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Publication numberUS1276361 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1918
Filing dateApr 23, 1918
Priority dateApr 23, 1918
Publication numberUS 1276361 A, US 1276361A, US-A-1276361, US1276361 A, US1276361A
InventorsClayton Hobert
Original AssigneeClayton Hobert
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US 1276361 A
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MATTRESS. AiPucAnoN- FILED APR. 23, 1918.

1,27 6,361. Patented Aug. 20, 1918.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CLAYTON HOBERT, citizen of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mattresses, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates particularly to mattresses adapted to provide for conveniently taking proper care of bed-ridden invalids, and it consists in the improved sectional construction hereinafter fully described in connection with the accompanying drawing and the novel features of which are specifically pointed out in the claims.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a mattress embodying-the several features of my invention; certain of the filling sections being removed.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the formed open box casing, with the mattress filling sections removed.

As shown the mattress is made up of a series of mattress sections A A of uniform size, and of a container or casing B therefor adapted to be closely filled by the inserted sections; the thickness of the latter, or of certain of them, being preferably such as to require the placing of sections one upon another in two layers or tiers to approximate the height of the side and end walls of the casing.

This casing is shownas formed of flexible sheet material, preferably leather or the like, and comprises a bottom sheet 6, and end-forming portions 6 b and side-forming portions 6 6 adapted to be turned up to form the open box shape; the up-turned portions 6 6 having extensions or flaps C C which overlap the portions 22 b and are strongly secured to the latter.

This open-box shaped casing is arranged to be swung from the four posts D of a bed stead, by securing supporting straps E to each corner portion of the casing; one end of each strap being well fastened to a side 6 and overlapping end portion O of the. casing, and its other end being adjustably secured to a buckle e so as to stretch taut both the strap and the casing between the bed posts.

In order to facilitate the changing, rearrangment, or renewal of the filling sections as is frequently required for easing pressure upon the body of the patient at Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Aug, 20, 1918, Application filed April 23, 1918.

Serial No. 230,205.

desired places, the treatment of sores or pains, the placing of a bed pan, or like purposes, I provide for enabling any desired top or bottom sections or both to be removed from the casing laterally without unnecessary disturbances. For this purpose I form one or more of the walls of the casing with a movable portion or portions 6 capable of being lowered so as to provide a side opening through which the filling sections can be handled as required; these movable portions being detaohably secured to the adjacent wall portions by lacing or otherwise as indicated at My improved mattress is of very simple and inexpensive construction, yet provides for very convenient handling of the filling sections to meet the peculiar requirements, with the least possible disturbance of the patient. What I claim is:

1. A mattress comprising an open-topbox V shaped casing and separate filling sections rested upon the bottom of said casing and jointly confined by the side and end walls thereof; a side wall of'said casing having a detachablysecured portion adapted to provide a side-wall opening for laterally placing and removing filling sections.

2. A mattress comprising an open-top-box shaped casing formed of flexible sheet material, separate filling sections rested upon the bottom of said casing and jointly confined by the side and end walls thereof, and supporting. bed-post*straps exteriorly secured to said casing adjacent the respec tive corners thereof.

3. In a mattress comprising separate fill- I ing sections; an open-top-box shaped casing therefor formed of flexible sheet material with Lip-turned side and end wall portions overlapped and having supportingbedpost straps exteriorly secured to the overlapping wall portions at the respective corners of the casing.

4. A mattress comprising an open-top-box shaped casing, and separate uniform filling sections rested upon the bottom of said casingand jointly confined by the side and end walls thereof; the thickness of sections being approximately half the height of the walls and said sections resting one upon another.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


Goples of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents,

Washing-tom!)- 0.

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U.S. Classification5/722
Cooperative ClassificationA47C27/001