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Publication numberUS1275259 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1918
Filing dateMar 9, 1917
Priority dateMar 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1275259 A, US 1275259A, US-A-1275259, US1275259 A, US1275259A
InventorsHarry A Hooker
Original AssigneeRand Mcnally And Company
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Album, sample-book, or scrap-book.
US 1275259 A
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HARRY VA. .HOOKEELOF ,wimv n'r'rn, ILLI oIs, .As'srGnoI t fTo RAND Manama Ann COMPANY, or CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A conronn'rronor ILL'InoI's.

To all whom z't may concern: I

.Be it known that I, HARRY A. HOOKER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Wilmette, county of Cook, and State ;of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements for Albums, Sample-Books, or


Scrap-Books, of which the following is a .7 ticle or articles insection two,and so on. This invention relates to albums ands; I Themethod of constructing these sections particularly applicable to albums holding in envelops heavy articles such as phonograph disk records, samples of cloth, hardware, or the like, although is not limited for such use. a

The object of my invention is to provide a durable album of simple and new construction, which will have each of the envelops securely and independently fastened in place in such manner that they will not sag, and so separated that space will be provided for the thickness of articles contained therein,

and which album will be so constructed that one envelop even if damaged or torn will not cause a separation or loosening of 1 other envelops.

In the accompanyingdrawing Figure (1) is a perspective view of an album provided with my improvement; Fig. (2) is an end view showing the album closed; Fig. (3) is an end view of a section; Flg. (4) is a sectional view on line (kj). of Fig. (2)

showing the wire staple (0).

In carrying out my invention I provide, first, a piece of wood which'I will refer to in the following description as the backbone (a) as shown in Fig. (2). This backbone is of sufiicient width to extend to outside surfaces of covers so that the covers will support the backbone when album is standing on edge. The envelops contained in this album are fastened to backbone (a) in sections, as shown in Fig. (2). Section (1) contains the first and last envelops of the album; section (2) contains the second and next to last envelops of the album; section (3) contains the third envelop and the third from the last envelop. Section (2) telescopes into section (1), and section (3) into section (2). As many sections may be provided as number of envelops desired in the album, provided each section telescopes into the preceding section. p Y

These sections are constructed in such a way that the back or separator piece of first section separates thefirst and last envelops i1 Specification ofLettershatent. P teflt' dAfig 3," 1 91' f Application filed March 9, 1917." Se1'ia1No.153,628. Y I I of the album width-ofbackbone I (0)-. Theback or separator piece of section two separates the second and next to lastenvelops just enough to allow forthethickness. of article or articles fastenediorcontain'ed in the preceding. section. The third section is enough narrower to allow for aris described as follows:

Using Fig. (3). A. section consists of two I envelops (b) and (0) and a separator piece (03). This separator piece is a piece of pulp board, about the width and length of fiat side of backb'o'ne(a) shown in Fig- (2) and of a thickness to give proper stiffness in relation to the size of album desired. These three pieces (6) (a) and (d) are fastened together into a section by fastening with an adhesive to the sidesof (d) pieces of cloth (e) and (f) wide enough to lap over both sides, coming together to form hinges. (g)

and lapping up over each side of the envelopsas shown in (b) and( c).

The above description describes section (1) of album. Section (2) is identical towhen. fastened in place have the appearance of a pyramid with a base on the flat side of backbone (a) Fig. (2). Between the first section and the backbone is fastened with anadhesive, a strong piece of cloth .which extends both sides of backbone'far enough to be firmly fastened by adhesive to covers (70) and (Z) which'covers are also fastened with adhesive by cloth (m) tothe rounded surfaces of backbone (a What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The combination in an album of cov-' ers, a wood backbone extending to outside edges of covers, sections telescoping into one another "secured to wood backbone, each of 2. An album comprislng a woodbackbone,'

sections telescoped and fastened to wood backbone by wlre staples, each of said sections being composed of twoenvelops, and as separator piece of pulp board secured between: two stri s of cloth- SitldJ'Se )arator piece gradually decreasing in: width from the outer to the inner sections, substantially as described. a

3.7111 combination in an album axcover, a backbone of wood3sect1ons each: composed.

Copies of this patent may: be obtained for of two envelops, two strips of cloth, forming a connection between said envelops, and a separator piece of pulp board secured between said strips substantially as described.

4. .The combination in an album of sections telescoping into each other, each section comprising two envclops, two strips. of cloth forming a connection between said envelope, and a separator piece secured between said strips of cloth; said separator piece gradually decreasing in width from. theouter to.

the inner sections,substantially as described. HARRY A. HOQKERL lVitnesses: r a

"NELSON Lonnie DAVIS,: M. J. STANTONLI five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner pifrfiatenta; Washi s m 0- a V

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U.S. Classification206/311
Cooperative ClassificationB42F5/005