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Publication numberUS1271300 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1918
Filing dateApr 20, 1917
Priority dateApr 20, 1917
Publication numberUS 1271300 A, US 1271300A, US-A-1271300, US1271300 A, US1271300A
InventorsEdward Flanagan
Original AssigneeEdward Flanagan
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US 1271300 A
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Patented J Uly 2, 1918.

ATTORNEY QEdB m l i l I I I I I 1 I l WITNESS ran srarns PATENT orr on,


- a, To all whomz'tmay o1ic em,-f i

Be it known that I, EDWARD FLANAGAN, a citizen of the United: States,; residing at 1430 Blavis street, Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and Stateof- -Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful Im-. provements in Smoke-House's, of which the following is a specification. 1 p a V i This invention relatesto smoke -house s, and has for-an object, amongothers to pro vide a novela'nd improved'form ofsmoke genera ting apparatus, which embracesauto matic. features of control and operation, tending to produce a'more'eilicient andmore economically operating means for,,maintaining the temperature ofthe smoke house withinprescribedflimits. I

Another object residesyin the I provision of the smoke house wh-iolreconomizes fuel when inoperation and serves to insurefa positive circulation; of smoke throughout every part thereof, -withou't}t resorting .to the 'use of circulating-fans and simllar zipper} tainances.

I A furtherv obj ectfresidesj in a smoke house havingalsmokejgenerating apparatus posi tioned therein, and an oscillating damperfor controlling the circulation of smoke through the closure, a chain being connected with said damper to retain the same in an open position J111d Wll3ll the smoke outlet door or damper. of saidapparatus, a fusiblev linkqis provided in the chain so that when the temperature within the smoke house reaches a. predetermined j limit, ,said link 1 will fuse so as to. destroy the chain con? nection existing between the dampers, in order that the [latter may revolve to closed positions, whereby. the temperature of A buildingv will be. instantly lowered. The invention consists of novel features,

' details of construction andg'i'combination of parts, which hereinafter will be more parsMoKE-H USE.

Specification of Letters Patent. Application fiieaa rii e0, 1917. Serial o. 163,452.

' Patented July 2, 1918.

Similar characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several views of the drawing; f

,Referring more particularly to the drawing, the preferred formpf the invention consistsoffais'inoke generator 1, which is positioned interiorly of a smoke house 2,

jthe latter may beof any appropriate size, or constructed from any suitable material,

and is preferablyheated through the agency ofsteam-heated coils 3 or their equivalent,- whereby thetemperatureof the house may be maintained at a required degree necessary improperly conserve'iedible materials positioned therein. Y, r The generator, 1 in its preferred embodiment consists of a,:sheet metal structure which is intern'ally divided, by means'of a mu. or partition 4, tofdefine afuel-receiving hopperga andacombustion chamber '6;

Aecess is to be had to the hopper through ui'ei g acyer a hingedcover 7,' whereby .sua bleruei, such as saw dust. obtained ,jfro'm' certain' woods, may bereadi'ly posi- I tioned therein, 'lhe lower wall of thejhop y per'y5 i preferably inclined toward the iower pemon o'fth'e combustion chamber .6, i

so {fuel positioned within the hopper will lautoma'tically, gravitate toward; said needed. p Air is supplied to the chamber, 6 through combustion cl amber 'as itf consumed for theuse of a substantially funnel-shaped pipe ,8, which communicates with the eX-- terior, of thesmoke house and terminates ing teriorlywithhrthe combustion chamber in a ;-dow'nwardl-y extending nozzle19; pipeis a'dapted to supply afsuificient iq'uan y @O fr hair to the .generatorto conform with,theicombustion requirements .of the latter,ffand"practice hasprovenithe fact that b f'v tue of-this construction it isfnot necessary to'employ a fan' or' blower, suchjas A -l 1.11 thegc n r ti o er d y m fo1j mer Patent #l,133,118. Smoke escapes from" the combustion chamber through a 'damper covered outlet 10 provided in the upper extremity of the chamber 6,, and is: then adapted to circulate throughethe smoke. house so as tobe utilized in curing suitable foods; A cupola 11' is provided'on *the upper portion of the smoke house-and is formed with a smoke outlet opening 12,

and by reasonofthis construction it will be 7 seen that "air will be "permitted to circulate through the smoke house in 'a' constant and steady stream, when the damper 13, is in an open position. v

The smoke outlet of the generator "l'is adapted tobe covered by means of a door or damper ltwvhich, when the generator is in service, is in anopen position, clearly indicated in Fig. 1, so that smoke produced cl'iain. A fusible link'17 is employed to con-' nect the chain 15 with the damper 13 and it will be seen that in the event of thetem per'a'ture of the smoke house'reaching an ab- Inormal or dangerous point the link .17 will fuse sothat theconnection existing between said damper18 and the chain-will bebr'oken. This action will permit the damper 13 to revolve to a closediposition, "shutting-oil'- the thisconstruction"itvvillbe possible to ecocirculation through the Smokehouse, and at the same time will 'release the "damper 14L so as to cover thecombustion'chamber 6; By

nomically cure food stuffs positioned within the' sinokehouse, as the proper temperature required for "properly curing suchm'atter is always "maintained, and excessive waste-producing temperatures are 'a'cc ording ly eliminated. 'VVhen'the' damper 14: revolves'to closed position, the supply of fuel from the hopper5 'to'the combustion chamber'is also automatically cut on; as said damper isc'onnected bymeans of alink 18 with a pivoted door'fl19', associated with the'wa'll 1 4L and designeu to control-the passage ofthe fuel into said combustion chamber; s will be clearly understood. The link'IS also serves to "open the do'o'r 19 when thedamper leg is elevated to permit 'o'fthe rise of'smoke within'the I G' -Q I 1. i From thej"'foregoing des'oripti'on it "is thought thatth'e operation and construction of thepresent invention will be clearlypbvi'o'us to those versed in the art, and there i,271,3oo

"a smoke "generator liavinga combustion chamber formed therein, of an air supplying means extending from said chamber to the exterior of said smoke house, and a pivoted damper coverlng the smoke outlet of said eh amber.

2. In a smoke house, the combination with a smoke generator having combustion chamber formed therein, ofan air supplying means extending from said chamber to the exterior o'f said smoke house; and a pivoted gravity: closing damper covering the smoke outlet of said chamber.

A smoke house having asmoke generator positioned therein, an airinlet'extending from the "exterior of said smoke house to the combustion chamber of said generator, gravity closing dampers cover ing' the smoke outlets of said smoke house and 1 generator when the internal temperature of said smoke house reaches a predetermined height. I

*lnasmoke house, the combination with a smoke generator including a combustion chamber, of an ainsupplying means extending to' said chamber from the exterior of saich'smoke' house, a fuel-receiving hopper provided in said generator, a'swingin door control-lingthe flow of fuel from saic hopperto the eombustionchamber, a similar door for, regulating thesmoke outlet of said combustionchamber, and 'means connecting 7 said doors vvhereby' the latter {will move in unison. e

"5. In a smoke house, the combination with a smoke generator, an air inletpipe extending f'rom' the'exterior of said smoke house to said combustion chamber, a damper controlling the more outlet or said combustion chamber, a-similar damper for controlling the circulation of smoke' through said smoke house, a chain connecting-said dampers to normally retain thelatter in open positions, and fusib1e means' carried by said chain to destroythe connection existing between said dampers when the temperature within-said smoke house reaches a-predetermin'ed height. *Inte'stimony whe're'ofl affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification99/468, 99/474, 99/480
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