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Publication numberUS1272181 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1918
Filing dateNov 6, 1917
Priority dateNov 6, 1917
Publication numberUS 1272181 A, US 1272181A, US-A-1272181, US1272181 A, US1272181A
InventorsCarlo Andreucci
Original AssigneeCarlo Andreucci
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Production of nitrogen from the air.
US 1272181 A
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No Drawing.

T0 allawlzom it may concern:

Be it. known that l, (,tanno Art'nmcueet, a subject of the King of ]taly. and resident at Rome. Italy. (whose post-oll'iee address is No. lTfl ria Xazionale.) have invented rertain new and useful Improvements in or Relating to the lroduetion of Nitrogen fr m the Air. ol' whirl) the iollowiilg is a ,or led oti. for treatment in any suitable way.

esperially for obtention of substantially pure nitrogen.

in praetiee, the ehamber may be the roar bustiolrt-llamber of an internal eombustion engine (for instanre, petroleum. produeer gas. lighting gas or Diesel engine}, pro ruled with a suitable means for ignit on ot' the mixture of air and of hydrogen. 1 have attained good results with an apparatus comprising an internal eolnbustion-ehamher having inlet ports, one from the atmosphere, and the other from a tank or other source of hydrogen, the also being means for throttling the said inlet openings, separately if desired. to regulate the supply of the air and of the hydrogen so as to bring ab ut; substantially their eombiuing proportions in the mixture, and to prevent, under the control of a \Vatt indieator, the explosive pressures from being too great.

For igniting the mixture, I may use an eleetrieal sparking device, or, in plaee thereot. any suitable means of ignition, such as a small flame, an ineandeseent tube, or the like. i The combustion-ehamber is also provided with means (a port, pipe or other means) for leading ofi or drawing oil the product (after ignition and explosion of the mixture Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 6, 1917.

latented July 9, 1918.

Serial No. 200,593.

of air and hydrogen), and treated to sepa rate impurities and to IOtOVt'l the nitrogen.

The pressure due to explosion oi the 1nixlure of air and of hydrogen. may be utilized to operate any meehanism in a u ual way. .\s a re ult, in addition to obtaining nitrogen, 1 also provide a prime mover which may be used for any purpose.

l bat heretofore sut-r sst'ully pr 'setised the present prowess: by bringing about, by meanat an ilt'tll it spark. the mplosirm of eurer-ssii'e tilill "es tilt'll ot'. sulwtuntially, ltltlt) liters of air (which rontain 20'. liters ol oxygen) with, substantially, 41% liters of hydrogen. in the e1unlmstion-ehamber of an internal eombustion engine, provided with a deviee for electric ignition. The prop0rlions given may be determined or regulated by operation (it the throttling means for the inlet; openings. one for air and the other from a sourre of hydrogen.

The preduet resulting from ignition and explosion in" the lili;'-.'l.llle of air and of hydrogen in the speeitied pr p rtions is led or d awn oh, and is the followin riz., about 313*) grams of Willtl and TYRE liters of almost pure nitrogen. mixed with impurities of the air, and n'hirh are afterward eliminated by ehemieal means or other suitable treatment.

llaying non partieularly described and aseertained the nature of my said invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed, I deelare that what I claim is:

1. A process for continuously obtaining atmospherie nitrogen, consisting in separately supplying successive charges each of air and hydrogen, in substantially the proportions of 1,000 liters of air to 418 liters of hydrogen, into a ehamber, igniting and exploding eat-h eharge while within the (chamber, and removing the. product of each explosion upon oeeni'renee thereof, and collecting the nitrogen released from the suceessive explosiowproduets.

2. A. proeess for obtaining atmospheric ni trogen in an internal combustion engine, the combustion ehamber of which is provided with inlet openings for air and hydrogen, In testimony whereof I have hereunto which comprises regulating the proportions signed my name in the presence of two wit- 10 of air and hydrogen b mealnrzl of said inlet nesses. o enin s, igniting an exp 0 in the sucw t Y 5 CSSSlVB ChHIgQS of the air and hydrogen LARLO ANDRLULLI' while within the chamber, and collecting the Witnesses: nitrogen released from the successive ex- MARIO S. AN'IREYELA, plosion products. GIOVANNI BARTOLUZZI.

Copies 01 this patent may be obtained for flve cents each, by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. G."

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U.S. Classification423/351, 423/580.1, 204/164, 204/179, 423/219
Cooperative ClassificationC01B21/083