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Publication numberUS1275054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1918
Publication numberUS 1275054 A, US 1275054A, US-A-1275054, US1275054 A, US1275054A
InventorsArthur Leon Lewis
Original AssigneeArthur Leon Lewis
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Filing device for bound catalogues, books, &c.
US 1275054 A
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APPLICATION mm APR. 29..l9l8.

1 375,054. Patented Aug. 6, 191a oFFIoE.

Anmun- Leon Lnvirxs, or nnw ronvxnmdm essacnnsnm.

mum nnvxcn non ngunnca'naineuns, 'moxs, an.

Tocllnnkom it may concern:

Be-it known that I, ARTHUiz LEONV'LEWISQ a citizenof the United States, and resident of Newtonville,' county ofyMiddlese r, State 6 of Massachusetts, have invented an'lmprove merit. in jFjling' Devices for. Bound Catalogues,-Books, &c.,'o'f which the following description, in connection with the accoin panyingfldrawin'g, is a. specifieationflike 10 characters on the drawing representing like Par catalogues'and the object thereof to pro duce a bound .Or loose'leaf catalogue which 15 will be provided, with identifying-'-.means whereby it may be easily filed 'in 'theproper section of a classified filing cabinet or suitablg classified in some otheiy epository. i t the present time, asinfthe past, catazo logues are issued in the Torin of pamphlets,

Orbooks' of various size, shape and thickness and when notin use are generally placed upon shelves in more 'or Jess miscellaneous order 'or put avvayin piles and. jfsta'cks and practically lost. .VVhere cata logues of different size and thickness'are thus stored upon shelves oi in piles the thinner catalogues become lost for the reason that tlieris not sufiicient area upon their so binding to "receive identifying indicia.

When, therefore, a thin catalogue is reqilired it is usuallynecessary to pull out a largenumber of catalogues before the catalogue which is sought appears. In many 36 instances new catalogues are ordered to avoid the necessity, of searching through 1 miscellaneous files for the catalogue originally received. This unnecessary duplicati0n.of catalogues imposes a considerable 40' ex'pensefupon'the concern issuing the publi-' ."cation. y i t The present invention is'designed to provide a catalogue which can be made of a standard shape and size either to fit a stand- '45 ard filingcabinet or any other suitable filing repository. 4 u v .y A further 0b]ect of the invention is to rovide a catalogue with-means to recelve identifying indicia by means of which a plu- .50 rality of classifications may be applied so that the catalogue may conveniently be filed I in different classifications.

A further o b'ect of the invention is j to rovide' means whereby a catalogue or book s ecimens of was 2m n.

. his invention relates to improvements inapinimm new-a nea, ieia. sw rm) 231,2.

m y q i kl located in its lassified us) tio'n, either by subjectmatter, or from name,

without the necessity of referring to anyff 1 index torascertain its locationas is. a usual custom at the present time. i

Certain preferred embodiments'of mv inf vention' are illustrated in the drawingsin 1 which, v

v-.Figure l is a perspective-view ofa cata-- logue embodying-my invention showing-the book cover provided with a tab adapted to it!" receive identifying indicia,

Fig. 2 1s a similar view of the reverse side of thecatalogu'e shearing difi'erent-indicia as ap plied to the tab, I A

Fig. '3 isja perspective view upon a small scale of the catalogue openat its middle to nature's are fastened therein.

The book or catalogue illustrated in 1,12 and 3 comp-rises a preferably rectan- Whichmay bemade-ef a singlepiece or may be of a pl'ura'hty of members bound together along the rear edge 3 t contain a-series ofi '50 tures may be secured to and retained in the leaves 'or signatures 4. Th,,e-lea-ves or signav S ow the manner in vvhich the leaves or sig '13s" gulal cover having a'front land aback 2 "a cover in any desirable manner known in the .lbookhinders art. A convenient and common means which is illustrated herein comprises a. pluralit of stripies 5 and 6 which pass tl'n'oughthe folded line of the covermemhers I andz and through the'folded edge of the leaves 4. a

()ne of tin-covers, preferably the ba-ck't i cover 2 is provided with a tab 7 WlliCh'DI'O:

jecrs upwardly preferably "from the upper-f corner and may extend any suitable distance along the edge. "lhistab is adaptedto receivc indicating indicia 8. such for example as Elevat ng trucks? illustrated. .by wh'ich the mitalfifiio may be readily ident'ified.-= The tab 7 may receive on its reverse sule other indicia 9 such l IJ. S. Co. so that the catalogue or book may be identified either by the subject matter or bv thenamc of the maybe applied to it.

These catalogues preferably are made of a standard size corresponding to the cards or divisioncards of a'usual standard filing syse if mm so that the catalogue may be readily J disturbing the, system of classification used placed in "such a usual letter, file without loo concern issuing it or any other indicia which therein. B'y thus providing a catalogue which can be readily filed the user of the I catalogue will naturally place it in his letter file of cabinet whereit will be readily aceessible and easy tofind when needed again. By reason of th s-convenience the user will not'be likely to destroy-"the catalogue or toss it into the miscellaneous pile where it will becomelos't; the expense therefore of dupli cation of catalogues by thefirm issuing the 'same will be reduced very greatly and the delay and annoyance occasioned by searchlng'for catalogues such as are now in use will be entirely eliminated.

It will be understood that the? embodiments of the invention disclosedlherein are illustrative merely and not restrictive andthat 'varinus modlfications may be made within the meaning and scope of the followaving thus described my invention what I claim as newand desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A catalogue in book form comprising a .cover in whlch the leaves are permanently bound, a portion of one of the cover leaves projecting beyond the main edge and said A ARTHUR LEoNLEWIsf i

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