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Publication numberUS1272245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1918
Filing dateMar 22, 1917
Priority dateMar 22, 1917
Publication numberUS 1272245 A, US 1272245A, US-A-1272245, US1272245 A, US1272245A
InventorsMarie E Fitzgerald
Original AssigneeMarie E Fitzgerald
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Combination library and dressing table.
US 1272245 A
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1 72,245. Patented July 9, 191s.


luna/l, v////////' IVI. E. FITZGERALD.



Patented July 9, 1918.


. Dressing Tables, of which the following is amania :tarmac-Baarn, or sr. Louis, missouni.


Specification of Letters Patent,

Patente duly 9, 191%.

Application filed March 22, 1817. Serial No. 158,559.

To all whom t may eoncem.' i

Be it known that I, MARIE E. FITZG, a citizen of the United States, residin .at the city of St. Louis, in the State of t ssouri, have invented certain .new and useful Improvements in Combination Library and specication.

This invention consists of a combined library or card table or the like and a ladys dresser or dressing table. l

In modern so-called efliciencyl apartments or similar small living quarters in which the bed is disguised by fitting into a wall or door-way or in some other manner, the bed-room eii'ect nevertheless remainsif the .room contains an ordinary dresser, chiffonier, or dressin table. y

The object of t is invention is to provide a useful article of furniture such, for instance, as a. table which atl night or other suitable times can be converted into another useful article of furniture appertaining tothe toilet. Two-item pieces o furniture are known, but this invention provides a suitable combination of dresser, dressing table bearing articles, and library or card table or the like.

One of the advantages of this invention resides in the fact that the perfume bottles, powder boxes, pin trays, and the like ordinarily found upona ladys dressing table or dresser need not be removed or in any way changed preparatory to conversion of this article of furniture from a dressing table to an ordinary table, but are inclosed and out of si ht when the same has been so converte In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification and in which like numbers of reference denote like parts wherever they occur, o

Figure 1 is a perspective view of this article of furniture when open for use as a dressing table; Q

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the same when closed for appearance or use as a center, card, or library table or desk;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view showing the detail of connection between the lid or table top and the back of the base ortion;

Figs. 4 and 5 show the soc et member of a spring catch for a hinged front member;

Figs. 6 and 7 illustrate the spring-pressed button member that coperates with the said socket member; and

Fig. 8 is a sectional view, on a reduced scale, shpwing the relativel arrangement of parts within the table when it has been closed in the manner shown in Fi 2.

The mirror `1 for the dressing ta le is suitably mounted in the inside or underside of the table top 2, which is hinged at 3 tothe back wall 4 of the dressing table. The hinges 3 are so arranged as to hold the mirror 1 vertical when the dressing table is in use, and the mirror is prevented from leaning backward by the engagement of the ilan e 5 of the top 2 vwith the back wall 4, as s own in Fig. 3. The mirror 1 is prevented from accidentally falling forward by the stays 6, which are adapted to fold on pivots 7 in the manner shown in Fig. V8.

The side walls 8 of the article extend upwardly to form the sides 9 of the dressing table connecting with the back wall 4 thereof and the front wall 10, which is hin ed at 11 to the table proper of the dresser. en the article is to be closed to the form shown in Fig. 2, the said hinged front wall 10 will be raised from the position shown in Fig. 1- to that shown in Fig. 2, and will be retained in the said -upraised position by the balland-socket snap fasteners 13, of which the socket member 14 may be attached either to the wall 9 or to the wall 10 and the ball or button member 15 may be oppositely attached either to the wall 10 or to the wall 9. The spring 16 inclosed in the box 17 normally presses the button 15 outwardly so that the sameenters the socket 14 when in position so to do, but, having the rounded head clearly shown in Fig. 7, the said but- .ton 15 will upon the application of sli ht pressure to the wall 10 move either out o or into the socket 14 according to the direction of the movement or pressure upon the said wa1l'10. 4

For the sake of appearance, the table top 2 is provided with the flange 5, preferably running completely around the same, but the said flange is more particularly provided on the side of the top 2 adjacent to the back wall 4 of the dressing table in order to engage the same in the manner shown in Fig. 3 to prevent undue strain' upon the hinges 3 and to maintain the mirror 1 in al fixedand vertical position.

of the table top 2 will be about one inch higher than the customary height of ordinary library tables. The base may be of any desired or suitable construction, and may contain drawers 21 for the reception either of library supplies or articles of clothing or toilet supplies.

It will be observed in Fig. 8 that the mirror 1 is located in a countersink 22 in the underneath or reverse side of the table top 2.

It is to be understood that instead of the hinges 3 or 11 shown in the drawings, concealed hinges may be used, and, furthermore, hinges in lieu of the hinges 3 shown in the drawings may be so constructed as to embody wlthin themselves the stop or stay feature present in the stays 6, which act both as stops to prevent too great backward movement or inclination of the member 2 and its forward inclination-or fall. Instead of the ball-and-socket fasteners 13, any other suitable spring or other fasteners maybe used. Sometlmes dressing mirrors are formed in three sections pivotally connected together and it is'quite'possible to add that detail o construction to the mirror used in this invention, although such modification is not illustrated in the drawings in this patent. Furthermore, modifications not shown in the drawings may be made in the means of hinging and staying the element bearing the mirror 1 so as to allow its movement backward or forward from a substantially vertical plane.

Having thus described this invention, I

hereby reserve the benefit of all changes in form, arrangement, order, or use of parts, as it is evident that many minor changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit of this invention.

v I claim:

A dressing table having a fixed top, a fixed wall extending` about the fixed top at the rear and at the ends thereof, a wall hinged to the front edge of the top and adapted to swing downwardly below said top or upwardly and position or rest upon the upper surface of said lixed top to complete an inclosing wall about said'top, article-receiving boxes supported upon the top and extending from the rear to a point 'adlacent the front thereof, said boxes terminating short of the front edge of the top a sulicient distance to permit the hinged front wall to lie between the side walls when the front wall is raised,v

and a hinged cover having a flange extending therearound which lits down over theseveral walls when lowered.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aiiix my signature.


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