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Publication numberUS1271740 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1918
Filing dateDec 26, 1917
Priority dateDec 26, 1917
Publication numberUS 1271740 A, US 1271740A, US-A-1271740, US1271740 A, US1271740A
InventorsJames L Mckinney
Original AssigneeJames L Mckinney
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US 1271740 A
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1 ,271,740, v Patented July 9, 1918.


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Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented July 9, 1918.

Application filed December 26, 1917. Serial No. 208,760.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, J AMES L. MCKINNEY, a'citizen of the United States, residing in the city of St. Louis and State of Missouri, have invented a certain new and useful Signal, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in signals and has reference more particularly to a railway-gate signal and has for its object to provide a device which will display a warning signal when the gate is down and hide the warning signal from view when the gate is up or open.

A further object of the invention is to provide a signal device which is closed on all sides excepting for a window in the front face of the device thereby providing a signal capable of using a red-light which will not be visible to railroad employees, but visible only to traffic approaching the closed railroad gate.

A still further obj ect of my invention is to provide a signal housing having a balanced signal plate pivotally mounted therein1 said housing adapted to be fixed to a railroadgate and movable therewith so that a warning carried by the signal plate may be visible througha window when the railroadgate is down and protected from view when the railroad-gate is up or open.

lith the above and other objects in view the invention consists in certain new and novel constructions,arrangements and combination of parts as will be more fully described hereinafter and finally pointed out in the claims hereto appended.

Referring to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification wherein like characters of reference denote similar parts throughout the several views:

Figure 1, is a front elevation in full and dotted lines of a railroad crossing gate in closed and open positions respectively, and to which is fixed my signal device.

Fig. 2, is a detail in front elevation, of the signal device as it appears when the crossing-gate is up and the warning upon the signal plate is out of view.

Fig. 3, is a detail, in front elevation, of the signal device as it appears when the crossing gate is closed or lowered and the warning upon the signal plate is in view.

Fig. 4, is a detail, in rear elevation, of the signal device showing it fixed to a rail-1 wat menagere Fig. 5, is a front elevation of the signal device with the housing in cross-section.

h Fig. 6, is a vertical sectional view of the signal device taken on line X-X of Fig. 4, looking in direction of the arrow.

Referring to the drawings the reference character 1, designates an ordinary type of railroad crossing-gate arm.

In carrying out the aim of my invention, I employ a suitable metallic housing 2 which is fixed to the gate-arm 1 by means of suitable fastening means 3. The front face of the housing is provided with a suitably shaped and sized sight opening 4. TheA rear face of the housing 2 is provided in its upperV half with a suitably shaped door 5 hinged, as at 6, to the back face of the housing. The door is held in a closed position by means of a suitable fastening device 7. The upper part of the door 5 is provided with a plurality of suitable openings 8 to permit heat to escape from the interior of the housing and to provide air thereto to enable a lamp to burn therein.

The opening 4 in the front face of the housing 2 is preferably closed by means of a glass designated 9.

Pivotally supported by means of a suitable shaft 10 within the housing 2 is a suitable signal plate 11. One end of the shaft 10 is supported by means of the bearing 10 while the opposite end of the shaft 10 is supported by means of a suitable adjusting screw 13, as clearly shown in Fig. 6.

The upper end 12 of the signal plate 11 is preferably provided with a suitable warning, such for instance as the word Stop, which is stamped in section 12 of the signal plate 11. Anv suitable warning characters may be formed in this plate section 12 and covered with a red glass, or Celluloid facing 14.

A suitable lamp 15 is supported by means of the signal plate 11 to the rear of the signal plate section 12 thereby permitting light from the lamp to shine though the warning plate section 12 of the signal plate 11, as is manifest.

The lower edge of the signal plate 11 is provided with a suitable balance weight 16, to hold the warning plate section 12 of the signal plate 11 in its upright position at all times, as clearly shown in Figs. 5 and 6.

The operation of the signal device is as follows: i

Whey. the gate-@Fm l is down or in its horizontal position, the wartung' plate seo? tion 12 of the signal plate 11 is directly Ato the rear of the opening/Linthe iront ijlace of the housing l, thereby displaying a warning signal in red, to all approaching traffic, such as vehicles, pedestrians, etc. .i

.As @the gatermin |S being raised, it .will be observed, that the opening 4 in the face of the housing l, gradually moves to one side of the warning plate section l2 of the signal lplate 11, thereby Yentirely hiding the warning *plate Vsection :12 from view `when the Ygatearm V1 is in its uppermost oropen position, as clearly illustrated in lFigs. 1 and 2. It will "be observed that-the housing lmoves with relation to 'the signal plate which stands still in a balanced. position, thus it will beseen;that;tlie warning signal is in lfull view .ofapproaching vtraiiic when the gate-,arm is vdown or closed and :completely'hidden from view-whenthe gatearm lis raised or in an upright position. 'The in any advantagesl` of a l signalv as ihereindescribed will readily suggest themselves to thosefskilled'in the arttofwhiclh it appertains.

V"The Aexact construction illustrated in the drawings not essential 4to Athe invention, as isinani-est, andfbeing aware thatvarious changes may be made Ain the `construction and arrangement of parts lwithou-t depart'- ing yfrom the principle of -niy invention, l reserve uthe right to make any y such changes or modifications as -niay Vfairly fall within v the Vscope of ythe appended claims when Vfairly construedf What I claim is:

Vl. In'eombination with Va railway crossing gate-arm, a lsignal comprising a housing having'a sight Efopening fixed 'to said gatearm, 'a rself "balanced vvindicator arranged inside of said housing adapted -to be exposed -to rview througli said sight opening when the qgaltearm is ina horizontal position and out of alinement with said sight Yopening -whenth'e'gate-arm is in anupriglit position.

2. In combination with a railway 'crossing gate-arm, of a signal comprising a housing .pievided faiths-.Sieht Opening Xed t0 Said gate-arm, means pivotally balanced Within #Said housing, a door for said housing, a .warning indicator forming a part of said balanced ,.nieavns, a lamp suppoitedfbysaid means to the rear of said warning indicatoryfor villuminating said indicator, said warning indicator adapted to be exposed to view through said sight opening to approaching traiiio Vwhen said gate-armis in afhorizontalposition and out of alinement Y'with said sight opening when said 'gatefarm is inan upright position.

3. In combination-with a railway crossing gataarm, of a signal comprising a housing provided with a sight openinggii-Xedto said gate-arm, va door for said housing, Va signal plate pivotally arranged within ysaid housing, a warning indicator formed --at the upper end of said signal plate, ;alainprsupportedto the-rear-of said wai-'ning indicator ,for illuminating said warning indicator, a

Vweight iixedto theflower part of saidsignal plate for balancing said warning indicator, said warning indicator adapted to 'be eX- posed -to view 1through said sight yopening when thegate-ai-jm is in a horizontal position and out of alinement -with said sight opening when said gate-arm is in an upright Gopiespf lhis patent may 5be obtained for `ve cents each, ny addressingthe eommssoiler=,of1aten1is,

^' 'WashingtomfDnCW

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