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Publication numberUS1272207 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1918
Filing dateAug 5, 1915
Priority dateAug 5, 1915
Publication numberUS 1272207 A, US 1272207A, US-A-1272207, US1272207 A, US1272207A
InventorsHenry L Bullen
Original AssigneeAmerican Type Founders Co
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Chase-rack for printers' use.
US 1272207 A
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Patented July 9 3 SHEETSSHEET 1.



. APPLICATION FILED AUG.5. 1915- 1,272,201

Patented July 9, 1918.




Patented July 9, 1918.

3 SHEET$SHEET 3 linmii 7 U @0 ma o APPLICATION FILED AUG.5, i915.

U L! L] L mm W i @omvooo 000 00 000 9% rarer rare,




- Jersey, have invented and discovered certain new and useful Improvements in Chase- Racks for Printers Use, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to furniture for printing oflice use and consists in the combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and particularly set forth in the appended claims.

The invention hasfor its purpose to provide an adjustable chase rack adapted for holding chases of different sizes and in such relation that the forms held therein are prevented from rubbing against each other;

and wherein all the chases of uniform size are assembled together for convenience of the stoneman in ascertaining at a glance. what chases or dead forms in chase'sof any size are available, 1

The invention is shown by Way of illustration in the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure 1 is a perspective view thereof,

Fig. 2 a longitudinal sectional view of the same,

Fig. 3 a fragmentary perspective view showing the support and adjustment feature for the platform,

Fig. 4 a fragmentary perspective view of the back guide,

Fig. 5 a front elevational view of the rack showing a modified form of top guide,

Fig.6 a side elevation of the top guide, gig. 7 a'detailed perspective view thereof, an Fig. 8 a modified form of channel pieces gm the continuous top guide illustrated in Referring to the construction in further detail and wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding parts, the structure consists of a frame having a base 1 and four corner posts 2 supporting the top 3, said posts and the base being of angle iron and sheet metal construction, and the frame is of that hei ht convenient for placing and removing t e chase racks by the average height man.

A support, such as a'series of appropriate channel irons, or a corrugated metal-sheet,

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed August '5, 1915. Serial No. 43,840.

Patented July 9, 1%18.

5 thereof form the slide-ways to receive the chase racks and hold the contained forms therein in their proper spaced relation. A

air of cross-bars or top guides 6 is adustably mounted the desired distance above base 1 on the corner post 2 by means of bolts or pins 7 passing through apertures 8 in said corner posts and registering apertures formed in the cross-members. Each cross-bar 6 is of iron of appropriate form and has secured to its underside a corrugated strip 9 or a series of channel irons 9 (see Fig. 8) disposed with their channels 10 to correspond with the channels 5 of the support 4 to receive the chase racks and hold the same in erect position.

' A platform llis supported by the pair of top guides 6 and itself carries another series of channel irons, or a corrugated sheet, 12 forming a support for an upper tier of chase racks, and for said platform there is a second pair of top guides 6 carrying corrugated strips 9, or channel pieces 9*, and said to guides and strips are constructed and ad ustably mounted on the corner posts of the frame in the manner described of the first pair of top guides.

A platform 11 is also mountedon the upper pair of cross-members, 6 and supports the corrugated sheet, or channel irons, 12 forming a third support for another tier or setof chase racks, and in like manner said third support is provided with a pair of top guides 6 carryin corrugated strips, or channel pieces, provi ing guides to receive the upper ends of the chase racks supported by them respective platforms.

pendently mounted on the frame to the end that the upper, or top, guides may be adjusted according to the dimensions of the chases, and for adapting the rack to'hold chases of two different sizes on the same platform. In this instance, the chases of one size would be placed in and removed from the rack on one side, and all the chases of the other size would be assembled in the rack on the opposite side. The rack isshown adjusted for this purpose in'Fig. 2, and where the top guides are not used to support the platform 11, said platform is secured to the corner posts by bolts passin through the apertures 8 of said posts an through flanges 11 formed on either end of said platforms.

The platforms 11 are adapted to be indeside of the rack, and in this instance the top guide is made in two parts. Each part 18 has a relatively broad flange 19 to which is secured a plurality of channel irons 20- adapted to register with the corresponding channels of the lower guide as with the arrangement shown and described in Fig. 1. The top guides 18 are independently adjustable and adapted to be secured on the corner posts, and in all other respects the construction and manner of use are the same.

A back guide or support is provided to be mounted on either platform (see Fig". 1) and has for its purpose to receive the backs of the chase racks and hold the same in erect position and to maintain the proper dis-- tance between the forms contained in said racks and thereby avoid the disadvantages attending rubbing or other contact of said forms, as will be understood. This device is an extra attachment intended to hold sixteen, or fewer, chases of sizes so irregular that they could not be held by a full-length or half-length top guide.

The back support consists of a pair of side plates 13 of substantially triangular design, and two corrugated sheets or strips 14 disposed with their respective channels to register as shown in Fig. 4, and said sheets have flanged edges 15 for securing to the side plates by rivets 16, or otherwise. The back guide is movably mounted on the shelf and is provided with a pair of wing 'nuts 17 adapted to clamp against the side edges of the platform supporting plate and secure the back guide in set position.

From the foregoing it will be seen that the platforms, together with their appurtenances, may be adjusted at will to receive chase racks of different sizes, and that the chases of uniform size'may be assembled together for the convenience of the stoneman to ascertain at a glance what chases or dead forms in the chases of any size are available. It will be further noted that the backsupport or guide is adjustable with the platform, since it is mounted thereon.

It is obvious that those skilled in the art may vary the details'of construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spirit of the invention. and therefore I do not wish to be limited to such features except as may be required by the claims.

Having thus fully described my said inbase and corner posts, a channeled platform mounted on the base, guide members adjustably mounted on said corner posts having channels registering with the channels of the platform, a second channeled platform mounted on said guide members, and guide members adjustably mounted on said corner posts having channels registering with the channels of the second platform, substantially as set forth.

2. In a chase rack for printers use, the combination, ofa frame structure, a channeled platform vertically adjustable on the frame structure, a channeled back guide horizontally adjustable on said platform,a nd guide members adjustably mounted on the frame structure having channels registering with the channels of said platform and the back forth.

3. In a chase rack for printers use, the combination, of a frame having opposite entrances, a platform mounted on the frame.

and provided with channel-ways, and a pair of top guides independently and adjustably mounted on the frame at each entrance thereof, said top guides having each a plurality of channel-waysregistering with the channel-ways of the platform, substantially as set forth.

4:. In a chaserack for printers use,"'the combination, of a frame constructed of sheet metal and having a base and corner posts, a platform mounted on the base having means forming channel-ways, a pair of cross-bars adjustably mounted on said corner posts, means secured to said cross-bars providing channel-ways registering with said platform channel-ways, a second platform having means providing channel-ways, and. members mounted on the corner posts having each a plurality of channel-ways register ing with the channel-ways of said second platform, substantially as set forth.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Newark. New Jersey, this 28th day of July, A. D. nineteenhundred and fifteen.

HENRY L. BULLEN. [L.S.] Witnesses:


guide respectively, substantially as set

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