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Publication numberUS1275697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1918
Filing dateSep 29, 1917
Priority dateSep 29, 1917
Publication numberUS 1275697 A, US 1275697A, US-A-1275697, US1275697 A, US1275697A
InventorsPatrick H Joyce
Original AssigneePatrick H Joyce
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US 1275697 A
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fcheck valves and more particularly reguiatingy valves that are :adapted to regulate the amount of liquid to he passedby the valve. ,i

dn important object of my l=invention is to provide a device ofthe above mentioned `character which is so constructed that itniay he readily Adisassembled iii'- Order that the valve disk and valve seats may be `reinoved fioiii the drum or valve chamber,A

and ground or trued up.

if-'mother object of' iiiy invention is t0 r0- vide a devia(l ot the above mentioned c aracter including valve seats or plugs which provide a joint feature, whereby the valvev niay he installed at any pointA in a system.v

A. further object ot' my invention is to irovide a device of the above mentioned l character which is strong, durable, eliicient in, practice and inexpensive to manufacture.

tither obiects and advantages will be apparent during the course oi. the following description.

Lin the accompanying drawings forming a partei the description and wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parte throughout the. saine,

ligure l, is a longitudinad vertical sectional view oi' iiiy invention showingthe eral parts a:'-fse inble l.

ii'ig. E52. is a sectional view of the device tain"A i on. the line :2L-Q and isa similar view taken on the in the drawings wherein 'for the purpose ci illustration is shown a preferred embodiiiicnt ot iny invention. the numeral 5 der pecication of Letters Patent.

' valve may -be to pass 'through' an openin its ende d squared oit' in order to forni vPawnee Aug.13,i91s.

'tarification iiiiai september as, 1917. serial No. 194,046.

Adapted tobe received `in both ends of 'this chamber, are plugs or valve seats 8,

provided with an externally threaded flange 9, adapted for engagement with the internal threads of theehamber 5. These valve seats are provided with an integral uspider 10, having a central perforation therein to form a guide for the .valve stem and lies ilush with the top of the flange 9. Internal threads 11 are cut in the head of the valve seat thereby providing means `whereby the installed anywhere in a system. i t

My valve disk 12 is secured to a stem 13 and is. adapted `to reciprocate longitudinally ofthe chamber. .-Itwill be noted that the diameter of the valve disk is smaller than that of the threaded openings in the cham ber 5, thereby making it possible to remove the saine therefrom in order to true up the valve disk. The stem 13 is adapted in the spiders and thereby seat the valve disk correctly. A spiral coil spring 14 is positioned to surround the longer end ofthe stem13,one end thereof engaging one of the spiders. while the opposite end engages thefiat surface of the disk valve and normally urges the disk valve to a closed position, oi against the opposite spider. y

In use, a liquid passes into the opening in the plug 8, upon which the valve disk seats and exerts a pressure upon the disk and coil spring and forces the disk awayv from its seat, thereby allowing the liquid to pass through th'e valve. As soon as the pressure diminishes, the coil spring being under ten-- sion, urges the disk against its seat and closes the valve. It will be readily recog iiized that the valve disk and coiled spring may be reversed after the. seat Wears or corrodes, so that the disk will seat upon the `opposite spider or valve seat.

I Wish it to be understood, that Iydo not desire to limit the use of the valve to liquid pressure, but that it. may be used in connection with air, Steam pressure, or the like.

It is to be understood that the form of my invention herewith shown and described is to 'be takenl as' a preferredl example of the same, and that various changes in the shape. size and arrangement of parts may he resorted to without departiiig"`from the spirit of the invention or the scope 'of the subjoined claims. A


Having thus described my invention, I clniniz e 1. A check vulve, comprising u chnniher having its inlet and outlet port@A internally thi-ended, threaded plugs :uhipl'ed to he received in Suid porti; und having n pnssuge therethrough, the inner ends of e-.ieh of these plug` 'l'orniing u 'nli'ev seni, n strip bridging erich oi the inner ends of said plugs and huving :i oenl'rul opening therein, :L Valve si'ein nduplrd to pass through the, openings in said strips, n vulve disk Secured to Suid stein, und n spiral spring adapted to surround the valve stem und bear against one plug und the valve, disk, to normally hold the disk in engagement with the inner end ol the other plug.

hmmm* 2. A ehecli valve comprising n chamber having its inlet und outlet port-s, vulve seats del'nehnhly connected to :said ports, spiders carried thereby, :i valve stein adapted to pass through Suid spiders, u, vulve disk leoured to said stein, :i voil Spring Surrouiuling Suid Stein und norniully urging smid dink into engagement with ihe inlet'y port, und Suid spring and disk being,- dinnietrieiilly ,smaller 1lhzin Suid ports lo facilitate the removal of' tliese'pzirts 'from said chamber.

lnlestiinony whereof l allix my Signature in presence of two witnesses.

PATRICK H. OYCE. lV't-nosses Lim PYLE THEO. L.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16K1/02