artificial leather comprising a pyrnxvlin-coated fabric.

having "the odor of leather and containing an cmpyreumatie -ric therewith, and drying the coated fabric.

9. The process which comgrises dissolving pyroxylin in a solvent, ad ing thereto an empyreumatic substance and musk, coating a fabric therewith, and drying the coated fabric. i

10. The process which comprises dissolving pyroxylin in a solvent, adding thereto' an emp reumatic substance, musk and an essentia oil, coatin a fabric therewith, and drying the coated abric. t

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I 40 have hereunto set my hand.


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