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Publication numberUS1271430 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1918
Filing dateMar 8, 1918
Priority dateMar 8, 1918
Publication numberUS 1271430 A, US 1271430A, US-A-1271430, US1271430 A, US1271430A
InventorsAlfred W Bush
Original AssigneeAlfred W Bush
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Fountain-pen cap.
US 1271430 A
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1,271,430. v Patented July 2,1918.


n. I V roUNrAImrEn car. I

i a e. i

To this end, the invention among otherfeatures contemplates the production of a plurality of pen elements serving as a, con-- veyer for soluble or solified ink and so con structed whereby the ink may bedischarged therefrom when the filling of the pen is necessaryor desired, Without requiring the pen elements from one disconnection of the another.

Afurther object of the inventlon resides in the provision of means for manipulating ment 10 thereof is of hollow tubular formaand controlling the dispensing operation of the ink from the pen elements.

With the above and other ObJects in View the invention consists in the novel features,

details of construction and combination of parts which will hereinafter be more fully set forth, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawing: V v

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a fountain pen with a portion of the same shown in section;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the pen,

cap showing the parts thereof in disconnected position; and o v Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 illustrating the parts constituting the pen' c ap in open position i Fig. 4 is a detail view showing the collar in locked position; Fig. 5 is a perspective view illustratlng the clip disconnected from the-collar, and 1 Fig. 6 is a view ,sim1lar to Fig. 4; showing the collar in a released'positlon.

Referring more particularly to the accom- 5 panying drawing, wherein like characters of reference refer to correspond ng parts 1n the several views, 5 denotes the fountain pen generally constructed of pen elements,

Specification of Letters Iatent. Application filed March 8 1918, Serial no. 221,255.

namely, the barrel portion thereof, denoted Patented s 2, 191

by the character 6, the pen nib 7 andthe pen .7

cap 8. v

I aim in providing a pen structure embodying the above statedparts wherein a quantity of pigment in the nature of soluble ink tablets indicated by the character 9 may be stored and'one so designed whereby a predetermined quantity of the pigment may be easily and expeditiously removed from the magazine portion ofthe cap, when desiring to refill the pen barrel, without annoyance or inconvenience to the operator of havlng to d sconnect the magazine from the pen cap. Previous to describing the construction of these elements, I am desirous ofhaving it understood, seven though'as here illustrated, the soluble inkis of tablet form, the same may, if desired, be of a powdered, pulverized or particle nature and capable of being dissolved and converted into ink by ghedconta'ct of such with water or the like m s.

Now referring to the pen cap 8, the eletion and into which the pen nib 7 is inserted when the use of the pen is not desired. Provided in the element 10 of the cap at a point ad acent the upper or meeting end 11 thereof is located a disk 12 providing the said end i with an internally threaded socket 13 into whichthe lower or meeting threaded end 14; V

of the other, element l5 of the pen cap is threaded for establishing a detachable connection of the pen elements with one another. For the sake of clearness, the pen element 15- will be hereinafter referred to as the magazine and into which the tablets 9 are stored. To facilitate the tablets to be dispensed from the magazine without requiring a disconnection thereof'from the pen cap, I provide in the lower threaded end 14 of the magazine an opening 16 adaptedto register with a similar opening 17 provided in the wall forming the socket 13 of the pen element 10, upon the screwing of the magazine into the socket 13 of the pen element 10. Loosely fitting'around the meeting ends of the pen elements is an annular .collar 18 having formed in thevfiange 19 thereofa substantially inverted U-shaped gate or slot 20, consequently upon the rotation of'the collar upon the pen elements to a point for registering the slot 20 with the registering slots 16 and 17 of the respective pen elements and 10, will permit of a quantity of the ink contained in the magazine to be dispensed therefrom, notonly by obviating the necessity of disconnecting the pen elements from one another, but furthermore when the cap assumes a substantially perpendicular position. Provided in the flange 19 of the collar 18 to one side of its slot 20 is a stud 21 adapted to engage in the notches 22 provided in the side walls forming the slot 17 of the tated upon the shoulder 23 as the occasion so demands. In practice, I have found it to be advantageous to lock the collar 18 against rotary movement, and to this end I provide in the base of the element 15 a recess 25 and a similarly constructed recess 26, the latter being provided in the upper edge of the annular collar 18 at a point to'one side of the gate or U-shaped slot 20 thereof. Provided in the upper end of the finger 24 is a pair of superposed vertically-alined slots 27 through which project studs or the like fastening devices 28 for mounting the finger on the exterior circumference of the annular collar '18 for vertical sliding movement. Manifestly, upon the adjustment of the-finger in an upward vertical direction and when the collar 18 assumes a closed position, the projection 29 provided on the extreme upper end of the finger engages in the recess 25 of the pen element 15 and establishes a' locking action of the collar. When desiring to gain access to the p1gment,the projection 29 is released from the recess 25 by sliding the finger 24 in a downward direction and to prevent any obstructlon to the rotation of the collar 18 the projection 29 is brou ht to engage in the recess 26 of the collar, facilitating the release of the collar from the pen element 15,. At this point, I am desirous of stating the finger'2et when the pen nib 7 is inserted in the pen element 10, may be utilized as a pen clip to prevent any accid t l loss of the. pen from the pocket of the wearer.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing,

the advantages of construction and the method of operation will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to which the invention relates, and while I have described the principles of operation of the invention, together with the device which I now consider to be the best embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that the device shown is merely illustrative and that such changes may be made when desired as are within the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed as new is 1. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen barrel, a sectional ink conveyer detachably connected therewith, and means embracing the sections at their juncture for permitting a quantity of the ink to be dispensed from the conveyer without discon.

'necting the latter from said barrel.

2. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen, a sectional ink conveyer therefor and the sections of the conveyer each being pro vided at their juncture with openings, and means defined between the juncture ends of the conveyer for controlling the dispensing operation of a quantity of ink from the conveyer, and means for manipulating said latter mentioned means.

3. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen barrel, a sectional member adapted to contain a quantity of ink detachably connected with the pen barrel and each provided with an openin the opening of one section registering wit the opening of the other section upon the connected position of a said sections, and means for controlling the dispensing "of the ink through the registering openings of the sections.

4. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen barrel, of a magazine having a dispensing opening detachably connected with the pen barrel and adapted to contain a quantity of ink and a collar loosely embracing the magazine for controlling the dispensing operation of the ink through the opening thereof.

5. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen barrel, an ink conveyer detachably connected therewith and provided with a dispensing opening, a member loosely embracing the conveyer for controlling the dispensing operation of the ink from the dispenster mentioned means against retrograde; movement, and means slidably mounted on the latter mentioned means for locking the former against any accidental retrograde movement. a

7. In a fountain pen, the combination with a pen barrel, an ink conveyer detaohably connected therewith and provided with a dis-" ling the dispensing operation of the ink from the dispensing member. and means slidably mounted upon the latter mentioned means for engagement in the recess of the ink conveyer for locking the member against any 10 accidental retrograde movement.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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