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Publication numberUS1270296 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1918
Filing dateNov 19, 1917
Priority dateNov 19, 1917
Publication numberUS 1270296 A, US 1270296A, US-A-1270296, US1270296 A, US1270296A
InventorsAubrey Edwin Jeune
Original AssigneeAubrey Edwin Jeune
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Electric-fixture canopy.
US 1270296 A
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1 ,270,296. Patentod J mm 25, 1918,




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented J ime 25, 1918.

Application filed December 8, 1918, Serial No. 135,819. Renewed N vember 19, 1817. Serial No. 202,870.

To all whom it may concern:

lie it known that AUBREY EDWIN JEUNE of the city of Toronto, in the county of York, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvcments in Elcctric-Fixture Canopies, of which the followin is the specification.

My invention relates to improvements in electric fixture canopies and the object of the invention is to devise a simple form of canopy which may be quickly and readily removed for inspection purposes and from which the full weight of the fixture may depend thus dispensing with any insulated as pipe connection commonly employed an it consists essentially of the following arrangement and construction of parts as hereinafter more particularly explained by the following specification.

Figure 1, is a cncral perspective view of my canopy attached to a ceiling.

Fig. 2. is a sectional view through Fig. 1.

Figs. 3 l and 5 are perspective details of the parts comprising the canopy separated apart.

Fig. ti, is a sectional view of an alternative construction.

Fig. 7, is a. perspective detail of the base plate shown in Fig. (3 and the depending hanger secured thereto.

In the drawings like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in each figure.

1 indicates an annular plate provided with diametrically disposed depending arc-shape flanges 2 and 3 and recesses 4 and 5 interposed between the opposite ends of the opposing flanges 2 and 3. The annular plate 1 1s secured to the ceiling by a. plurality of screws 6 extending through screw orifices 7 formed in the plate preferably arranged eircularly in proximity to the outer edge of the plate.

8 indicates the main portion of the canopy. the upper annular flange 8 of which is provided with diametrically opposing inturned flange extensions 8 and 8 When connecting the main portion of the canopy 8 in position all that it is necessary to do is to place the flange 8 of the canopy around the plate 1 to the outside of the depending flanges 2 and 3 so that the flange extensions 8" and 8 pass through the recesses 4 and 5 against, the face of the ceiling indicated by the numeral 9. The member 8 is then given a quarter turn whereby the flange extensions 8 and 8 are carried circumferentially into position between that portion of the plate 1 carrying the depending flanges 2 and 3 between the face of the ceiling or into the position shown in Fi 2, the flanges 2 and 3 inthis osition bearing against the inner face of tlie'annular flange 8. The canopy member 8 may carr depending hooks 10 from which depend e ains usually employed for supportin a chandelier or other lighting fixture. T e canopy may also be divided into two ortions, the main portion as above descri ed terminatin at its lower end in an annular dependin ange 11 and the member 12 substantially domeshape in form and provided with an upwardly extending annular flange 13 designed to fit around the flange 11. The flange 13 is provided with a perforation 14 into which a. pin or other suitable projection 15 extending from the flange 11 is sprung when forcing the flange 13 over the flange 11. The flanges 13 and 11 are also provided with alined orifices 16 and 17 located diametrically opposite the perforation 1-1 and projection 15. 17* indicates a securing screw which is screwed into the alined orifices 16 and 17. The lower end of the canopy member 12 is provided with a center opening 18 through which electric cords are designed to pass. The orifice 18 may also be provided with an internally threaded nipple 19 having an outer flange 20 hearing against the outer face of the dome and an inner flange 21. 22 indicates a reinforcement of comparatively thick metal which is inserted in the dome and around the nipple and over the inner edge of which the flange 21 extends. 23 indicates :1 depending fixture pipe which is threaded into the nipple 19.

When the canopy is used for a horizontal bracket it will be readily seen that the reinforcement 22 serves to reinforce the edges of the orifice 18 nd prevent the buckling of the metal due to the weight of the fixture on the horizontal fixture pipe 23 tending to buckle the metal at this point and sa it downwardly.

n the event of the hooks IObeing used to support the electric fixture all that it is necessary to do when inspecting tlidinterior of the canopy is to remove the/screws 17 and the lower portion 12 of the cane y from the upper portion, the upper; portion still being secured to the ceiliitg and carrying the weight of the chandelier.

If it is desired to move the whole canopy,

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U.S. Classification248/345, 248/343, 403/348
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/02