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Publication numberUS1273025 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1918
Filing dateMar 2, 1918
Priority dateMar 2, 1918
Publication numberUS 1273025 A, US 1273025A, US-A-1273025, US1273025 A, US1273025A
InventorsWalter Brongel
Original AssigneeWalter Brongel
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Sword and pistol.
US 1273025 A
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swoRD AND P15101.


1 ,27 3,025 Patented July 16, 1918.

55 FIG.

me Names Ferm: ca Y Puomurno.. wAsmNoroN. n, c.

watten nannesz, or cnicaeo, univers..


speicaaoaof-ieaers.wat ratenteaJu1y=16,.191s.

.Application filed March 2, 1918.' Serial No. 219,968.

To all 'whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, WVALTER BnoNcEm a citizen of the `United States of America, residing at Chicago,in the :county of Cook and State of [llinois,"have invented` certainfnew and useful Improvements in Swords and Pistols, of ,which the following is a specification.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a sword and pistol combined in a single weapon, the arrangement being such that the'sword and pist'olmayn be readily employed in1 operation either separately or simultaneously. j Y Y A further. object of the device is the provision of a structure combining a fire-'arm with a detachableholder for a sword-blade,

provision being `made for readily using either the lire-arm or sword while thehand of the operator is protected or guarded during such use.

Astillfurther objectof the device is to provide a pistol swordthat is easy and inexpensive to manufacture and serves the purpose of two weapons at areduction in weight and bulk, the device possessing great strength and durability.

In the drawing Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device with the blade and parts broken away, the loading position of the pistol being indicated by dotted lines;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof with the blade connection shown in section;

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view taken upon line III-III of Fig. 1; and

Fig. V4 is a transverse sectional view thereof taken on line IV-IV of Fig. 1.

My device is in the nature of a pistol sword broadly comprising a fire-arm or revolver 10 having a casting 11 provided with a barrel 12 while the cartridge cylinder 13 is positioned for turning within the body 14 pivoted to the casting as at 15, it being understood that the body 14 may be released from the top rib 16 of the barrel by means of the latch 17 and swung at an angle to the casting 11 for reloading the cylinder as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 1 of the drawing.

A stock or grip 18 rearwardly projects from the body 14 being formed of a suitable curvature after the manner of a pistol and provided with a curved extension 19 merging into the body 14 at a point adjacent the pivotal connection 15, thereby forming an enlarged inclosure for the trigger 20 of the revolver.

It will'be understood that. the stock 18 is preferably provided with roughened `surfaces or face-plates 21 and that thefstock 18 may be readily grasped by the hand of the operator for pulling the trigger 20`for liring the revolver 102 A forward extension 22"is carried byl the casting ll'beneath the barrel 12 having'raV iiaring forward end 23 arranged with airin'wardly extending Lsocketl24. A sword blade 25"- is provided with" an end shank `26having dove-tailed blocksL27 :upon its opposite sides, the said shank being `adapted forwedging or seating engagcmentwithin the socket 24 with the blocks; 27 arrangedwitl'iin' dove-tailed `grooves 28 formed within the opposite walls of the said socket.

Thebladci25 when arranged within the socket 24will project forwardly of the revolver 10 in a plane beneathmthebarrel 12 and will not interfere with theV firing of the revolver. Alatch or hook 29 is pivoted as at 30 'tothe bottom of the casting 22 having its angular locking end 31 adapted to project through a side opening 32 of the head 23 into the socket 24 for seating in a keeperrecess 33 in the adjacent side of the bladeshank 26. A spring 34 is arranged between the casting 22 and latch 29 for normally maintaining the latch in its operative engaging position as best shown in Fig. 1 of the drawing.

A cross-guard for the sword is formed by the provision of two guards 35 arranged in parallelism upon opposite sides of the casting 22 and secured to the casting at the pivotal connection 15, it being noted that the guards 34 permit the free movement of the revolver body 14 between them when the revolver is broken down for loading. When employing the weapon as a sword, the same may be wielded by grasping the stock 18 in substantially the same manner as during the firing of the revolver 10, although the hand may be shifted to any desirable position upon the revolver body 14, stock 18, or extension 19 that is found desirable and the guards 34 will serve the function of the usual cross-guard of a sword.

A serviceable weapon is provided which is ready for immediate use either as a sword or a fire-arm and is especially servceable for'cavalrymen, the blade 25 being readily renewed whenever required and the device being light in Weight and easily used" whenever the occasionrequires. What I claim as new 1s:-

1. A pistol sword Vcomprisingfa revolver having a casting formed with a barrel and {.Ast'o'ok', anV extension-guard integrally I attached to the butt'end of said lstock, afor- Wardly projecting extension carried by the casting beneath the barrel formed with a.

flaring head at its free end provided with an axialtapered socket, a blade having a shank Y adapted for dove-tailed engagement Within VYthe said Socketfa spring-pressed securingV latch carried by the castingadapted for engaging said shank, anda Vcross-guard for the Y j sword integrally]mounted/upon the casting.

2. In combination with a revolver casting Y having a barrelja body pivotallyconnected to said Y casting, a tapered f stock upon the body having alcurvedexten'sion connected to 'thebody at a point adjacent the said pivotal connection,l aV swordblade detachabl'y connectedtothe casting Vextending in the same general direotionas'kthebarrel, and guards for the vsword integrally mountedfupon opposite 'sides of the'4 casting r,adjacent said V'pivotal connection and extending trans- A yerselyof the device adaptedfto accommodate` the swinging movement of the body therebetweenr during the load-ing operation of the revolver.

60pm of Ytluil'mmn mythe obtained fai 3. In combination withV a revolver-Casting having a barrel, a body pivotally connected to 's'aid casting,l af' tapered stock upon the body having a curved extension connected to the body at a point adjacent the said pivotal Y connection, a forwardly projecting extension '.upon saidy casting having a flaring head forwardly of the barrelzrforlned with a socket thereinJ a sword-blade detachably positioned within thesaid socket, a retaining latclrfor ,the blade carried by thecasting, and transversely positionedV guards connectedtov the casting adjacent said pivotal connection be .tweenthe body V and casting. a .4Q A pistol sword comprieing-a revolvercasting havingv afbody pivotally connected thereto, a tapered stock projecting from the free endof thebody having aneXtenSion integrally attached to the bodyy `adjacent -iteV pivot point7 guards integrally mounted upon r the casting adjacent the said pivotal connec- 'tion'arranged traneversely of the device and adapted for the reception ofsaid stock eXten- In testimony whereof I signature.

f 1, 1 WALTEBRONGEL "ve centaieach,V byY adidrnesnsirng the (JolrunissionciofPat-ents, Wmhintojnl).7."v Y Y Y Y

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U.S. Classification42/53, 30/337
Cooperative ClassificationF41C27/16