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Publication numberUS1274809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1918
Filing dateSep 23, 1915
Priority dateSep 23, 1915
Publication numberUS 1274809 A, US 1274809A, US-A-1274809, US1274809 A, US1274809A
InventorsJames M Storm Jr
Original AssigneeJames M Storm Jr
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US 1274809 A
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J. M.l STORM, In.



1 ,274,809 I Patented Aug. 6, 1918.



. Specification of Letters Patent.

Patenten aug.. s, rois.

Application led September 23, 1915. Serial No. 52,236.

To all whom 'it may concern.'

Be it known that I, J AMES M. STORM, Jr., a citizen of the United States, residing at New Haven, in the county of Crook and State of Wyoming, have-invented certain new Aand useful Improvements in Tomb. stones, of which the following is a specification.

An object of the present invention is tov provide a new and improved tomb stone which is cut out adjacent one face and provided with a pluralitv of flower holding-receptacles within the cut-'out and which may also be provided'with a transparent-plate to hermetically seal the cut-out to protect the flowers in the said containers or receptacles, it being of course preferable that the flowers be of an artificial nature, and prevent deterioration thereof such as caused by the action of vair and moisture.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved typev of tomb stone such as pointed out above which may be provided with a slab lof suitable material, in conjunction with the transparent plate and the cut-out, upon which may be inscribed a suitable epitaph; the slab being so arranged that it will 'be completely protected by the transparent plate.

A still further object of this invention is to provide an improved tomb stone of the type in question which may be produced at a cost only slightly above the cost of a tomb stoneof the ordinary type and which when fully constructed and assembled will portray an unusually pleasing appearance.

Various other important features of the invention will become apparent during the continuance of the following description.

The above and other objects which will become apparent, are accomplished by such means as are shown in their preferred form in the accompanying drawings, described in the following specification and then more specifically pointed out in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings wherein like characters designate like parts throughout the several views;

Figure l is a View in perspective showing my invention as in its preferred embodiment.

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view taken through the body of the tomb stone.

Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken through the body of thetomb stone.

In the drawings the numeral 10 designates the base structure of the tomb stone'upon which is mounted the body-portion 11. It is to be understood of course, that that type of base structure and body portion illustrated in the official drawings has been merely shown in order to more clearly portraythe main idea of my invention. The type of tomb stone body in connection with which my inventionis used, does not have to be of any specific nature, dimensions or material since my invention may be used to its best advantage Vin connection with almost any of the forms in vogue.

' In reducing my invention to practice, in connection with the ltype of tomb stone shown herein, the body or monolith. 1l is first cut out or formed with a cavity as at 12 at a suitable point on either of its vertical faces. This cut-out or cavity 12 may be of any desired dimensions lor shape yet in the drawings the same is shown slightly oblong (see Fig. 1). Adjacenty the cut-out 12 the body 11 is provided with an elongated orifice 13 that is preferably of a length'to extend slightly beyond the plane of the vertical sides of the cut-out 12 as shown -in Fig. 1. This orifice may also be formed in parallelism with the upper horizontal edge of the cut-out 12 such as seen in Fig. 2.

The body 11 is further cut away as at 14 and 15 adjacent the cut-out 12. However these last mentioned cut-outs Imay be formed somewhatshallow, it being preferable that the said cut-out be only about half the depth of the orifice 13.

- Within the cut-out 12 may be mounted a series of containers orl flower receivers 16 that may be utilized for holding quantities of artificial flowers or other suitable :articles for displaying purposes. It is pointed out that the construction ofthe containers 16 enables them to be either cast or molded Y integralwith the body 1l or else cemented or otherwise attached thereto.

0f course any number of these containers may be pro'- vided 1n consistence with the dimensions 12.

A slab 17 of any suitable material may be arranged in the orifice 13 upon which may be .inscribed an appropriate epitaph. Itis preferable that this slab be of a depth so that when it is positioned in the orifice its upper face will lie flush With, the base wall of t e cut-outs 14. Consequently it would seem that after the slab has been arranged in place a transparent plate or cover 18 may be arranged in the cut-outs 14V and 15 and upon the upper face of the slab to positively and e'ectually seal the cut-out l2.

Suitable strips ot material 19, such as cement or the like may be used to securely retain and seal the plate or cover 18 in position.

From the foregoing it is believed that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily understood and there` fore further description is deemed unnecessary.

lin reducing my invention to practice ll find that the form referred to herein yas the most practical and preferred embodiment is the most eiicient, but realizing that certain conditions will necessarily vary in concurrence with Vthe adoption of my device, l desire to emphasize the fact that various minor changes in the details of `construction and in the proportion of parts may be resorted to when required without sacricing nai/'esce any of the advantages of my invention as defined in the appended claim. t

Having` thus fully described my invention, what ll claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A. tomb stone having a cavity therein opening outward through a vertical face thereof and having a shallow cavity in the face surrounding the main cavity, and havingthe shallow cavity deepened at one side of the main cavity, an epitaph slab in the deepened portion of the shallow cavity and flush with the bottom thereof, and a transparent plate hermetically sealingthe main-

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U.S. Classification52/104, 27/8, D99/24, 40/124.5, 27/1, 52/38
Cooperative ClassificationE04H13/003