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Publication numberUS1273105 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1918
Filing dateOct 22, 1917
Priority dateOct 22, 1917
Publication numberUS 1273105 A, US 1273105A, US-A-1273105, US1273105 A, US1273105A
InventorsEdgar C Van Dyke, Joseph Harrison
Original AssigneeEdgar C Van Dyke, Joseph Harrison
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US 1273105 A
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APPucATIoN F1150 ocT.22.1911.

l ,273, l 05. Patented July 16, 1918.


Specioation of Letters Patent.

Patented July 16, 1918.

Application led October 22, 1917. Serial No. 197,982.

To all 'whom zt may concern.'

Be it known that we, EDGAR C. VAN Dyna and JOSEPH HARRISON, citizens of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, .have jointly invented a certain new and useful Improved Label, of which the following is a specification.

In the manufacture of dental, medicinal, pharmaceutical and various other commodities it is customaryto permanently attach to the bottle, box or other container, holding the goods a label designating the name of the commodity and the manufacturer thereof and in addition place within or around the container additional reading matter in the form of directions', testimonials and the like. The above procedure requires the printing of several forms of literature and further necessitates special packing, elastic bands frequently being employed to temporarily hold the printed matter with respect to a container. Such procedure besides adding to the expense of manufacture, consumes considerable time, all of which is objectionable.

The principal object of the present invention is to overcome the above recited disadvantageous features and provide a neat, durable, eficient and comparatively inexpensive label characterized by a two-part construction of which one part is ermanently attached to a container and o which the other part is but for temporary attachment whereby the urchaser of a commodity may remove t e outer or descriptive reading matter (which is usually discarded after rea-din thus leaving intact upon the container w at may be termed the orlginal label. Other and further objects of the present invention reside in the revision of a new and novel form of label c aracterized by various details of construction and arrangement and combination of parts as will hereinafter more fully appear.

The invention consists of the im rovements hereinafter described and nally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features and sco e of the invention will be more fully un erstood from the following` description taken in connection with the accompalying drawings forming part hereof, an in which:

Figure 1 is a face view of the label im open position.

.one another and have delineated t outer reading matter.

For the purpose of illustrating our invention, we have shown in the accompanying drawings one form thereof which is at i present preferred by us,'since the same has been found 1n practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which our invention consists can be va riously arranged and or anized and that 'our invention is not limite to the `recise ,arrangement and organization of t e instrumentalities as hereln shown and described.

While the label of the invention is applicable to boxes, cans and the like it is particularly adapted for use upon bottles and for illustrative purposes has been shown in application thereto in the drawings. Referring now to the drawings the label generally stated comprises a paper leaflet made u of a backing and a pluralityof leaves. e backing consists of an integral member consistin of sections 10 andll separable along a wea ened line, which may be perforations 12 or some other suitable construction. In practice, in so far as printed matter is concerned, these sections may be duplicates of ereon the name of the commodity, the makers name and the like. The section 10 however bears the printing upon its outer face and the section 11 bears the printing upon its inner face when the backer is considered as a Whole and before the arts are separated. The section 10 has pre erably formed integral therewith a tab 13 the inner face of which is provided with suitable adhesive material 14. This section is also rovided with a series of leaves 15 secured t ereto as by a staple -16 or other suitable connection. These leaves contain rinted matter as directions for using t e commodity, testimonials as to its merits and like mformation. The unprinted face of section 11 is provided with adhesive material 17.

In practice section 11 of the label is permanently attached by means of the adhesive material 417 to a suitable container, as a bottle 18. Tab 13, `by means of the adhesive material 14' isI then' secured to the bottle ybe quickly appli which position is shown'in Fig. 1. So positoned the label parts present a good appearance and to al1 intents and urposes resemble an ordina label. Suc label may eid' and takes up but little room. The'purchaser of the commodity loosens the tab 13 and separates section '10, together with its comv lemental leaves -15 along the weakened llne before described thus separating from the rFermanent label said section and leaves. his position of the label is clearly illustrated in Fig. 2. In

t this connection it is to be noted that section 11 which remains upon the container is similar in al1 respects to standard forms of.


invention and the above description .and

while we have in the present instance shown and described the preferred embodiment thereof which has been found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, it is to be understood that the same is susceptible of modification in'various particulars without departing from the spirit 'or scope of the invent1on or sacrificing any 0f its advanta es.

hat we claim is:

tion the face of which is printed inl conformity with said inner section, said outer section being connected with and folded over the inner section said outer'section having a tab the back of which is provided with an adhesive and a plurality of printed leaves connected with and normally concealed by the outer section.

In testimony whereof We have hereunto signed our names.



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U.S. Classification283/106, 40/310, 283/81, 281/29, 215/12.1
Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/0013