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Publication numberUS1274323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1918
Filing dateNov 5, 1917
Priority dateNov 5, 1917
Publication numberUS 1274323 A, US 1274323A, US-A-1274323, US1274323 A, US1274323A
InventorsPaul Poetschke
Original AssigneePaul Poetschke
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Reinforced-paper article.
US 1274323 A
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1,274,323. Patented July 30, 1918.





Specification of Ze'tfiers Patent.

Patented July 30, 1918.

Application filed November 5, 1917. Serial No. 200,445.

T 0 all whom it may Conn 0'21:

c it known that 1. PM L lomwnuu, a. citizen of the United States, residing at Milford, in the count;' of Sussex anrl Slate of elaware, ha v0 invented vermin new and useful lmprovemmits in Loinforced-Paper Articles; and I do hereby declare the fob lowing to he a full, rice 3 and mart (loucription of the invention, such as: will enable others skilled in the art in \vhieh if appertains to make and use the sumo.

his invention relate: to gun-i=1, anal paw ticularly to various shaped arlh'h'w whirls may be made of paper, and has for one oh jest, the provision of a container in receive articles of various nainren, such for instance, as food products, chemicals aml (livers other Substances, capable of being packed and marketed in metallic or glaou vonluim-rs or containers of various other mulolla la, um oi? the objects of the present in wniion be" provide for the crmslrmlion oi of a material more rapidly auiz' la sively made, than possible when ll! earthenware or other material in at.

Another object of the present invrntion is to improve the conslruotion of paper, an ill a paper of greater strength, rini hfxv, iilifi durability 1S obtain-o l, and 'lifll 11* up: or proof by virtue of lluumtr which ii is construchul.

t is another ohjovi of the mjsu-ni inn-ntion to provide a paper which, ivh onion WaiGIPI'H l by lhr unwound of a boil oi Cementilimas material between tho mirl'm-os 0f the Shel-i of paper. may aim have appliml to it on either or hull; of iii surl'ui-ra applicniions of various inatcriala as for inflfnnoe, paraliin, rosin, ehelruor any ulhor nuitnhlo or appropriaio \v'alw' r gwllr'nl hi h may be: (lcterminml by the nature of {he routvnw of" the conl'ainor in which Ihe paper nim'h may be utilized.

The invention PUHSlSlH inanufzoaure of paper, the a rtvielo are iliustu ing drawing, in which.

Figure 1 is a ,guirx-poeriivw w'lir'vv m" i tainer partly broken aw} in show the runstrnction of the Wall,

Fig. 2 is a perspecli-re vi the material partly broken :1 construction, and

Fig. 3 is a detail no fragment of :1 piece W oi a sheet of ay in show the nz-uing that embodiment of the invention employing exterior and interior coating.

t is desirable to substitute for various i'ypes of containers which are made of tin, glass, earthenware or other substances, conminers of less expensive material anrl which will at the same time, have the desired properties of strenglh, durability, impermeability and rigidity not present in containers made of paper or fiber as now marketed, and which :Hu impregnated with parnllin or other Wax-likeor appropriate substances, having the object of rendering (he material more or low impervious to the nmterial carried in iih' loulninors formed of the paper or fiber lslfli'lv'. onnunvrs made of paper or iihor so unprognalml are not only defective Ii] ihr inuilvl' of durability and strength, but filo-y also will gradually absorb the moi iuro oi or be HllW'lflll hr the (:onlvnfs of the e-zmfninrii To owrronn- (how various (llvols and provide a roniaiio i' or the like of paper or lilu'r Slueh ol' {he (lesirml strength and righlil anal one \vhirh will al o he imporviolm, my present invention c-ontemplalcs he manulEu-iurr (ii an article, such, for in- Hlnnw as u roulaincr, by employing a sullnllll' nuznlwr of layer or ,shcola of paper, for inuiaiu-r, as illuslz'atmi at Fig. l, in \vhirh 2 in an inncr layer of paper or other suitable nlilizr in in the nature of an artiu'ur'h l i i use anal iholrloro, will lfiil' l nilixia runu-nlilimn maiorial :h has no? nly the ilnsirml valor-proof llljf. and .jlil'llfi lfl'illlrl properties. but also is devoid of an agcnis which will be dolele- Viv-us oiljlzvi in {he nlul-u'ial of which the ruin minor or ariivlr in manul'artnrml, but also will no? la harmful or injurious l; the subsiaimra placed in ihn package or container, and o which lnunuul o1" beeon'iing softened upon lin uppliralion of heat, as glue, Wax, parnfiia and various other materials will, instead, harden ui normal or increased temperaiin F6314,

N an exnn'u'ha of he mineral, neutral,

Elie law-r which may be Introafiie Flock of which the container utilized.

is to be formed I may employ magnesium oxid and silex in about equal proportiotn which are mixed and reduced to plastic condition by the addition of a solution of mag? nesium chlorid of approximately 31) degrees Baum. As above indieated, in the practiee of the method of producing the article (it whatever shape it may be. \ihether of sheet form or other shape, for instan e, to pro duce a container, the plastic cement. in introduced between the layers of the paper or fiber of which the article is to he made and with which any suitable number may be The sheet or shaped article built up by the above described method is allowed to harden when it is. then ready for use. hile the cementitioua layer in the body of the article will harden at ordinary temperature? I have found that a temperature of about 100 degrees l ahrenhcit gives a \"ei'y satisfairtony result. the lltll'llt-lllllg taking place more rapidly than at lower tenipei'te tures, but for the purpose. of more rapidly hardening the material the article is subjected to a temperature approximately 335:6! degrees l ahrenheit, at which the cement will harden in about live minutes, the time varying of courae a cording to the thiehnesa oi the material, the shape of the article and the manner of the application of the heat.

This mineral cement. is preferably applied as an intmmediatc or an intervening layer or body, so that when desired, the surfaces of the article may he coated with a ny other substance. such for instance, as rosin. she! lac. pa rattin or any mixtures thereof or other desir d material, and as shown in Fig. ii, the inner and outer surfaces of the \all forming; the container are indicated at. 5 and ii. 31b be ing so coated. the nature of which will be (le termined by the use of the article, and it will he understood of course, that the interim and exterior coatings may he of diiicrent substances.

-The article may be made of any number of layers of paper or fibrous material as indicated in Fin. 2 in which eertain oi the layers are shown as perforated or of foraminous material as indicated at, 7. in this form at the Inannl'actured. article, the cemcntitioua material may be applied to both ides of the intermediate perforated layer or layers and will till the interstices the-rent and in thin Jay. greatly reinforce and strengthen the article.

The words "artiric of manufacture are. used in this Elli lfii'ilklfiil and in the claims to refer to that. pnaluet n! Whatever ahape it may be which eonstrnetml areording to the steps: of the method alawc. detincd and wing materials inning the. propertiea herein set forth.

\i'hat is claimed is:

1. An article of nnuultaeture comprising paper havina a neutral, mineral. waterpronting reinl'orre i-onais-iiing of magnesium nXid and silex mixed with magnesium ehiorid.

2. An article of manui'aeture of paper having included therein a t'lll'jllitiilifllh, liliix' erah reintorring material, and an external applicati n at waxy aatera-epellent.

3. An arti l of manntacture of paper havingincluded therein a. eeinentitions mineral nniteriai. and having on it walls an application waxy water-repellent.

4-. An 'h: at inanutzu'turc of paper reinforced by an it lndeti cement ormatting of magnesium oxy cliinrid.

An ariirle of manufa ture, eomposed of paper hayingan intermediate layer of magnesium maid and aiiex reduced to plastic state by magnesium ehlorid.

t'. An article of nnmullurturo composed of laminated. perforate and inlpertorate vQnects with an ass fiated hotly ot' (fifilltllltlliOlIH material {animating of magnesium oxychlornt.

T. An a ticle iii, numutrn'tnre nl paper having inclinied therein a jttlttfl'll'lll 'ttlt with oral material, and an external application of waxy ltviitit'lttr y;atcra'cpeilent.

ln teetinniny whereof I ai'tix my igznature.

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U.S. Classification428/140
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