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Publication numberUS1272238 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1918
Filing dateJan 18, 1918
Priority dateJan 18, 1918
Publication numberUS 1272238 A, US 1272238A, US-A-1272238, US1272238 A, US1272238A
InventorsWilliam H Ellis
Original AssigneeWilliam H Ellis
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Sheet-metal hot-water and sheet-metal irrigating bottle.
US 1272238 A
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Armcmon mio |An.1a.|s|a.

Patented July 9, 1918.'

ru: "onlus uns m.. mutua. inxlwmll. n c


concern.: v i i Be itknowntha't I, WILLIAM A c .citizenof- .the United` States, andresldent and ,Stateof.lisconsim have-invented. .certain new and useful Improvements in Sheet.- MetalHot-VVater and Sheet-Metal Irrigatng-BQlS{anlflg'do hereby declare that the'following is a full, clear, Vand exact description thereof- '.v n Y This invention relates to improvements: in sheet metal contamers, particularly water bottles.

` The principal object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which can be usedfeither as a hot water bottle or as an irrigating bottle.

An additional Objectis to provide a novel arrangement forforming'screw threads on the sheet metal neck of the device for the reception of a screw cap.

A still further object is to provide .an improved foldable hanger element for use when the receptacle is to be operated as an irrigating bottle.

Vith lthe foregoing and other objectsin view, my invention resides in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts substantially as hereinafter particularly described and claimed, it being understood that such changes in the preciser embodiment of the herein-disclosed invention may be made as come within the scope of the claims.

In the drawing, Figure l represents aV side elevational view of a bottle constructed 1n accordance with my invention, parts of the same being broken away and 1n section,

. said bottle being provided with the cap which is used when the device is to form a hot water bottle.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view through the upper end of the improved bottle and cap, the latter being equipped with means for connecting an irrigating tube thereto.

Referring more particularly to the drawing wherein similar referencel characters denote like parts in both of the views, it will be seen that the numeral 1 indicates a bottle which may be of any convenient or desired shape and size, depending upon the purpose to which it is to be put.- This bottle is preferably .formed of sheet metal, it being constructed of two identical halves which have their edges welded or otherwise connected together.


e specification f Letters Patent: i, Patented Illy 9,1918. .I Appiicationfiledfianuaryis,191s. Seriana-212,503. i

The bottle lis provided with. a reduced cylindrical kneck 2tov receive. a polygonal headed'cap havinga cylindrical internally threaded-sleeve? 4: formed integrally there.- w.i tl1=`.. yInasmuchI as itgi's impossible to properly-fformforcut screwthreads in the sheet metaly neck 2, I least; a metallic collar 5 thereon, said collar-being of suliicient thickness to permit external screw threads to be cut .therein fori-cooperation with the inter-.- `nal?*threads on the sleeve 4L. To aid in holding the collar in position, the end of the bottle adjacent the connection of the neck thereto is shouldered as at 6, and the free i edge of the neck is flared outwardlyY as at 7.

The head of the cap 3 is provided with a central'screw threaded opening 8 to receive either the threaded shank of a closure plug 9 or the similar portion of a nipple 10.

Vhe'n the containeris to be used as a hot water bottle the opening 8 is closed by the plug 9 as shown in Fig. 1. But, when it is used as an'irrigatng bottle the opening 8 receives the nipple 10 on which is disposed an irrigating tube 11 of any appropriate length. A central passage-way l2 through the nipple 10 and the shank thereof provides an outlet from the interior of the bottle to the tube 11.

Also, when the container is to be used as an irrigating bottle a hanger element is brought into play. This element is in the form of an eye 13` pivoted in a fulcrum block 14 secured within a recess 15 formed in the bottom of the bottle. This recess is of sufficient size and depth to house the eye and its block when the former is in folded or inoperative position. l/Vhen the device forms an irrigating'bottle it is obviously inverted and the eye 13 disposed over a hook or the like, said eye being extended into the dotted line position shown in Fig. 1 when so used.

In the recessed portion at the bottom is 1 formed a vent normally closed by a plugl adapted for use when the device is operated as an irrigating bottle. It will be noted that the plug does not extend beyond the bottom ment orsereiv `threading the neck of the bottle and the improved oap therefore are on its bottom, said bottom having a depression, a vent in said depression, va ltulo-rum block secured-'1n said depression, and an eye pivote'd to saidblook, `rsaid eye beinggfnor mally disposed in said depressionwvhenlthe Copies of this 'patent may'be obtained container, is seated on its bottom, and-mov;

able outwardly atright-l angles'to provide ahangerfor vsupporting the container when `held. in ian inverted position.

2.*A eombinationfwater and'irrigat-,lm gtv 'bottle adaptedlto normally eeat on itsl bottom and having anoutlet from its top, a

closure cap" for the opening, said capbeng Construtted. to permit the@ attachment 0f a Vhose connection having communication with the interiorvof the bottle, the bottom ofthe bottle having a depression@ hangerv element normally disposed'within said depression and movable outwardly therefrom to provide a support for the Vbottle when in an inverted position', and a vent insaid Vdepression;l

the county `0fconsin. v g' 1 Inv testimony'thatfl Vclaim the foregoing' o have hereuntoset my hand at Two Rivers; in

A30 Manitowoo; amlStateV ofWis-fl

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U.S. Classification215/378, 215/399, 215/902
Cooperative ClassificationY10S215/902, B65D1/06